Furnishing Ideas for the Modern Bedroom: 18 elegant solutions for the ultimate bedroom

We take a look at elegant furnitures and accessories to add to your modern bedroom to maximise the use of space as well as to create the ultimate bedroom for rest and comfort.

Despite what everyone thinks, the bedroom really does not have to be dull and boring. With the right furnishings, anyone can create the bedroom of their dreams. Use some of these 18 elegant solutions to put together your ultimate bedroom.

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Bedroom Furniture

Apart from the bed and wardrobe there are a number of optional pieces of furniture that you can add to complete your ultimate bedroom. We uncover other pieces of furniture that can be placed in the bedroom without it feeling out of place.

1. Side Table

WE Furniture 16inch Round Side Table
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A Danish-inspired round side table with metal frame is the best for small or minimalist bedrooms. Side table with chrome frame or reflective surfaces gives a modern feel. Square or rectangular side tables with glossy surfaces may not offer much by way of storage but is the perfect solution to make a fashion statement. A mix of materials in a side table’s construction such as marble, stainless steel, wood or glass will make the bedroom feel elegant and classy.

2. Armchair

Space permitting, armchairs in the bedroom are perfect to hangout and relax or for some solitary peace and quiet. These can double as a space to read and escape the other busy areas in the home such as the living room or kitchen. It also means that the bedroom not only function as a place to sleep but also for some ‘me’ time.

Christopher Knight Home 295398 Clarice Accent Chair
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3. Chaise Lounge

Like the armchair, a chaise lounge in the bedroom offers a place to lounge or to catch some beauty sleep during the day. Unlike a day bed, a chaise lounge is much more elegant. With the right design, it can even be a conversation piece and would also work as a seating bench for up to two people. Place a fluffy rug or faux sheepskin near the seat for an additional touch of luxury and coziness.

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4. Bench

Be it a Scandinavian inspired bench, a full size ottoman or a storage chest that doubles as seating, a bench is not just for the dining area or living room. With the right design, it goes hand-in-hand with other furniture in the bedroom too. Use it as a place to sit or dress or simply to stack or store extra bedding and pillows.

Ottoman Bench with Storage
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5. Nest of Side Tables

A nest of side tables may not be the first thing you think of when choosing furniture for your bedroom but it works well for especially in large, spacious bedrooms. Use the tables on either side of the bed or between two arm or lounge chairs for books, lamps, alarm clocks or accessories. Pick between rounded, rectangle, odd-shaped or square nest of tables to suit.

HOMFA Nesting Coffee End Tables
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6. Lounge Chair

If an arm chair is too formal and a chaise lounge takes up too much floor space, then a lounge chair strikes a balance between the two. Not only does it offers seating in the bedroom, a lounge chair is a perfect place to catch up on your reading or simply to relax. A designer lounge chair is typically used to make a fashion statement.

Alfred Tufted Fabric Club Chair with Ottoman
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7. Sideboard

Not very different from side tables, custom built sideboards offer plenty of storage with its drawers, cabinet space and shelves. Match this to the custom built or ‘companion’ bed frame and you have a unified design. Bigger sideboards can serve as standalone furniture for space to display your favourite items and photos as well as room to store accessories, bedding and clothes.

Ebbe Gehl for John Lewis Mira Small Sideboard
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8. Chest of Drawers

For those who prefer to fold (or roll) and store their clothes in drawers for easy access, a chest of drawers is a must. It is also perfect for small items like undergarments, socks, handkerchieves and accessories. Apart from that, it offers a surface to display the things you love. Being a standalone furniture means you can move it around to anywhere that suits you.

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Soft Furnishings

Don’t forget small soft furnishings for the bedroom, from pouf to rugs to pillows and cushions. These can be added to soften the edges and are ideal for a cosy night in. They can also be used as accent colours in the bedroom. Use strong colours and bold designs to alter the look and mood of the room. These can be easily changed or swapped to keep things different and fresh.

Keter Urban Knit Pouf Set Dune Misty Blue
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9. Pouffe (Pouf)

No room for a chair, bench or lounger, a pouf will work too. It works as a cushioned footstool or as a seat. It does not take up a lot of floor space and can even be stored in the cupboard or wardrobe when not needed. Use it in front of the dressing table or the vanity area, at the bed end or free standing in the corner of the bedroom.

Ashley Sweed Valley Pouf
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10. Rug

A rug is the best and cheapest way to soften things up especially on hard floor whether make of wood or tiles. It works especially well for areas on the floor that see the most traffic. Pick a soft rug with the right texture and feel to add different floor surfaces in the bedroom. Even with a fitted carpet, the right rug introduces complementary colours and can work to break up the monotony space.

nuLOOM 200RZBD16A-203 Moroccan Blythe Area Rug
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11. Pillows & Cushions

Pile on pillows and cushions of different shapes and sizes with co-ordinated pillow cover designs for a cosy and inviting bed. A pillow storage solution such a bed end ottoman bench may be used to store the pillows when it is not in use. Otherwise, simply dump the pillows temporarily on the floor as long as it is clean.

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12. Throws

Bed throws are a great way to maintain the colour scheme in the bedroom. As it goes over the bed, it does not matter what colour the bedding is and whether it clashes with the overall scheme. Put the bed throw to good use not only to protect the bedding but as a light duvet in the summer or as additional layers in winter. Together with a thin flat sheet underneath, it will provide all the warmth one needs for the night.

eacho Chunky Knit Blanket Soft
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Go beyond the fitted down lights or ceiling lamps and introduce your own designer lighting for the bedroom. Be it a table lamp, a floor standing light or wall lamp, pick the ones that work with the overall design and colour scheme. Lighting has a dual purpose, to light up a space in the room or simply as an aesthetic, designer addition.

13. Table Lamps

Need a reading light for the side table, pick your favourite table lamp to go next to the bed. Here is an opportunity to make a fashion statement. Pick from table lamp with soft glow or directional lighting so you can read without disturbing your partner whilst in the bed.

Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection
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14. Floor Standing Lamp

If there is a seating area in the bedroom or even just a single lounge chair, a free standing floor lamp is the perfect companion for this. Floor standing lamp works well as focused spot lighting for reading.

Brightech Montage Modern Floor Lamp
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15. Wall Lamp

Mounted wall lamps are great for either sides of the bed just above the side tables. Be sure to mount them lower so they are within reach when in bed. Unlike table lamps, wall mounted lamps do not take up any space on the side table and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Kira-Home-Cambridge-Swing-Wall Mounted Bedside Light
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16. Designer Coat Hanger

Forget the utilitarian coat hangers with its basic look and bland design. Instead, pick a designer coat hanger that serves as both a fashion piece and a place to hang your garments. Here is where you can be adventurous and pick the right designer coat hanger for the bedroom. These can be made from steel in powered, matt, polished or chrome finish, from wood with different shades of varnish or plastic with bright colours. Some are more practical than others, but a coat hanger in the bedroom or in the ensuite bathroom is a must have. Use it to hang your bathrobe or change of clothes and when not in use, it fucntions as a decorative art piece for the wall.


17. Shelves

Wall mounted shelves are a great way to add storage and display surfaces. Use it for books, favourite objects from your travels, lighting, potted plants and more. It can even be used to hold photo frames and large decorative objects.

king do way Floating Shelf Frame
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18. Clocks

For some, a radio alarm clock is essential while others might just need a clock for time. There are plenty to choose from. Pick a retro, digital, contemporary clock or go high tech with laser clocks complete with a place to charge your phone and wearables.

NEWGATE Fred Alarm-Pebble White
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The bedroom is the perfect escape from everyday living; the quiet zone and cocoon to shield and recover from the stresses and challenges of every day. Enhancing your bedroom space with a range of different furniture or furnishings make the space welcoming and inviting.