10 Easy DIY Hacks to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Every morning when you wake up, you make a beeline for your kitchen to make a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast. A neat and tidy kitchen can do wonders. Not only is it appealing, it also lifts your mood and lets you take control of things easily.On the other hand, a messed-up kitchen makes you feel unwelcome and sloppy.

Often referred to as the ‘heart of the house’, a kitchen says a lot about the person. It is not only limited to cooking and washing dishes; it is an essential part of a home where most people spend a chunk of their day. From having a hearty brunch with loved ones to quietly enjoying a mug of hot cocoa on a winter night, the kitchen is a sanctuary of comfort.

If you desperately want to give your kitchen a glamorous makeover but are afraid of burning a hole in your wallet, it is all right. We have some amazing and very affordable tips for you which will brighten up your cooking space. All you need is to invest a bit of time and boost your creativity skills.

Here are some awesome DIY decor hacks that will light up your kitchen even on a budget. Check them out!

1. Colour Up that Boring Blank Wall

If you have a spare wall devoid of any colors, then dress it up. It will instantly improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. One easy way to decorate is to get a handful of printables, frame them and hang it on the wall. You can even use a Washi tape to simply stick the prints on the wall.
For those of you who are into minimalistic lifestyle, just get one huge framed painting of a fruit bowl and put it up on the wall. It will be chic yet simple.

Painting the wall in a vibrant color is another superb way to enhance the look. Think stripes, polka dots, and mellow colors such as lemon yellow and apple green! When the paint has dried, you can put up images and fill up the space or simply leave it as a feature wall.

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If you don’t have a spare wall, but would love to add a bold colour, a great way to do this would be to introduce a really bright colourful splash-back to your counter space. New materials include glass, stainless steel, even simply painting over tiles will make a change. It both will stand out and make a statement.

2. Add the Vintage Touch with Simple Jars and Canisters

If you’ve dreamed of walking into your kitchen and being transformed into the country cottage kitchen of Jane Austen’s time then small touches will help. Let’s admit it, at one point in our lives, we have all daydreamed about living in a cottage on the countryside. While it is not at all practical to milk the cow and fetch the eggs from the chicken coop every day, it won’t hurt to give your kitchen an added vintage touch.

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Move your spices and herbs to their new home – choose mason jars dressed up in lace and ribbons with printed lids. Place them on open shelves, preferably wooden and painted in pastel colours. Cereals, grains, and nuts can be stored in canisters painted in pastel shades of blue, green, and pink.

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Of course, remember to leave out some wonderfully vintage mixing bowls and don’t forget to hang some wooden spoons as well. Trust us, it will look perfect!

3. A Trip to the Flea Market for Unbelievably Cheap Finds!

Take some time out and visit the local flea market. You will come across a number of lovely kitchen accessories and antique furniture pieces in affordable prices. Look around hard enough and we are sure you will stumble upon a porcelain vase ideal for the kitchen window above the sink. Take a few turns and find a tiny coffee table that will fit perfectly in the corner.

Don’t give up just yet! You must get your hands on a 6-drawer wooden spice cabinet! Once you have brought the items to your home, clean them up and beautify them in a way you want. You can make paper flowers for the vase, paint the coffee table in a bright colour and insert colourful knobs on the cabinet.

4. Personalize It – Create a Photo Wall!

Nothing can make you as happy as looking at the smiling faces of your loved ones.

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Grab an old board, fairy-lights, colourful strings, and a decorator’s tape. Now stick your favourite pictures on and you are all good to go. What’s more, jazz up your fridge as well. Write down a couple of fond memories on sticky notes and pin them up with Polaroid pictures, and a few flamboyant magnets. For reminders and emergency numbers, use bold letters and colours.

This will make your kitchen a lively spot where you can happily spend a few hours without feeling drained out.

5. Time to Declutter – No More Hoarding

If you have no pennies to spare, then decluttering and organizing are the best methods to redesign your kitchen. If you have a large kitchen with lots of space to spare, perhaps it may be wise to take time and really consider how the space is being used. Are there things that could be put away rather than being left on the kitchen counter? Do the things you see make you feel happy and lift your spirits?

And if your kitchen is a small space, it is even more important to avoid unnecessary things that clutter. Believe it or not, just looking at clutter can make you feel claustrophobic and anxious to leave.

We often fail to notice, but the kitchen counter and cabinets house the worst culprits. Get rid of recipe books, old magazines, bakeware, trays, and utensils that you never use. And oh, there is your favourite mug with a broken handle… Throw it away right now! Once the kitchen has been decluttered and cleaned up, you will begin to observe a positive change. It will be airy, spacious, and naturally brightening.

clutter free kitchen
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6. Curtains and Clocks

We usually ignore the kitchen window, but a pair of curtains can have an enhancing effect. Go to a thrift store, choose a roll-up blinds’ fabric, and put up the curtains by yourself without having to go through the trouble of stitching. Nail a metal rod on top of the window, hang the little curtains and keep them drawn to let the sunshine in.

It’s so easy to rely on the clocks in the kitchen, the one on the oven or the microwave. Having a beautiful cherry clock in the kitchen can make a difference to the space. It might sound difficult to personalise your own clock, but it is actually very simple. All you need is a plain clock of any colour and a bunch of spoons and forks you don’t use anymore, or pick some up at the flea market when you’re furniture hunting. Hot glue the spoons and forks alternately and lo behold, you will have your own personalised kitchen clock!

7. Give Your Kitchen a Theme

If you are living solo, one of the best ways to refresh your kitchen is to give it a themed renovation.

kitchen dining theme
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Are you a huge fan of Pulp Fiction or Game of Thrones? If yes, then go ahead and revamp it accordingly. Collect trinkets, posters, magnets, and a couple of paints related to your chosen theme.

For instance, if you are a big follower of Harry Potter, print out a few quotes and images from the internet and frame them up. Coat the cabinets and a wall in different hues and shades of your favourite house. We love the red and gold of Gryffindor – which house is your favorrite? Once you are done, invite your friends and treat them to butterbeer, the most popular wizarding beverage out there!

Or if you’re a Friends fan, recreate that mis-matched chairs and wooden dining table look, along with the red checked table cloth. You may not be able to get all the details in, but even just some will bring a smile to your face whenever your remember and will give you a great talking point when entertaining.

8.Hang Fruit Baskets and Potted Plants

Kitchens that are all set but only need a dash of colour can use some plants and fruits. A hanging fruit basket is a unique way to present fruits. It’s also a great way to reduce clutter on counter tops and yet keep fruits in sight for easy reach and access.

For the fruit basket, use a woven or wicker basket, and tier them the help of wires. A three-tiered basket is good enough. Screw a hook in to the ceiling and let your new fruit basket hang  there. Place fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges on each level. Eat and replace from time to time.

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We also love this DIY solution of a hanging fruit basket made from jelly moulds.

Potted plants on a window sill are perfect for a little indoor-kitchen garden. Take a small metal bucket, add fertilizer, and soil and plant some herbs and spices. Water them daily and make sure they get enough sunlight! Start with mint and coriander as they are easy to grow and handle.

9. A Fancy Trash Can on a Budget

An ugly garbage bin does not help the lovely interiors of a kitchen. In fact, it can actually spoil it. There is a simple trick to it and it won’t cost you much. Give your trash can a funky redesign. Go through your home to look for pieces of wallpapers, contact papers and magazines. Cut the scraps in different shapes, and glue them to the bin. Once it has dried and set, you can tie pom-poms and ribbons around the lid and bottom.

If you have trouble finding material, a great alternative is a printed gift wrapper. They are easily available at local stores. Even if your kitchen is basic, a jazzy dustbin adds a nice splash of color.

For some inspiration, check out these DIY Trash Can Makeovers

10. A Chalkboard  Message board

Not only will a chalkboard provide an interesting touch, it can also serve to be rather helpful.

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From favourite recipes to messages for family, or even just a dose of inspiration from a quote, a chalk board can be a great way to make your kitchen yours. Use colourful chalks or stick to good old white ones. And if you don’t like the idea of chalk dust in your kitchen,   a white board with markers is always another good option.

These are just some ideas that we think can easily brighten up your kitchen space. If you already do something special to personalise your kitchen, share it with us too!