Best All-White Soft Furnishing, Furniture & Accessories for Your Home

An all-white suite be it the living room, office, bedroom or anywhere in the home oozes sophistication and taste. It will also stand the test of time as the colour white is pretty neutral and can go with anything. Here, we take a look at some of the best all-white soft furnishing and accessories to go in any home.

Elevate your style and sophistication with these carefully chosen pieces; both soft furnishing, furniture and accessories that not only goes well together works a treat in existing rooms.

If your aim is to design an all-white suit in your home, you have come to the right place. Check out our collection of white furnishings both hard and soft as well as accessories for your home. From vases to lamps, sofas to side tables, cushion covers to fruit bowls, there is bound to be something for you.

Top 10 Best All-White Soft Furnishing, Furniture and Accessories for A Super White Suite

There are plenty of white furnishing and accessories to choose from and what better place to start than the Internet. Get your inspiration from us by checking out of incredible web finds below.

1. White Shag Rug

Starting with the floor, choose a white shag rug with thick pile for the centre of the room. It works particularly well on hard floors be it tiles, marble or wood and in big rooms. Offering a cozy and luxurious feel, a white run works well anywhere be it the living room, bedroom, dining or office. Just avoid having them in the nursery or children’s room.

Choose one with plush texture and be extra careful to check that it does not shed and is easy to clean. If an all white rug is a bit much, choose one with a modern and simple design such as the lattice shag run below.

California Premium Shag Collection
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White Shag Plush Rug on Amazon
Lauren Lattice Shag Rug
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Lauren Lattice Shag Rug on Amazon

2. Textured White Throw

White doesn’t have to be plain or boring. Pick an exciting all-white throw with texture and designs for your sofa in the living room or bed to add. Not only does it work as a protective cover for the bed or sofa but on a cold winters night, it can double as a blanket.

Pick the design that best suits your taste and pair it with cushions and pillows to complete your ultimate all-white suite. For a little Scandinavian inspired coziness, choose a shaggy and snugly all faux fur blanket.

All White Throw Blanket Textured Solid Soft for Sofa White
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All White Textured Throw or Blanket for the Sofa on Bed on Amazon

3. White Cushion Covers with Designs

Be it striped or textured, pure white cushion covers is a must have for an all-white suite. Usually available as sets of twos pick the design that best stands out to you. Here are a couple of good examples, white cushion covers that evoke a sense of adventure and elegance at the same time. These decorative pillow and cushion covers are great on the couch, sofa or bed giving your room a bright and airy feel and at the same time offering maximum comfort and warmth.

White Decorative Pillow Covers
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Beautiful White Decorative Pillow Covers
White Decorative Pillow Covers Striped Velvet
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White Decorative Pillow and Cushion Covers on Amazon

4. White Table Lamp

For lighting, use an all-white table lamp. Be creative and pick a white table lamp that mixes of  bunch of materials that work well in a white table lamp such as chrome, clear glass, white ceramic, marble and white fabric.

Not only does it speaks volume about your love for the white stuff but it will lighten up the mood too. And, if you like geometric shapes, pick up the white pillar desk lamp with geometric cut-outs for a touch of glamour and added artistic flair.

Modern White Table Lamp
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Modern White Table Lamp on Amazon
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Ceramic Pillar Table Lamp with Geometric Cut-Outs

5. White Futuristic Standing Lamp

On the subject of lighting, nothing says modern, minimalist and mad-for-white more than the Sky Flux LED torch floor lamp. This floor standing lamp looks like it belonged to the future. It is also capable of mood lighting so instead of using it for tasks such as reading, knitting and sewing, switch to warm, cold or daylight to suit your mood. The flat disc like lamp illuminates in any direction with the help fo its pivoting head and can be positioned anywhere in the room be it in the dining, bedroom or living room.

Brightech Sky Flux - Modern LED Floor Lamp
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Modern LED Floor Lamp on Amazon

6. White Modern Dining Suite

White works well even in the dining room. Create your all-white dining suite with modern styled seats in white and white dining table with glossy or glass top. To go the extra mile, pick a white floor standing light, white sideboard, white hanging cabinets, white floating shelves and white framed artwork to go with. We will do anything for the love of white.

Modern Style Dining Chair
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White Modern Style Dining Chair on Amazon

7. White Designer Swivel Office Chair

For the home office, what about a designer swivel office chair. A contemporary and modern office chair be it low or high back with glossy white vinyl or matt white leather upholstery will sit nicely in any room or office. Don’t forget to pick one with fancy chrome detailing and ribbed design if you fancy a bit of class.

Flash Furniture Low Back Designer Armless White Ribbed Swivel Task Office Chair
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White Office Chair on Amazon

8. White Night Stand or Bedside Table

This two drawer nightstand works as a side table and storage for the bedroom or living room. It is great for small clothing items, personal belongings or to store your gadgets and wearables. Use the surface for drinks, books, table lamp or reading glasses.

White Two-Drawer Nightstand
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White Two-Drawer Nightstand on Amazon

9. C-Shaped End Table

Just want a work surface or place to put down your drinks, pick up the all-white C-shaped end table for sofa, couch or bed. This side table can be used as an end table, accent table or night stand. Like its counterpart with storage, it can be used in the living room or bedroom.

The easy to slide feet and rigid frame offer ease of moving and plenty of support. Think coffee, snacks, remote controllers, phones, tablets, books or any small personal items. The worktop is even big enough for a laptop.

C Shaped End Table for Sofa Couch and Bed
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End Table for Sofa Couch and Bed on Amazon

10. Nordic Round Tray Table

Round metal tray side table are the craze at the moment. Based on a Nordic design, this circular round table is versatile with its removable tray top, so you can use it to carry drinks and collapsible or foldable frame so you can put it away if you are short of space. It works well in the living room as well as the bedroom. While there are many colours to choose from, we are particularly fond of the all-white version.

White Round Metal Tray Side Table
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White Round Metal Tray Side Table on Amazon

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