Sonos Play:1 Starter Set – two is better than one

I could not contain myself when I learnt about the offer. Sonos has taken to bundle two Sonos Play:1 in what it calls the Starter Set for a lower price. Now, I can expand my wireless streaming empire for less. And what’s more, you can get real spatial stereo effect if you pair these speakers for say the living room or study.

Sonos Play:1 Starter Set – A True Stereo Pair

To those new to Sonos sound systems, these multi-room speakers breaks the conventional CD, Midi or Amplifier setup. Instead, all you need is a power source. The speaker connects to your home broadband network and stream straights from the Internet, Music Streaming Service, PC, Server or NAS (Network Attached Storage). If you store all your tunes digitally, this is definitely for you. Here is a quick intro.

When on its own, the cabinet style Sonos Play:1 speaker already pumps out tunes in perfect clarity through a 3.5-inch tweeter and a mid woofer powered by two Class-D digital amplifiers. The tweeter driver covers the high frequency range with crisp and accuracy while the mid-woofer provides the middle to low range, for accurate playback of vocals and and instruments yet capable of packing punchy rich bass even at low volume.

While each of these Sonos Play:1 sounds great on their own and perfect for small bedrooms, office and  study, the real kick comes from pairing two together for stereo imaging effect. When paired, these speakers will deliver its own separate left and right channel sound for wider and louder volume. You will get bigger and deeper sound all round. But why stop there…

This Could Be The Start of Something BIGGER

Now, we already know the power of combining the different speakers; Sonos PLAY:1, the sound bar Sonos PLAYBAR and the subwoofer Sonos SUB to create a 5.1 Home Theatre system. We have witness this in actions and I have come up close to a setup and was thoroughly blown away. But we have to say that the cost can be prohibitive. The cost of these speakers when put together does add up to quite a bit.

I prefer the idea of being able to grow my own multi-speaker system and get them when I feel I need one for the different rooms and not blow all my savings in one go. But having the option of buying the starter kit with some considerable savings compared to buying them individually meant my 5.1 surround euphoria seems much closer.

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The pair of PLAY:1 can be set up as rear surround left and right channel, while the PLAYBAR and SUB act as the front 2.1, making the full 5.1 setup. It is worth nothing that in order to pair the SUB, a pair of PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 speakers with the PLAYBAR to create a full 5.1 wireless surround home theater setup, a Sonos BRIDGE or BOOST unit is required. Or if one of the Players typically the PLAYBAR is connected directly to the router.

If you have not discovered Sonos yet, we encourage you to check them out. Visit your local store for a speaker audition and hear it for yourself. We leave you with a quick video tutorial on how to setup your first PLAY:1 speakers.

To create a stereo pair, use the Sonos Controller app on your tablet or smartphone or Sonos Controller software for Mac or PC. On the Sonos Controller app:

  1. Tap on Settings > Room Settings
  2. Select PLAY:1 to pair
  3. Tap Create Stereo Pair then Next
  4. Select the other PLAY:1 to pair
  5. A voice prompt will direct you to press the Volume + button on the PLAY:1 position as the left channel.

And, that’s it. The speakers are now configured as a stereo pair, with dedicated left and right channel.