Animal Lamps for the Table, Ceiling and Wall: fun lighting for the home

Want to introduce some fun lighting into your home. Whether it is for a safari or jungle theme or just modern charm, these animal lighting with incredible detail are perfect additions. Check out our special feature on fun and exciting animal lamps for the table, ceiling and wall.

Full of detail and texture, these playful lamps made from polyresin are delightful addition to any home. Designed to be near full size, they are not just quirk and fun but works well as a lighting. You can use them on their own or together in the same room.

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Giraffe Lamp with Linen Shade


Available in matt white, silver, gold or black, choose the colour that suits your room or taste. With realistic details, and a range of contrasting colours, it will match any decor.

Lighting Types

These are available as table lamps, pendant or ceiling lamps and wall lamps. Put a smile on your guests’ faces when they see these almost life size animal lighting up the room.

Smaller Options

You can also find smaller versions of these lamps although not quite as exciting. These are cheaper than the full size alternatives and will work well in apartments and flats.

Just Add Your Own Bulb

Most of the lightings are sold with bulb and lamp shade but to make it more interesting, add your own modern LED white bulb or vintage clear filament bulb. You can also use smart WiFi connected bulb with voice control support and energy efficient LED bulb with clear filament style.

Animal Lamps for the Table, Ceiling and Wall: fun lighting for the home

We start with the monkey and then move on to raven, flamingo, giraffe, hare and mouse. Use the links below to search for the animal lamps online.

1. Monkey Table Lamp, Wall Lamp and Hanging Lamp

The monkey lamp is our favourite owning to there being so many different forms. Choose a sitting monkey lamp for the table or bookshelf. Choose a standing monkey lamp for the floor or side table. Choose a hanging monkey lamp for the wall or ceiling. The last option is based on two different profile, monkey that clings on the wall and money that is ascending a rope. Also, choose from white, gold or black.

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2. Raven Lamp for the Table and Wall

There are three different varieties of the bird, sometimes known in the market as crow. The looking bird lamp which is a wall mounted variety, the waiting and playing crow lamps which are table or shelf varieties. Whichever one you choose, these are very versatile lamps that works in any room to offer light. In case you haven’t noticed, they are definitely a conversation starter with your guests.

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Flamingo Table Lamp

Moving on, and breaking away from naked light bulb designs, we have this, a Flamingo table lamp with a lamp shade. Standing 32-inches tall, the Flamingo table lamp is great for those looking to recreate a tropical feel. Available in silver or gold (shown below) the table light is a statement piece. Don’t let the silver or antique gold finish with metal like detailing fool you, it is still made of resin.

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Flamingo Table Lamp on Amazon

An alternative to the flamingo lamp above is the leggy flamingo table lamp. Featuring only the legs and base as the stand, it is not very different from the flamingo lamp above, minus the body and head, see below.

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Flamingo Leg Table Lamp

Giraffe Table Lamp

In the same style as the flamingo table lamp above, the giraffe table lamp also has a split section separating the head and the body. More of a safari than a tropical theme, it goes well with the monkey and bird lamps see above and measures 27.75-inch tall. We found a gold and white resin options.

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Giraffe Lamp with Linen Shade on Amazon


Hare or Rabbit Desk Lamp

Yet another table lamp, this time featuring the rabbit (or hare). The sectional lamp is made up on the lower half of the rabbit, the lamp shade in the middle and the topped with the rabbit’s ears pricked up. It measures 19.685-inches tall.

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Rabbit Table Lamp Silver on Amazon


If a chopped up animal is not your style, check out the bunny lamp below which features a full rabbit bunny bar the ears. That is being ‘covered’ by the lampshade at an angle, see below.

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Bunny Desk Lamp

Mouse Lamp

Finally, going back to the naked bulb variety, here are life size mouse resin replica with a bulb holder. Apart from the colours, there are different versions of this each with a different stance. Note that these are also available in different colours.

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Mouse Desk Lamp Gold on Amazon

Other Animal Lamps

Our search continues for animal lamps with fine details and texture. We found smaller versions of the above and other animals or birds such as the owl, more rabbits and monkey. See gallery below.

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Sitting Monkey Table Lamp