Coffee Tables with Storage: Ideas for a tidier living room

Coffee tables, while not often given as much time or thought as the sofa or couch, actually form the main focal point in many living rooms and lounges. Being a centre piece, often with centre piece flower vases or huge impressive coffee table books, surrounded by comfortable seating for both family and guests alike, the coffee table is often understated and needs to blend in with the style of a room.

However, a coffee table does not just have to be a place for surface storage, a coffee table can be made to use it’s space even more efficiently with a design that incorporates storage – whether a lift up style or one with lower shelving or even an ottoman or chest.

Lift Top Coffee Tables

Coffee tables with a lift up hinge lets you use the surface as a small work top in the living room, while hiding magazines, accessories and other things away underneath. For the latest price online, click on the links below:

Coffee Tables with Shelf

From rustic to retro to modern, here are some of the best coffee tables out there with storage shelves.

Ottomans and Chests

Here is a list of ottomans with storage that can also double up as coffee tables, some with integral trays. These can also be used as chests at the bed end or seating benches in a hallway. The perfect solution to hideaway winter coats and boots too.