5 Best Party Speakers – wireless boomboxes to play your party tunes

There is a new breed of speakers designed especially for parties, with built-in light show, karaoke and DJ effects. These are the best party speakers for any party animals.

For those of you who wants to light up the party and push some heart thumping music to get things moving, there are no better speakers to have than these. Especially designed mega boomboxes, these speakers will throw up some seriously deep and strong low range with earth shaking and heart pounding effect. Using seriously powerful amplifiers build to rock any party they come complete with party lights too.

Top 8 Best Wireless Portable Party Speakers

What are Party Speakers

These hunk of speakers are not your typical Bluetooth speakers. For starters, they are huge. Some even come with its own trolley to help you move it around easily. They are packed with features and have numerous connectivity functions, here are some features and connectivity options. Please note that not all the features are available on the speakers in our list. Check the specifications for exactly the feature you are after.

  • Light shows and Strobe Effects – advanced multiple wide-angle lighting in colours that will fill the room. These changes colour based on the tunes you are playing to liven up the mood.
  • Karaoke and DJ effect – complete range of effects accessible over the companion app
  • CD and USB Playback, Lightning Connector and Auxiliary In
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity to Stream Music from the Phone Internet
  • Link multiple units to increase volume and blow the roof off
  • Single or dual microphone input
  • CD and DVD player built-in
  • Karaoke function and TV output to link up to a TV for sing along sessions
  • FM Radio
  • Portable version has built-in battery for hours of party music
  • Sound presets – exciting music enhancing preset and DSP

The common running theme between these speakers is the ability to pump out party tunes at high volume to rock any house.

Top 5 Best Speakers Designed for Parties

Here is our line-up of the best speakers shift lots of air and rock the dance floor. Use the links below to check out what others have to say and prices from a Amazon:

  1. LG Loudr FH6 Speaker System
  2. Sony MHC-V71 High Power One Box Party Music System and SONY MHC-V72D
  3. Sony GTKXB7 High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth and Sony GTK-XB72
  4. Sony MHC-V21 High Power Audio System with Bluetooth and NFC and Sony MHC-V42D
  5. Sony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker

BONUS: Sony GTK-XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

1. SONY GTK-PG10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Sony GTK-PG10 with Top Panels Open on Amazon

Yes, those are cup holders you see on the top of the unit, two on either side. The two-part top panels also carries the tweeters. When open, the tweeters face up and outward for a wider sound range. Great for picnics and outdoor parties, it comes built-in with rechargeable battery that lasts up to 13 hours and the top panel is splash proof. What is most exciting is the vocal remix feature. Plug in a microphone and bring out that pop star in you. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity with NFC pairing, 3.5mm input jack, USB port and FM radio tuner. The GTK-PG10 is also available with tripod stand and microphone bundle.

2. Sony MHC-V71D High Power One Box Party Music System

Unless you are looking for the super-sized MHC-V90DW towering at over 170cm, then the equally impressive MHC-V71D is what you need. Note that a second model, the MHC-V71 does not come with DVD player (D in the model number denotes DVD). The MHC series is not to be mixed up with the GTX series. MHC are all in one home speakers with CD and DVD player built in with HDMI output. MHC-V71D offers Bluetooth and NFC as well as USB to stream your music. The speakers, both mid range and tweeters are angled and together with a spread sound generator ensures that you get a wider coverage.

If that is not enough, you can boost the volume by adding multiple speakers to form a wireless party chain. In this mode, the speakers will synchronise and play the same music as well as co-ordinate the party light show. Sony claims that you can connect up to 50 compatible home audio systems to the speaker. If you find connecting a Bluetooth music source a little limiting, it also pairs up to three smartphones so you can each share your tunes during the party.

Sony MHC-V71D
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SONY MHC-V72D Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker has all the features from its predecessor and more. Four 5cm tweeters, two 12cm mid-range drivers and one 30cm woofer pump a total of 550W of output power.

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Standard Features in the MHC-series

Firstly, the splash proof touch control panel on the top of the speaker also works with gestures for DJ and mic sound effects. On top of that, it also lets you control tracks and volume. Karaoke feature lets you hook the speaker up to a TV and play your favourite karaoke DVD. What’s more, it comes with two microphone input and one guitar input. Furthermore, you can use the touch panel as a drum in Taiko game mode. Play along to samplers and different drums to up the beat.

The speaker project club-like 360° lighting and illumination covering all angle angle light patterns. This can be controlled using the app or on the speaker or to sync with the music beat. Finally, a Fiesta Mode lets you recreate party sound anywhere, any environment, be it in a big hall or outside. Don’t worry about its size. It comes with built-in wheels and handles allowing you to tip it back and drag it around like a wheelie bin.

3. Sony GTK-XB72

Sony GTK-XB72 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker, a newer model is now available. At Sony, it’s all about taking what you love and making it better. Enters the GTK-XB72, an improved version of the much loved GTK-XB7. It pumps out a total of 470W of power with three 5cm tweeters and two 16cm woofers.

Sony GTK-XB72
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4. Sony MHC-V21 High Power Audio System

A second MHC party box in our list, this time the MHC-V21 is the smallest of the MHC series from Sony. It comes with Bluetooth and NFC as well as USB connectivity and has a built-in CD and DVD player, FM radio and club-like LED lighting. In addition to that, it also has a Karaoke feature for that sing along session in your party. Just hook up a TV screen via HDMI output and pop in your favourite karaoke DVD. Plus, you can also use it to watch your favourite movies, TV show or sports. Sony’s signature Mega Bass for deep base response from the speakers and if one is not enough, add more speakers with Wireless Party Chain.

For a bigger, more powerful alternative check out the Sony MHC-V50 with extra mid range speakers, touchscreen panel, DJ effect, Karaoke mode, mic and guitar input, powerful illuminations with lens for wider light projection as well as the convenience of the connectivity and player as the MHC-V21 above including HDMI output for TV and DVD player.


A grown up version of the MHC-V21 is the Sony MHC-V42D Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker. While the design is not very different to that of the MHC-V72D it lacks a couple of party lights around the mid-range speakers and has a total output power of 450W vs 550W.

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5. Sony GTK-XB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker – 180W RMS

A bigger, more powerful version from the GTK Extra Bass range, the XB90 has longer play time per charge of up to 16 hours. There is a caveat however, if you run it on maximum volume, you will get less play time, up to 3.5 hours. Use it for house parties or even out doors in the evening to light up any parties.

The Extra Bass technology produces deep and punchy low range that is bound to move everyone. There is an easy lift embedded handle to let you pick up and move the speaker quickly. The digital amplifier powers five drivers, three 6cm tweeters and two 18cm woofers pushing a total of 180 Watt RMS output.

Connectivity option includes Bluetooth and NFC, mic input and USB plug and play. The LED and strobe light creates a true party atmosphere with infinity mirror and changes to the beats and Party Chain option lets you connect up to 10 Extra bass device together for synchronised sound and lighting.

Use the free companion apps to control your playlist, sound settings, EQ, DJ effects, samplers and lighting effects. The unit weighs 14kg.

Sony GTK-XB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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BONUS: Sony GTK-XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – 120W RMS

This portable mega speaker from Sony has a rechargeable battery that offers up to 14 hours of play time per charge. It also comes with LED line lighting and speaker light with strobe flash on either ends.

The speaker spots Sony’s signature Extra Bass system, Bluetooth & NFC connectivity, USB, input for 1 microphone and 1 RCA analogue channel. The built-in digital amplifier is capable of pushing 120Watt RMS power from the two 13cm woofer and two 5cm tweeter.

Use the preset equalisers (9 modes) and sound enhancement settings to fine tune your favourite music and if one is not enough, get a few more Extra Bass speakers together (up to 10 supported) from Sony and party chain them to up the volume.

Like the GTK-XB7, it can be placed vertical or horizontally. Companion apps available for Android and iOS devices. You can use Sony Music Center to mix your tracks, control sound settings and create playlists, while the Fiestable app lets you control the light colours, adjust EQ and activate DJ control with motion control.

The unit weighs 9kg. Available in three different colours.

 Sony GTK-XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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 Sony GTK-XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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 Sony GTK-XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Blue
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 Sony GTK-XB60 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Red
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Sony GTK-XB7 High Power Home Audio System

Bring the night alive with this EXTRA BASS series wireless Bluetooth and NFC speaker system that pumps up any gathering with deep, punching bass, club-like LED lighting and DJ effects. The lights and strobe effect changes in colour and syncs according to the beat. Stream and control great sounding music from your smartphone using the companion app and even add extra wireless speakers to the mix. The box can be left standing or laid horizontally. Features includes DSEE digital music enhancement, ClearAudio+ and Bluetooth LDAC streaming for high quality wireless audio transmission. Connectivity comes in shape of Bluetooth and NFC, audio input and output and USB. Two easy carry handles on either end lets you move the 14kg speaker easily. Available in black, blue or red.

Sony GTK-XB7 High Power Home Audio System
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ALSO: Sony GTK-XB5 Wireless Megasound Hi-Fi System – 200W RMS

LG LoudR FH6 Speaker System 600W

Modern boombox with Bluetooth connectivity, dance lighting and effects creator makes this an amazing package. The FH6 LoudR speaker will create an instant party for any room. It has a fresh new design allowing you to stand it upright or lie it down on the floor to best fit the space. With 600W of power, there is plenty of volume. But it doesn’t stop there, the cool DJ function that lets you trigger samples and scratch over tracks. This, combines with the dynamic lighting effects creates an amazing party experience.

LG LoudR FH6 Speaker System
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LG LoudR FH6 Speaker System
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LG OJ98 Hi-Fi Speaker System

The bigger version of the LoudR FH6, the LG OJ98 is a strong party speaker with 1800 Watts of raw power. The all-in-one speaker produces thumping, thunderous low range using its dual 8-inch woofers in a 2.2 channel configuration to make sure you can feel every beat.

The system has everything you need for a great party from dance lighting to karaoke mode with voice filters to Bluetooth and USB Connectivity to stream your playlist. It also has what LG calls the Party Thrusters that lets you build up the energy in every party by sliding up the throttle forward for both volume and lights.

LG OJ98 Party Speaker
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LG OJ98 Party Speaker
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With the dance lighting, you get multiple lighting modes and effects including a mode that synchronises the light pulse and effects to the beat of the music. The system also lets you turn down the vocal of any track using the Karaoke Creator function. Plug in an optional microphone or two and hear yourself sing like a star with sound-enhancing voice filters.

Use the onboard equaliser lets you play your music just the way you like it. And if you would like more control over your tracks, use the Juke Box, DJ Effect, DJ Pro, Auto DJ, DJ Loop, Multi Jukebox and DJ Sharing to make your party a truly memorable one.

Other features include CD player, FM tuner, clock, Auxiliary input, two USB ports, portable in and Bluetooth.