15 Easy Spring Home Decorating Ideas: Refresh your indoor living space for the season!

Spring is the season of good cheer and new growth – and it’s already nipping at the heels of winter. The sun is feeling warmer and branches are blooming starting to bloom with new leaves. You know what that means?

It’s time to decorate for spring! To spruce up your living space, check out our list of fresh ideas with some need little to no cost at all.

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Bring a touch of spring into your living space

If you’re looking for ideas to refresh your indoor living spaces for the season, then here’s a list to get you started:

1. Add a colorful carpet

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Colourful Carpet

Since you’re decorating for spring, it’s only right that you start by adding some pops of color to your floors. Featuring a brightly colored rug is the best way to do that. You’ll have lots of choices in all price ranges to do so. Cheap synthetic and flat weave rugs come in colorful combinations. Beautiful Turkish kilim rugs are also a great choice, especially if you want to bring a bit of tradition in your ambiance.

2. Macramé plant hangers 

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Plant Hanger

One of the trendiest ways to emulate spring in your décor this season is by opting for beautiful macramé plant hangers. They come in many designs and knot-types. You can find one that fits your planter size and feature it atop your windowsill. Alternately, you can also hand them in prominent places in the rest of your layout. A single macramé plant hanger can be situated on top of your living room end tables. Something like this would look even better if there’re lush creeping vines hanging from the planters.

3. That cherry blossom vibe

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Cherry Blossom Vibe

Nothing says spring-has-come more than the blooming of cherry blossoms. The sweet delicacy of these flowers always marks the beginning of this season, and you can make them a part of your spring décor to effuse the seasonal aura in your homes as well. The best way to do that is by either featuring authentic cherry blossom tree branches in white vases, or by making your own with paper flowers on regular branches and putting them in vases. There is also the option of using artificial flowers in your favourite vase. The latter is more feasible, as it will allow your décor to last longer and give it a fresh outlook.

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4. Bring in a floral lamp

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Floral Lamp Floor Standing

There are some décor pieces that can be found in beautiful, sculptural designs. One of them includes lamps – floor lamps, desk lamps, nightstand lamps, etc. You can find many that have flower-inspired patterns or sculptural flower-like shades in the market. These lamps can be used as part of your spring décor to bring in that nature-in-bloom vibe. They vary in color and design, but their overall impact is extremely beautiful. A good desk lamp example is one shown below based on rose blooms lit by low power LED lights.

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5. Floral statement art for the win

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Floral Statement Art

One of the best ways to add that extra oomph to your spring décor is by hanging an oversized statement art to your interior designs. The challenge here is to select an art piece that features stunning spring colors. Think pink, yellow, breezy whites, greens, and more! Feature this art piece atop a very prominent place in your interior designs (above a sofa, your bed headboard, beside your dining table, etc.) so that it exudes maximum impact.

6. Customize a mason jar floral arrangement

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Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Mason jars are easily available in every home. You can take one and customize it to add to your spring décor. It’s a fun DIY project which you can embellish with flowers and ornamental grasses plucked out of your garden. If the arrangement feels too incomplete, then you can even decorate the jar with other beautiful trinkets and items like ribbons, rhinestones, fabrics, etc. Put it on your end tables, sideboards, or even your kitchen countertop for the best look!

7. Get yourself a pin holder

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Pin Holder

A pin holder is like a palm-sized metal brush that allows you to customize any flower arrangement. You can put one in a decorative bowl and experiment with it every day. It’s the perfect spring time activity and décor, and once you get the hang of how to use the holder, you can design infinite new floral arrangement even with the same flowers and leaves every single day!

8. A springtime terrace

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Springtime Terrace

With spring comes fresh air, and it’s definitely the best time to design a beautiful sitting area on your terrace. You can decorate it with colorful accessories, wall hangings, fresh blooming planters, and other such items. You can add vividly colored textiles to your furniture and even put a beautiful floral arrangement in the middle of it all to anchor the whole look.

9. Revamp your accent wall

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Feature Wall

While repainting your entire home just to give it a spring vibe sounds like a hassle, revamping just the accent wall isn’t such a bad idea. Simply put a plastic sheet over the rest of the room and pull out your paint bucket. Choose a color that will uplift your ambiance and match the spring vibe, and once done, you’ll be set to go. Pink, green, and cool blues are all good options, but if you want something a bit more understated, then lavender and pistachio are also good options.

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10. Splashes of bold colors

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Splashes of Bold Colours

If you don’t want to do anything extensive or don’t want to partake in flower-arranging activities, then you can simply add a few bold splashes of color around your home to get that spring vibe. It can be in the form of beautiful wall decors, fabric hangings, sofa cushions, cushion covers and accent chairs. Even putting a colorful throw atop your sofa arm can make a lot of difference!

11. Design a sunny nook

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Sunny Nook

Spring is the perfect time to drench yourself in some honey dappled sunlight, and you can get your daily fix of the spring sun by designing a cozy little nook by the window. Put an accent chair by the window, decorate the surroundings with some beautiful planters and you’ll get a beautiful little nook where you can relax with a book, a cup of coffee, or any other thing that you need. Remember to draw open the curtains during the day to let the light in.

12. Yellows never fail

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Yellow is the color of cheer and nothing welcomes spring better than decorating your interiors in this color. The great thing about this idea is that you can introduce yellow in any way that you want – be it through a pair of canary yellow accent chairs, through a beautiful honey-gold tufted sofa, through a hand-painted yellow sideboard or even through a floral arrangement of bright yellow sunflowers!

13. Get a striking vases

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Striking Vase

This seems like the most conventional thing to do, but never underestimate the power of a smart vase – especially when you’re decorating for spring. Ceramic vases have an especially upscale, gorgeous appeal. When you arrange flowers in them, the whole arrangement looks even more exciting because of the vase. You can pick out just one statement vase or you can choose multiple ones, depending on the number of empty surfaces you have in your space!

14. Get creative

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Get Creative

Sculptural floral accessories are an excellent way to decorate for spring. They’re also easily available everywhere. It might be a geometric vase that holds a matching flower arrangement. It might be a diffuser that features bold geometric and floral designs. Or it can be any other thing that looks unique and distinguished to you. Example of geometric vase is as below.

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15. Clear bottles and bold flowers

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Clear Bottles

If you want to design a beautiful table décor setting to complement your spring theme, then this is a great idea. You can take mismatched clear glass bottles and feature single or double stemmed flower arrangements in each one. Make a cluster of them and put them atop any empty table surface in your interiors. It’ll definitely make a beautiful impact!

So, these are some easy spring home decorating ideas that can be used to refresh your spaces. We hope they can help you ready your home for the season!