Halloween Decoration Ideas – from fun to outright freaky

Ghouls and ghosts, vampires and evil witches, these are just some of the typical Halloween characters. Yet far beyond simply dressing up, get in to the real spirit of it all by bedecking your home with some cool and practical decorations and figurines.

Here in this post, we explore some of the best halloween decorations that goes beyond just buntings, banners and fake cobweb.

Gone are the days of tacky and cheap halloween decorations, stylised police tape and fake cobwebs to name a few. Today’s Halloween decorations range from ornaments to tableware to cushion covers, snow globes, signs and candy bowls that are made to last. These decorations will add a sense of style to any household. While some are fun and colourful, perfect for the little ones, others present a darker and scarier tone to the point of being freaky and more suited for grown-ups. Who says you have to ever stop partying?

Best Halloween Decorations

We look online and at supermarket and high street stores for some of the best Halloween decorations to grace your home. To make it easier, we have grouped them under the following categories:

Figural Candy Bowls

First stop, we look at some fun and colourful figural candy bowls. Starting from around 30-inches in height, these standalone candy bowl holders have built-in candy bowls. Just load them up with sweets and your favourite candy and either leave them near the door, in the living room or outside.

Cat With Lolly Figural Candy Bowl
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A Cat with Lolly Pop Figural Candy Bowl with its mouth open wide, doubles as a sweet bowl. Then there is  a brightly colour Pumpkin man with a skull and top head, serving sweets from the hat and finished in glossy porcelain. Another fun figural candy bowl comes in a shape of a Little Vampire Princess, one only needs to reach around the back of the head for candies, a little freaky but isn’t that what halloween is all about. Finally, there is the White Ghost Figural Candy Bowl; top hat optional, we added that for effect.

Ornaments for the Table and Shelf

Next we look at a collection of Skulls and Mummies figurines with a more serious, dark and eerie tone. These can grace the dining table, book shelves, coffee or side tables or even outside in the garden or deck.



Spook your visitors with this half covered mummy bust. If you would prefer something less freaky, a familiar and instantly recognisable Frankenstein bust may be just what you need.

Mummy Bust
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From Skull Couple, both Skeleton Bride and Groom to Death carrying to Skeleton Holding a Tomb, these are just some of the decorative figurines that are sure to enhance the atmosphere. All figurines are free standing and are perfect ornaments for the holiday season with intricate detailing, amazing use of colours and shades as well as superb design and proportion.

Books & Tomb

Nothing says Halloween than witches, black cats and book of spells. Although we have not featured any witches in our list, we will be updating this shortly when we come across some, we have a couple of spell books here. Our favourite is the 3D spell book with skull appearing to claw out from an open page. The other is a simple yet very decorative book titled as such with cobweb and spider decorations. Lastly, who wouldn’t a tomb for halloween. We feature a tomb with skeleton crawling out with full of details, texture and shades prefect as a mantelpiece or above the fire place.

Skull from Book
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Book of Spells
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Skeleton from Tomb Stone
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Snow Globes / Water Globes

As snow globes go with a twist, these feature skulls, skeletons, tombstones and skull couples. We have also seen snow glob with owl or orange pumpkin face with bats floating around but these are not as scary as the collection we found in the image below.

Halloween Snow Globes
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Do share with us any interesting halloween decorations you may have or have come across here. Remember, the scarier the better.