Dated Bathroom Makeovers – Easy ways to add character without remodeling

An ugly bathroom can undo the magic of your entire, well-designed home. But remodeling it completely can cost you a pretty penny. Dismantling fixtures and reinstalling tiles is no easy task, so if you’re worried that you’ll have to do a total overhaul to make your bathrooms pretty again, then don’t fret. We’ve got you covered – here’s a list of some easy ways that you can make over a dated bathroom!

Let’s take a look:

1. Add a tall shelf

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Tall Shelves

Smart bathroom organizing can make a lot of difference when you’re trying to change the impact of your interior design. Since horizontal shelf-space can take up a lot of room and make the bathroom look cluttered, it’s best that you opt for a tall, stylish open shelf with beautiful mini-storage baskets, baubles, scented candles, diffusers, and more. This will definitely make your space look neat, organized, and well-defined. Pick a wall mounted model for zero footprint. You can also find free standing tall storage cupboards if you need both closed and opens storage in the bathroom and do not mind it taking up a little floor space.

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2. Add a floating vanity

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Floating Vanity

If it’s one thing in your bathroom that you can switch, then change your old-school vanity. Instead of the heavy ones that take up a lot of space, you can opt for a floating design. Not only is it a great way to optimize a small bathroom, but will also help you add a contemporary vibe to a dated one!


3. Accessorize to the nines

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Accessorizing your bathroom to the nines can make a lot of difference. You just need to select a running theme before you choose these items. For example, if you’re opting for a luxurious look then go for gilded décor. Gold mirror frames, brass faucets and fixtures along with gold light fixtures and décor can make the bathroom ambiance look absolutely posh.

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4. Do a DIY texture-job on the main wall

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DIY Textured Wall

These days, you can find a lot of wonderful DIY wall design ideas, and some of them could be implemented in your bathroom for an easy makeover. It may be a sponging with a bold color and adding chic charisma to the bathroom ambiance. Or it might be finding a concreting hack to add some beautiful textures to the main wall.

5. Featuring planters

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Featuring Planters

A simple yet underrated way to uplift your bathroom’s ambiance is by adding some planters to it. Putting a statement planter beside the vanity is a good way to start, but you really want to go all the way, then you can also put up some macramé plant hangers beside the ventilator or even install a ladder-style shelf beside the vanity that is loaded up with a combination of plants and bathroom essentials. Once you are used to the idea them, you might want to take it to another level by introducing even more indoor plants. These plants will thrive especially in a well-lit bathroom.

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Plants around the bathtub

6. Simple paneling and wallpapers

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Bathroom Paneling

Wall panels are easily available and highly easy to install. With some tool savvy, you can do so on your own. If your old bathroom tiles are chipping or just grubby, then take them off and cover the area with the panel beading of your choice. The leftover wall above can be installed with contrasting wallpaper or be painted – whichever one suits your aesthetic.

If you want waterproof paneling for the shower, you can now get floor to ceiling PVC show panels in various colours, designs and finishes. These can go beyond the shower to cover all the surfaces in the bathroom, for a complete makeover as wall cladding. They are waterproof and the best part is you do not have to deal with mould and dirty grouts.

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PVC Shower Panel and Wall Cladding

7. Painting tiles and capping off with a rug


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In case your bathroom is getting grubby or the tiles are looking old, then you can do a tile-painting makeover. This is another handy DIY venture that can be taken on with ease. Painting the tiles can be fun and you can choose the color that you like. Many people opt for plain white, which not only adds a sleek look to the overall ambiance, but also hides the old grouting pretty well too. Other good options include blush pink, lavender, and mint green. You can also furnish the floor with a contrasting rug afterwards to get a wholesome look.


8. Statement bathroom mirror

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Statement Bathroom Mirror

The vanity mirror is one of the focal points of the bathroom and installing a new one can totally improve the overall ambiance of your space. You can find many unique designs in the market, be it tall rectangular, circular, or asymmetric. But the one hack that always makes them seem super glam is when their edges are installed with LED strip lights to deliver that cool backlit effect.

9. Some strategic décor


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Some strategically placed décor can add a lot of panache to your bathroom interiors. A drab vanity top that is laden with just the bare essentials can make your bathroom feel very bare-bones and boring. On the other hand, if you replace shampoo bottles and conditioner with artistic ceramic bottles, add gorgeous ring towel holders, a basket to showcase your essentials and even a picture frame of beautiful scenery, you’ll be surprised by how much difference it’ll make.

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10. A statement bathtub

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Shower stalls are all sleek and nice, but if you really want your bathroom aesthetics to pack a punch, then go for a statement bathtub. You can opt for slim-fit Jacuzzi’s for a posh modern look, but vintage claw-foot tubs are the best choice if you really want to take it up a notch. Either way, make sure that the tub is placed in a location that is immediately visible when you enter the bathroom. This will help you deliver maximum visual impact!

11. Wall hanging above the WC

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Wall Hanging Above Toilet

These days, featuring an actual wall hanging or artwork above the WC is one of the top trends. So, if you’re searching for the quickest way to rise atop the bathroom makeover ladder, then this is the way to go. You can paint or refinish the wall behind the WC and hang a contrasting artwork on it. If you can cap it off with a wall-mount down-lighter, then that’d be all the more better!

12. Unique light fixtures

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Statement Light

Refreshing your vanity lights can make a big difference when uplifting your old bathroom. The bright new light not only gives the whole space a fresh new outlook, but the trendy aesthetics also provide a great facelift. Coupled with other décor items and accessories, this is a surefire way to brighten up a dated bath.

13. Utilize nooks and crannies

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If your bathroom has an aysymmetric layout that has resulted in nooks and crannies that you’ve never been able to utilize, then this one is just for you. Instead of keeping these spaces unused, you should light them up and spruce up their aesthetic with multiple items. These may include a beautiful planter placed on a decorative stool alongside your natural bath essentials. It may include a multi-tiered towel holder.  Or it can also be some artwork or wall-hanging. The idea is to make these nooks feel like a natural part of the bathroom!

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14. Brighten up your vanity top

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Brighten up vanity top

An instant way to give your dated bathroom a fresh look is by installing LED strip lights to give your vanity top that beautiful glow-up. Since these lights are barely visible, their dim glow gives the whole ambiance a cosmopolitan appeal. It also feels incredibly stylish. You can achieve a similar effect by installing under-cabinet down-lighters on your vanity cabinet if strip lights don’t feel like a feasible solution.

15. Make it look like a room

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Lastly, your bathroom doesn’t really have to look like a bathroom. Instead, you can make it feel like a cozy retreat or a comfy spa by making the right alterations. Add some textiles like a braided jute basket or a distressed wood stool. Spruce up the lighting and add some artwork or plants. A rug is a good addition as well, and you can cap off the whole look with some uplifting décor like scented candles on actual candelabras.

So, this is what you can do to give your old bathroom that extra oomph. We hope these ideas sparked some of your own as well!