15 Best Outdoor Dining Area Ideas for Entertaining in the Summer!

Summer is right around the corner, and the sweet perfume of spring is already in the air. Now that winter has released its firm grip from the air and the chill is evaporating, it’s time to spruce up your outdoors and get it ready for summer fun.

Since summers are all about poolside parties, lovely family dinners, and last-minute barbecue parties, it’s essential that you tidy up your outdoor dining areas for this season. Here, we’ve listed some of the best outdoor dining area designs that will ramp up your entertainment game this summer. Let’s take a look:

1. The Zen Garden Aesthetic

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Zen Garden

If you want to create a wonderful, serene, and stylish outdoor gathering space, then go with the Zen garden aesthetic featured in this image. It’s very low-maintenance, looks stunning, and can be relocated anywhere you see fit.

You just need some portable low-height tables (make some out of wooden pallets if you don’t have any) and some floor cushions or low bean bags to accommodate casual sitting. If you want to up the aesthetic game, then cap off the tables with stone or marble tops and they’ll look a natural part of the Zen landscape. Lastly, hang some beautiful fairy lights or string bulbs over the whole set-up and you’ll have a gorgeous summertime outdoor retreat on your hands!

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2. The casual-chic outdoor dining

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Casual Chic

The casual-chic outdoor dining area featured in this image is certainly one for the books. It’s incredibly trendy, can be designed in a modular way, and can accommodate as many people as you want. The mountains of floor cushions that line the low-height tables on each side really make up the entire look. The soft color scheme is perfect for evoking a relaxed vibe, and the overall comfort of this particular aesthetic will help you to enjoy lingering conversations with your loved ones that drift into the night.

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3. The upcycled pallet outdoor dining space

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Upcycled Pallet

If you’re a DIY aficionado and looking for the perfect summer project to spruce up your backyard, then this wooden pallet outdoor dining table is definitely it. You’ll end up with an upcycled furniture accessory and a wonderful addition to your outdoor events. The great thing about this project is that you can make the table as large or small as you need. You can even design something modular, which can be picked up and stored in the garage when winter hits. As for the seating, never underestimate the power of floor cushions!

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4. The casual verandah dining

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Casual Verandah

If you’ve got a verandah, then you’ll love this great outdoor dining area idea. Just string up some beautiful pendant lights on the ceiling of your semi-covered area and put matching furniture underneath. The chic lights and wood/rattan furniture in this image is an excellent example. While this one is very rustic, you can also use a different light-furniture combo to create the kind of theme that you want, be it modern, eclectic, or contemporary.

5. The cabana style aesthetic

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Cabana Style

If you love hosting big summer barbecues, poolside parties or backyard gatherings, then this is the kind of outdoor dining area that will suit you the most. The cabana style has a very stylish, Hawaiian appeal with its raw, edgy textures, organic accents and rattan/wicker furniture. You can design quite a party place in your backyard by simply spicing up an existing pergola with thatch or a bamboo screen for the roof and a stone or tile-clad accent wall at the back.

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6. The stylish patio idea

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Stylish Patio

Patios are a great way to accommodate outdoor dining areas. Yours doesn’t have to be large or even super luxe. A small and cozy one can be styled to accommodate those balmy barbecue nights with close family and friends. The hardscaped patio dining area featured in this image is a perfect example. The way that the dining set has been matched with the patio floor looks contemporary-chic. You can easily recreate a similar aesthetic in your own spaces.

7. The courtyard style

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If you’ve got a patio or a courtyard in your home, then you won’t find better inspiration than this. Surrounded with warm red bricks and accentuated with lush green foliage, this dining area is stylish, comfortable, and will make for the perfect place to host cozy dinners that transition into lingering conversations. The Moroccan/Mediterranean vibe is strong in this one, and the furniture and its accompanying accessories have been specially selected to evoke a wonderful, warm, and inviting ambiance.

8. The divan style

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Divan Style

If you’re one for informal meals that are ensconced in an eclectic ambiance, then you’ll love this divan style of outdoor dining. It’s incredibly casual, brimming with colorful charisma, and can be customized to suit your personal tastes. For example, the blue cushioned divan in this image can be replaced with something more contemporary or the shabby chic tables and rug can be altered to something that you personally find attractive.

9. The luxury outdoor dining experience

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Luxury Outdoor Dining

There’s an incredible amount of romance that any luxury dining area exudes, and this one is definitely one for the books! Designed under a stylish pergola that is decorated in whimsical additions and luxe furniture, it feels absolutely decadent and perfect for hosting both: date nights with your loved ones and after-dinner cool downs with extended family. Imagine the white curtains billowing gently in the summertime breeze as you cozy up into such sofas and chairs with a glass of your favorite Red or White – sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

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10. For all those small home & apartment dwellers

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Rooftop and Apartment Dining

If you’re an apartment dweller or a small home owner who doesn’t have a backyard, then rest assured – your terraces, balconies, and rooftops are the perfect place to design a stylish outdoor dining area. This image features a gorgeous example, where the corner sofa exudes a relaxed, casual, but trendy outlook that is complemented with the grass carpet and plethora of wonderful, real-life planters. This is definitely a great idea to make the most of a small space with lots of urban constraints to consider.

11. The pivotal patio dining space

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Pivotal Patio Dining Space

This is the most conventional type of a patio style that you find in the suburbs, and if you’re struggling with sprucing up yours, then you’ll find this idea quite inspiring. The trick to making such a patio feel welcoming is to furnish it with a stately looking dining set. The country-chic style featured in this image is just right. It’s got those beautiful bucolic undertones, but its sleek finish adds to the overall ambiance of the dining space.

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12. The garden-side dining experience

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Garden Side Dining Experience

If you’ve ever imagined lunching amidst wistful nature, then you’ll love this idea. If your backyard is large enough, you can place a large dining table underneath the foliage of a lush tree in springtime bloom. Simply surround this space with grass and border it with a perennial flowerbed to create a fairy-meadow like experience. This outdoor dining area is great for places with stable climatic conditions that lean towards the summer-spring side.

13. The mismatched eclectic porch nest

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Mismatched Eclectic Porch Dining

Not one for traditional dining? Then this mismatched eclectic outdoor dining space is just for you! Featuring  cluster of colorful chairs that vary in style (but have a similar vibe), this setting would look wonderful in a porch or verandah. All you need is a simple jute rug and a cluster of nesting tables to center the whole look. Then accentuate with some beautiful greens, put up a tall floor lamp, and intersperse the empty-looking nooks with some floor cushions, and viola!

14. Contemporary Outdoor Dining

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Contemporary Dining

If all you want is a classical space to simply eat your meals outdoors and enjoy the weather, then don’t be too quick in dismissing the contemporary outdoor dining setup. A classical or more modern patio set would allow you and your family to gather for impromptu outdoor meals to enjoy the sunshine and be surrounded by nature.


15. So you have a luxurious deck?

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Luxurious Deck

Decks make for some incredibly stylish outdoor dining and gathering areas. The one featured in this image is especially luxurious. It’s got the perfect fusion of outdoor sophistication and natural charisma. The wooden elements couple well with the soft, neutral fabrics and the coffee table in the middle anchors everything with grace. This type of a setting is perfect for hosting lingering night-time soirees and champagne parties.

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So, these are some of our most inspiring outdoor dining area design suggestions. From recycled to luxe, you’ll find everything you need right here on this list.