10 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Day Spa in Your Backyard or Garden

An easy way to transform your outdoor space into a mini day spa is simply to add a sun lounger, a side table and a water feature. But, if you have more room, try out these really easy to implement ideas to create your own day spa in your backyard or garden.

You don’t need a lot of money to transform your garden, patio, backyard or outdoor space into a safe haven and sanctuary away from the house chores and daily life. Pick and mix from the list below or come up with your own to make your custom day spa truly yours.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Turn your Garden Into a Day Spa

We look at ten easy ways to turn your outdoor space into your own day spa complete with the all the luxury with very little money.

  1. A Sun Lounger and Side Table
  2. A Gazebo with Seating
  3. A Hot Tub
  4. A Sauna
  5. A Hammock
  6. Soft lighting
  7. Outdoor Speakers
  8. Lanterns
  9. Zen Water Feature
  10. Over To You

Here are ten of the best ways to create your little oasis of relaxation.

1. A Sun Lounger

Kick back with a book or e-reader in your very own sun lounger in the back yard or garden. If your outdoor space gets a lot of sun, why not take full advantage of this with an inexpensive sun lounger. Typically, all sun loungers are weather and UV proof offering plenty of useful life and have adjustable back.

On top of that, clever sun lounger comes with built-in storage for cushions, covers and towels. Others lets you use it flat to double as massage bench if you are lucky enough to order a home massage. If it gets too hot, whip up your own cocktail to enjoy alongside your book. This is when a matching side table will come in handy.

Modern Recliner with Matching Side Table

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2. A Gazebo

If you are not one for excessive sun but still love the outdoor and fresh air, a gazebo is what you need. A prefect addition to any medium to large sized gardens, a gazebo not only offers seating and a place to rest but is a great feature for any garden.

Ready made gazebos are cost effective and easy to put together. But, if you are the adventurous type and loves a challenge, build your own gazebo. Add solar powered LEDs for mood lighting, Bluetooth speaker like the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 for your favourite calming ambience music and netting to keep the bugs out.

Polycarbonate Gazebo Canopy

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Here is a fine example of a more sturdy and longer lasting wooden gazebo made from cedar wood with hard top. While this is available pre-fabricated, there is nothing stopping you from getting your hands dirty should you wish to build one yourself.

Hudson Cedar Wood Pavilion

3. A Hot Tub

The right hot tub can give you and your party of friends or family full body massages using nothing but powerful air jets and water. The warm water, bubbles and hydro blast soothes the muscles in your body and giving it a good soaking at the same time. If you don’t have the space for a permanent hot tub, an inflatable one offers the same luxurious spa experience at a more affordable price. Most hot tubs come with a cover to protect the hot tub and keep the water clean so you can use it over a few days.

Inflatable Hot Tub Featured

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4. A Sauna

Yes, you got that right. There are now outdoor saunas that will give you the same experience as those permanent sauna rooms you find in the day spas. These garden sauna not only works like the real thing but looks great in the garden too. A common profile is the Barrel shaped sauna.

Elsewhere, you have the more conventional square or rectangular shaped sauna cabins. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed your own private sauna, no sharing with random, half naked strangers. Give your body a regular cleansing to clear out toxins and impurities while relaxing your muscles.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna Spa

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5. A Hammock

Hammocks are not reserve only for the beach. If your trees in the garden are big enough to hang your own hammock, make the most of it with a hammock. Cheap and lightweight ripstop hammock sold as travel hammock and weights less than 500 grams complete with its own storage case is all you need. But, even if you don’t have trees, there are standalone hammocks complete with support frame and casters for ease of moving. Pick from one to two or even three-seater prefect for the whole family.

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6. Soft Lighting

Smart lighting now goes beyond the home to the outdoor and garden. Use them to add mood lighting to your DIY spa in the evening. Throw in a voice assistant and you can control the lighting to suit any mood. The Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Outdoor Strip Lighting can be concealed.

This can be hidden in the wall ledge, pathways and garden furniture to create an inviting outdoor space in the evening. Other app or voice controlled lights and fittings are also available. Alternatively, if you are not prepared for Star Trek styled voice control, choose the super affordable battery or solar powered LED fairy lights instead.

Philips Hue 530931 White and Colour Ambience

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7. Outdoor Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is great but a more permanent addition to your garden space has to be outdoor speakers. Place it around the garden to ensure that you get maximum audio coverage for a full stereophonic and surround effect. A great setup can double as sound for outdoor music as well as for outdoor cinema. The later would require a screen and projector.

Polk Audio’s Atrium series are pretty versatile but for 360 degree sound dispersion, choose the Bose Free Space 51 in-ground speaker. These not only produce high quality sound and good audio coverage but the downward firing speaker offers enhanced low-frequency performance for more punchier bass.

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor In-Ground Speakers

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We are not knocking the Bluetooth option. Get the right Bluetooth speaker or two and you have yourself an outdoor sound system that will work just as well. The WonderBoom 2 is one such speaker. It may be small but the grenade sized speaker pumps out surprisingly big bass and comes complete with Outdoor Boost for extra power.

It doesn’t stop there, this latest version offers 13 hours of continuous playtime ensuring that you are not left hanging without your tunes. But the real bonus is that the speaker is outdoor proof and can survive being dropped into a pool. For real stereo effect, add another WonderBoom 2 to the setup.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

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8. Lanterns

Garden lanterns be it hanging or floor standing with real scented candles add calming light to your garden sanctuary in the evening. The flickering light from the candle and soothing smell plus the sound of running water from the water feature below will fill your sensors, completing the whole spa experience.

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9. Zen Water Feature

The sound of trickling water from a designer water feature or a simple solar powered water fountain in a birth bath is all you need. It’s enough to add that soothing ambient sound to your little spa. Choose your favourite water feature or make your own.

The latter gives you the option to create your own custom water feature to fit any space. Design a tall water feature with a small footprint for a small garden. Or, turn a small garden wall into a water feature. It will be an amazing talking point either way.

Faux Marble Bowl and Pillar Water Feature
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Over To You

If you have ideas of your own to start your day spa at home, we would love to hear from you. Leave us your brilliant ideas in the comment box below.