Why the Wireless Bowers and Wilkins P7 Over-ear Headphone is so Amazing

Apart from delivering super high fidelity sound, it also looks good, has 17 hours play time between charge, comfortable and great noise isolation. Check it out.

The multiple award winning Bowers & Wilkins P7 Over Ear Headphone received its fair share of five star reviews. We are not here to give it more stars but to see what the fuss is about. The 17 hours battery life is among the best in class. There is no active noise cancellation but the noise isolating memory foam over ear cushion ought to do the trick. The cushions are changeable and offer plenty of comfort when listening over a long time.

The P7 Over-Ear Headphones are really comfortable with soft leather finish and memory foam for long term use. It not only offers amazing sound quality but has a sophisticated yet understated look, great to have on the train or on the plane or anywhere for that matter.

They look super gorgeous too in black leather with polished aluminium, more like stainless steel finish something you would expect when paying top buck from an audio expect like Bower & Wilkins. It is said that the engineering of the headphone’s drive unit is painstakingly developed to unearth every not in your music, similarly engineering as with one of Bower & Wilkins reference speakers.

I know we mentioned this before but the wireless headphone has enough juice to last you through any long haul flights and should you ran out of juice or forget to charge, you can go old-school and plug it straight to your device. It’s also great for travelling as it comes with a secure case and foldable design with each sides of the ear cup connected to the head band via a folding hinge. These shiny and solid folding hinge also bears the L and R marking so you rock the stereo properly.

With wireless headphones becoming the norm, given the wire-free appeal, and better, longer lasting battery life with no compromise on the sound quality, it is worth shopping around for a good pair. If you are in the market for a good and reliable pair of Over Ear headphone, the Bower & Wilkins P7 Over Ear is definitely worth a look.

Key Features

  • Advanced acoustic technology for Hi-Fi sound over wireless without compromise
  • AptX Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology for streaming from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth enabled music player
  • 17 hours battery life between charge, one of the best in class
  • Timeless design with mix of stainless steel frame, leather band, and leather cover
  • Comfortable and snug over ear fit with memory foam cushion pads optimised for air-flow and at the same time…
  • Block outside noise from getting in the way of your music, perfect for noise isolation
  • Foldable design with hinged ear cups collapsing into fixed head band
  • When folded fits in a secure carry case included
  • Charge via mini USB port
  • Optional 3.5mm stereo jack input for wired experience
  • Three button remote discreetly hidden on ear cup
  • The dual cabity ear cushions are changeable

Specifications That Matter

  • 40mm drivers – full range
  • Nylon damped cone
  • 17-hour battery life with 370mAh Li Po battery
  • Removable cable
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • 2 microphones supporting CVC2 algorithm for taking calls
  • Three button remote
  • Weight: 323 grams

Now the only thing that can top it is the Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature Over Ear Headphone but we take a look at other worth cans in a wider price spectrum.

What else is out there?

Sony MDR-1000X wireless headphone with noise cancellation (picture below)