How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Peaceful and Dreamy Oasis

It is a hot sticky day and you have been busy meeting deadlines, making important phone calls and running personal errands. You managed to grab a quick bite here and there. You return home, sweaty and bone-tired, and now you simply want to stand under a shower and cool off. As the water hits you, you instantly feel a calm envelop you. All the dirt and worries wash away, and you come out scrubbed clean, renewed and relaxed.

Seriously inviting bathroom
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While I hope your bathroom is already hygienic and clean, you can certainly pay more attention to it regardless of the state it is currently in. How about turning it into a tranquil sanctuary with spa-like touches where you can kick back and relax like there is no tomorrow? Surprisingly, it is not that hard nor expensive to achieve.

With a few tips and tricks, you can transform your regular washroom into a beautiful oasis for an ultimate rejuvenation therapy. Let’s begin!

1. Create a Harmonious Atmosphere

The first step is to correct the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. When you go to a professional spa, you may notice that everything is well-matched and balanced. The earthly shades of tiles and installations gel well with green potted plants and warm hue lights. It instantly produces a soothing atmosphere where you just want to loosen up. The subtle scents of wood, salts and flowers combined together are aromatherapeutic and they help to take the burdens and stresses off your mind.

Consider remodelling your bathroom into a harmonious blend of colors. You don’t necessarily have to change the fittings. You can make small adjustments by replacing the dingy lights, adding a few plants, wreaths, and paint the wall. Consider decorating the window and vents, and veneering the bathtub, sink and add complementary fittings. If you are the DIY sort and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can consider doing your own tiling. You can achieve a lot with the right tiles. Otherwise, hire a professional decorator for the job.

bathroom tiling and window blinds
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2. Fix the Eyesores

When you are lying peacefully in a bathtub covered in fragrant, bubbly bath bombs amidst flickering lights of scented candles, you don’t want to face your broken, unhinged medicine cabinet exhibiting your prescriptions and painful memories of your past tooth aches and ear infections. Clear out the cabinet of medicines that have expired or you no longer use.

Keep your regular prescriptions at hand but close the door so that they are not visible. You can put a sliding decorative mirror as a door or you can remodel the old mirror by framing it. If it is an open shelf, decorate the wall behind the shelf with a pretty wallpaper and arrange the medicines neatly in an organizer or opaque storage box. Keep your toothbrushes and blades in vintage jars and set your toiletries and fluffy towels in order.

Set the mood, bring in complementary items with co-ordinated colours
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Bathrooms have a fair share of exposed wires, chunky pipes and drab fixtures that can put you off. Put up a beautiful hanging to cover an ugly outlet, cover the exhaust fan with a stylish wall vent and use indoor plants to conceal rusty pipes. With a little creativity, you can easily hide unsightly sights in your washroom without burning a hole in your wallet.

Don’t forget to give a fresh coating of paint where it has faded or crumbled. Fix leaky faucets, rusty taps, and seepage issues. It can be disgusting to see your sink well up with dirty water as you bend down to tidy up. The keep the bathroom clutter free, add a separate cabinet to put brooms, mops, and cleaning agents.

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3. Set the Mood

One day you might feel like frolicking in ocean waves under the tropical skies while on other days, you might want to indulge in wild roses. Set the mood whichever way you like. Through dimmers, scented candles, bath salts, music, and greenery, you can achieve any mood you desire. For instance, if you are reminiscing about a snowy holiday you spent in a midst of mountains and frosted leaves, arrange a cozy and blissful spa session for yourself with a few items.

Light up a pine candle and play soft music. Moisturize your body with vanilla lotion, condition your lips with beeswax, rub off dry skin with peppermint scrub and soak yourself in warm water with winter-scented salts. You will feel as if you are lost in a cozy, snow filled valley.

4. Go Crazy on Bubble Bath

Bubble baths can do wonders to your wrecked skin and bad mood. When the water is bubbling with a lovely blend of honey, roses, peaches and sea salts, your mind will immediately switch off the bad thoughts and wander off to all the nice things. At least once in a week, give yourself a luxurious hour to treat your body and mind with in-home spa treatment. As you soak yourself in warm, foamy water, let all the grime and worries wash away. A relaxing and therapeutic spot at home where no one can bother you is like a safe haven. Don’t forget to switch off your phone.

Use bubble baths, bath bombs or bath salts for a soothing, calming and relaxing soak. Search bubble bath on Amazon.

5. Upgrade Your Shower Area

Replace the old showerhead with a multifunctional one with different spray settings, steam, and massage options. Have invigorating rinse with a gentle rain shower or clean your pores with a hot, steamy bath. Incorporating steam option in your shower area provides a truly luxurious spa experience and you come out of it with silky, clean and restored skin.

The steam generator holds water and once you turn it on, the water slowly evaporates generating steam. Enjoy the soothing steam and then rinse off with cool water. Separate the shower area with frameless glass doors to maintain a unified look. Laminate the glass doors with a protector film to prevent spontaneous breakage and shattering.

Plush Seating Area in the Bathroom
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6. A Plush Seating Area

When you can have couches in verandas and balconies, why can’t you have a quaint seating area in your bathroom? Keep a couple of plush chairs or single sofas with a water-resistant upholstery. Brighten up the look with a vintage table and flower vases. When you are waiting for your mask to dry off and want to read a book or wish to peacefully file your nails, don’t roam around the house in impatience but sit in your comfortable seating area and wind off.

7. Incorporate Small Luxuries

Perhaps you fancy installing a small chandelier on the ceiling to add a dose of elegance and a soft source of romantic light in your bathroom, or you wish to mount a floating vanity to revamp the look. Once in a blue moon, don’t be afraid spend some dimes to glamorize your bathroom. To turn it into a luxurious retreat, it is necessary to have some lavish upgrades. Heated floors and towel bars, fireplaces, skylights, frameless glass showers and a water-resistant entertainment center can transform your regular bathroom into a dreamy oasis where you can let go and chill in the lap of luxury.

There are endless ways to transform the look of your bathroom. While it is mostly used to maintain personal hygiene activities, a bathroom can also be a tranquil spot to revivify yourself. When you don’t have time and money to spend on spa sessions, give yourself the much-needed rejuvenating treatment right in your home whenever you desire.