Amazing Everyday Superfood Recipes to Burn the Calories

Egg in a Hole

Who doesn’t like eggs? Full of protein, eggs make sure you are full until well past the lunchtime. To add a dose of vitamins and even more protein, have your eggs with bell pepper, fresh tomatoes, and cheese.



To make Egg in a Hole, you will need:

  • One Egg
  • One Bell Pepper
  • One Freshly Chopped Tomato
  • One Slice of Cheese
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Oil


Cut one thin slice of bell pepper lengthwise and chop the rest. Grease your pan with vegetable oil. Once it is heated, place one slice of bell pepper and crack open an egg into it. On low-flame, let the egg fry sunny-side up. When the yolk begins to harden up, put the slice of cheese on top. As the cheese melts, sprinkle tomato, bell pepper along with salt and pepper. Have it with toasted bread and orange juice.

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