Top 5 Best Adult Colouring Book Series

In the recent years that adult colouring has made an appearance, the vast options of colouring books has provide great joy to adult colourers of all ages. It is highly appealing to be able to pick and choose from the large number of different colouring-in books, ranging from imaginative worlds to the more realistic landscapes.

Here we highlight some of the most popular and creative adult colouring book series. Best used with colour pencils, these books offer beautiful detailed drawings to capture the imagination yet are versatile enough to be filled with a myriad of colours depending on your choice, mood and creativity.

Top 5 Best Adult Colouring Books

Dream Catcher Series by Christina Rose

The Dream Catcher series by Christina Rose offers a range of beautifully illustrated, detailed images coupled with positive words and phrases that make the colouring in of these images relaxing as well as up-lifting.

Each of the 50 individual drawings on each book is specially printed on a single page with the reverse left blank so you can cut out and keep to create a picture perfect for framing or displaying.

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A Colouring Book Adventure Series by Millie Marotta

Millie Marotta’s gorgeous intricate illustrations pack the pages of her colouring book series’  A Colouring Book Adventure. Focussing on wildlife in a variety of natural habitats, each book pays tribute to beautiful wildlife in their homes.

Printed on quality paper with space for you to contribute either words or additional detail to the overall picture, these illustrations, provide a multitude of opportunity to highlight and enhance the already detailed pictures to include your own touch.

An Inky Quest and Colouring Book Series by Johanna Basford

Wonderfully illustrated pages containing hidden objects such as wild flowers, animals and birds, gems, lanterns, keys and treasure chests, and underwater worlds, the Inky Quest series by Johanna Basford  contains a host of different scenes that take you on an adventurous journey through different scenes inspired by nature from forests to underwater worlds.   

Detailed and delicate illustrations to colour and complete, printed on ivory-coloured high quality paper allowing the blending and gradient techniques with colour pencils and pens, the Inky Quest and Colouring Book series offers a colouring adventure on paper.

Also by Johanna Basford:

The Time Series by Daria Song – Korean Artist

Daria Song has been an award-winning Korean Artists, long before her beautiful magical illustrated colouring books were made available in English. The Time series; The Time Garden and the Time Chamber both offer detailed illustrations waiting to be filled with colour and inspiration.

The Mindfulness Series by Emma Farrarons

The first Mindfulness Colouring book and More Mindfulness Colouring provides a inlet to mindfulness practise with out the challenge and difficulty of meditation practise.  A path to embracing creativity with exquisite scenes and intricate, sophisticated patterns these detailed colouring books provide a meditative experience for mindful and creative practise in colouring.

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