12 Best Night Lights For Parents and Kids of All Ages

Sleeping in total darkness, while good for the body, may take some getting used to for kids getting their own rooms for the first time, and even for adults who are settling into a new place or a new routine. A night light or lamp can help ease the transition by providing comforting low-intensity lighting without disturbing your good night’s sleep.

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Whether it is for practical or purely aesthetic or decorative reasons, here are 12 of the best night lights you can get for you and your children.

For Kids Below 9 Years Old

1. LumiPets Animal Nursery Night Light

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This portable night light has a very dim, calming glow that is perfect for both babies and toddlers. The adorable animal-shaped exterior never lets the light get too warm, so it is safe to prop up even on the foot of a child’s crib or bed.

It is wireless and battery-operated, too, so older kids can easily bring it with them if they have to move around the room or when they have to go to the hallway or the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Great bonus: the light can be switched between 8 different colors, so you don’t have to worry about your kid changing his/her favorite color – this night light will go along with any change. Animal night lights to choose from include bear, owl, dinosaur, cat, bunny (shown above) and unicorn.

2. 3D T-Rex Dinosaur Night Light

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3D, laser-engraved night lights are all the craze with kids right now, and it’s not difficult to see why. The impressive visual effect appeals to slightly older kids, as it doubles as a decorative toy or action figure of sorts.

Specifically, this T-rex light is perfect for dinosaur-obsessed kids, and will fit right in with their dinosaur figurine collection. The mesh LED lights are dazzle-free, and are thus harmless to a child’s eye. It is also remote-controlled and has a timer option, which is good if you’re trying to be more conscious about your household’s energy consumption.

Other dinosaur lights are also available, including one that packages four designs so you can swap them out.

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3. Cute Chick Bedside Nightlight

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This is by far the best nursery light in this list for breastfeeding babies. It has a silicon top and all edges are soft, so you never have to worry about it accidentally hurting your baby. The adorable yellow chick also swings and wobbles when nudged, making it a huge hit for playful kids.

Possibly the best part about this nightlight is that it can go for 300 hours on a single recharge. You can switch between three light modes: sleeping, breastfeeding, and reading, so it can be a great night light for parents on those long, sleepless nights, too.

4. Star Projector Night Light

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Sleeping directly under the night sky has a natural, soothing effect, and having this star projector night light may just be the next best thing to that. It will fill your kid’s room with celestial bodies to keep their imagination occupied until they fall asleep.

This is most recommended for older kids, though, as the extravagant display of lights may be too much for toddlers and babies. It has a timer function which can be set anywhere between 5 to 99 minutes, but the best feature would be the daytime mode option, which transforms the cool nightlight into a warm and bright array of lights perfect as backdrop for parties and sleepovers.

For Teens and Tweens

5. Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Accent Lamp

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For teenagers and tweens who love the colors of nature, the warm hues produced by the stained glass in this night light will be most welcome in their rooms. The handcrafted piece is a good choice for those keeping a vintage aesthetic in their room design.

It works best with an incandescent bulb, but the accent lamp is compatible with LED lights, too. All pieces are made entirely by hand, so each lamp is unique and does not have an identical copy anywhere in the world. This is a good night lamp for young bookworms, too, since it provides enough light for some bedside, night time reading.

6. Star Wars R2-D2 LED Night Light

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This plug-in night light requires an open outlet to work, but it is the perfect choice for young Star Wars fans who will be comforted by the thought that a loyal friend such as R2-D2 is watching over them as they sleep. The light can be switched between 8 different colors, but it also has a ‘cycle’ option where the light will automatically and periodically change colors every now and then.

This light is as smart as the real R2-D2 is sharp, thanks to its light-sensing technology that automatically turns it on when the room is dark, and turns off when the room is lit by a brighter light. To complete your collection, you might wish to consider BB-8, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader night lights.

7. Cool Moon Lamp

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There are more than a dozen different moon lamps out there, but this one takes the cake because it used actual astronomical data from a NASA satellite for a very close approximation of what the moon’s surface looks like.

Teens and tweens will have 16 different color schemes to choose from when lighting up this moon lamp, solid and blended colors alike, to fit their every mood: from cozy to peaceful, all the way to festive. Every recharge only powers this lamp for 10 hours, but you can always keep it plugged in all night long, without fear that the LED light might overheat.

Adults are not left out as there is a more serious version in adjustable warm to cool white light, as shown below, more in keeping with the real earth’s natural satellite itself.

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Moon Light Warm to Cool White

8. Cherry Blossom Bonsai Night Light

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For creative souls, this semi-DIY bonsai night light is an excellent choice. Its completely bendable branches allows teens and tweens to ‘personalize’ the look of the tree as they please. This feature can also help those who need to fiddle with something whenever they are feeling anxious. Teens and tweens can also choose between 16 color palettes to match every mood or occasion.

The light produced by this bonsai night light is gentle and soothing, but the white light option can provide enough brightness for nighttime reading.

For Adults

9. Wax Warmer LED Lamp with Timer

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This lamp provides feelings of safety and comfort in more ways than one. While providing illumination to a dark room at night, it also heats and melts wax for your aromatherapy needs, immediately increasing relaxation at bedtime.

You can use either scented wax or essential oils to get the fragrance you want spread all over your room at night. Within 15 minutes of turning on the lamp, your chosen fragrance will already fill up the room, lulling you to a good night’s sleep while the soft light from the lamp eases your mind from the anxiety brought by total darkness. You can turn it on and off manually, or set it for 3 hours/ 6 hours/ 9 hours, depending on how long you want the light to stay on and the fragrance to spread.

10. Touch Lamp Night Light

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This 360-degree touch lamp is as simple as it gets. The brightness is adjustable between four different modes: dim light, low light, middle, and high. You can pick your hue from a touch-optimized color wheel, or have it constantly change colors every now and then.

It turns on and off with a single tap on the topside – no gimmicks, no nonsense. It may be a small and compact lamp but it provides ample lighting for bedtime reading and can fully illuminate a small room when set in maximum brightness. Note, however, that a single recharge can only last for a day, so you have to make sure to charge it in after every use.

11. Touch Bedside Lamp with Alarm Clock

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Out of all the night lights on this list, the Elecstars Bedside Lamp offers the most value-adding features. Aside from the touch sensor LED lamp, it also functions as a bluetooth speaker, an alarm clock, an MP3 player, and a hands-free call receiver.

It supports bluetooth, flash drive and SD card input for those who enjoy falling asleep to the sound of good music. A gentle tap on the top can adjust the brightness and color of the light without ever disturbing other people sleeping in the room. It automatically switches between 48 different light schemes, providing endless entertainment before you finally fall asleep at night.

12. Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp

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Himalayan salt lamps are known to ease anxiety, sleeping troubles, and seasonal allergies. However, take this with a grain of salt because there is no standing guarantee that this salt lamp is actually made with salt crystal mined from the Himalayan Mountains.

Even without the necessary legit check, though, this night light deserves a spot in this list because of its aesthetic and the warm, pinkish-red light it produces, making it the perfect lamp to illuminate your yoga or meditation nook at home. It also serves as a wonderful mood light for couples’ rooms.

Getting a night light is a small investment compared to the comfort it can provide you or your children for those long, sleepless, anxiety-ridden nights. Whether you need a plain bedside lamp or something that provides value even in the day, there is surely a lamp for everyone on this list.