Top 8 Best Wireless Portable Party Speakers: with amazing sound & bass that will rock the house

What is a party without your favourite tunes? Take your party with you anywhere and jam out to your favourite music with one of these portable party speakers.

There are many Bluetooth speakers out there but none speaks volume, literally, like these party speakers. While they may be portable, they are a little on the big side. If you are looking for more compact portable bluetooth speakers check out our other articles below.

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What Makes A Party Speaker

When it comes to party speakers, we are willing to forgo portability in favour of volume, loud and big that is. The bigger the speakers, the bigger the sound, the better the party. Other factors to consider are the battery life, multiple input options, LED party mood lights, water resistant casing and option to connect a microphone (or two).

Here is a list of features to look for when considering a party speaker:

  1. Size: Firstly, there is no denying that it is going to be big but just how big are you willing to go. Some are big enough to fill a small car boot. Others are just big enough to fit in a backpack or carry case. Whichever one you pick, you are assured of a fun and music filled party.
  2. Battery Life: Second, being big have its advantages. It means there will be more room inside for a high capacity battery. Battery life ranges from 12 to 40 hours, based on the speakers in our list.
  3. Rugged and Water Resistant: As these party speakers are going places and sometimes outside, they will need to be tough enough to withstand the elements when being outdoor. You are going to want a unit that is at least water resistant if not waterproof. In addition to that, the case has to be tough enough to withstand minor bumps and knocks. It is after all, a party.
  4. Input Options including Microphone: Bluetooth connectivity is a given, but being able to hook up a USB flash drive with your favourite tunes or plug in your player directly via auxiliary input opens up more options. Some party speakers even support microphone inputs. With an optional microphone, you can be the emcee or deejay at your party.
  5. Party Lights: Next, we have the party mood lights. These are colourful LED lights built around the speakers that can either be programmed or to work with the music. Consequently, they light up the party in more ways than one. Some may think that it is gimmicky but we think it is a whole load of fun.
  6. Deep Bass and Loud Volume: We may leave this for last but it is the most important aspect of a party speaker. The drivers need to product loud enough music with deep low range to match. The system need to produce music that will move people and get them on their feet.
  7. Power: Check the power rating or maximum output power to understand how powerful the speakers are. Not all manufacturers publish this, but it gives a good idea of what you are getting.

Top 8 Best Wireless Portable Party Speakers

  1. JBL Boombox 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker 24 hours
  2. AOMAIS U-GO Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 40 hours
  3. JBL PartyBox 300 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker 18 hours
  4. Sony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker 16 hours
  5. LG PK7 XBOOM Go Water-Resistant Bluetooth Party Speaker 22 Hours
  6. Sony GTKXB60 High Power Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 14 hours
  7. Sony GTK-PG10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 13 hours
  8. JBL Partybox 100 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker 12 hours

BONUS: Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Party Speaker 18 hours

Let’s take a closer look at each of our best portable party speakers.

1. JBL Boombox 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker 24 hours – BEST FOR DESIGN

First on our list is the JBL Boombox 2 party speakers with its familiar 80s boom box profile. It comes with a friendly carry handle and packs speakers big enough to deliver monstrous sound with hardest hitting bass to match. Remember to switch between indoor and outdoor modes to optimise the sound quality to match where your party is at. If there are other JBL speakers about, link them up with JBL Connect+ with a quick press of a button to boost the volume even further. JBL Connect+ supports more than 100 compatible speakers.

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JBL Boombox 2

Good indoor performance with deep and richer sound, switch to outdoor for more expansive sound with strong bass and longer playtime.

However, it doesn’t stop at just being a pretty package with good sound. The case is waterproof with IPX7 rating so it is beach and pool side ready. It also comes with a whooping 20,000mAh high capacity battery that will last for up to 24 hours of continuous playtime. If you think it will outlast your smartphone, it certainly will but you can always use the two USB charging ports to keep your devices topped up. For source, it can connect up to two smartphones and/or tablets switching from one playlist or track to another without the hassle of connecting and disconnecting.

  • Output power: 2 x 30 Watt
  • Battery: 20,000mAh, playtime: 24 hours, charging time: 6.5 hours
  • Dimensions (cm)25.45 x 49.5 x 19.55 Weight (kgs)5.25
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm audio cable input, JBL Connect+, 2x USB power bank ports, speakerphone

2. AOMAIS Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 40 hours – BEST FOR ENDURANCE

After enjoying much success with the AOMAIS GO and AOMAIS Go Mini, the company has given us the AOMAIS U-GO. The speaker is the same as the AOMAIS Go Mini but with an upgraded battery. The built-in rechargeable battery capacity is now doubled from 5000mAh on the Go to 10,000mAh on the U-GO. This means at 50% volume setting, you can enjoy up to 40 hours of playtime. That is the longest playtime on all the speakers in our list.

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AOMAIS Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

In the audio department, you still get 25 Watt maximum power output with stereo sound and deep bass with two drivers and two passive radiators. To double the volume, pair it with another AOMAIS for a maximum of 50W stereo sound. All this is wrapped in IPX7 waterproof exterior. As a result, a speaker that will survive being exposed to water. However, you have to be sure to close the rubber cap on the charging port.

  • Output Power: 25W powerful sound
  • IPX7 waterproof and easy grip handle
  • Battery: 10,000mAh high capacity, 40 hours playtime
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5 and 3.5mm AUX input. Hands-free calling capability. Pair with another AOMAIS speaker for 50W output and TWS (True Wireless Stereo).
  • Dimensions: 11.30 x 3.80 x 7.40 inches

ALSO: AOMAIS Go Bluetooth Portable speaker with 30W output and 30 hours playtime using 8800mAh battery. Even with the more powerful sound output and bigger speaker overall, it still manages 30 hours of playtime, is IPX7 waterproof rated and has the same 80s boom box profile. The only thing it does not do are the LED lights.

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3. JBL PartyBox 300 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker 18 hours – BIG ON SOUND

This huge speaker from JBL, the PartyBox 300 has two 6.5-inch woofers and three 2.25-inch tweeters to pump out immersive JBL signature sound. On top of that, it the two woofers are accentuated by colour changing ring lights on top of four smaller flashing lights. Together they form a full lighting panel to add a serious light show to any party. Choose from Meter, Pulse or Party mode to suit your mood. The built-in 10,400mAh battery offers 18 hours of playtime.

JBL PartyBox 300
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JBL PartyBox 300

The JBL PartyBox 300 is a big speaker that can be stood up or laid on its side. When you are done, easy grip handles on either ends lets you lift and move the speaker effortlessly.

But, beyond the sound and lights is the ability to not only streaming music from a wireless Bluetooth source but to be able to hook up a microphone and plug in your guitar, each with its own volume control to make this a true party piece. In addition to that, it will even play music from a USB flash drive. Finally, TWS feature lets you wirelessly connect two speakers together to double the volume. If a wired configuration is preferred, use the RCA output and RCA input instead.

  • Power Output: 240 Watt
  • Lightshow and Splashproof IPX4
  • TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connect two speakers wirelessly or via RCA for stereo pairing
  • Battery: 10,400mAh high capacity, 18 hours playtime, 5 hours charging time
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm Aux in, Microphone and Guitar input with independent volume controls, USB playback, USB charging port
  • Dimensions and Weight: 310mm x 320mm x 690mm, 18.27kg

UPDATE: JBL PartyBox 310 Bluetooth Megasound Party Speaker is the successor to the above. It comes with a wheelie bin style wheels at the bottom and luggage bag telescopic handle on the top for ease of moving. Slightly bigger but lighter, it still manages to pack all the features above with upgraded Bluetooth 5.2, same 240 Watt power output and LED lighting modes.

4. Sony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker 16 hours – BEST FOR PERFORMANCE

Go big or go home. While not as big as the JBL PartyBox 300, the Sony GTK-XB90 is a powerful portable speaker to rock the house or any outdoor party. With Sony’s proven Extra Bass technology, the speaker delivers punchy and deep low range. To activate, simply press the button and reinforced basslines will kick in to add some serious low-end power to your music.

Sony GTKXB90
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Sony GTKXB90

The built-in battery offers up to 16 hours of play time. Although, if you set the volume level to maximum, that playtime will go down to 3.5 hours or 5 hours on Stamina Mode. Like the JBL, you can always fall back to power outlet to party on non-stop. Use the companion Sony Music Center app to control the speaker’s lights or activate DJ effects. The former is a set of lights and infinity mirrors that bounces light back and forth to create a stunning visual effects.

Sony GTKXB90
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Sony GTKXB90

For connectivity, use Bluetooth to stream music from your device or use the USB port to play MP3, WMA and WAV files directly and charge the device at the same time. On top of that, for ease of connectivity, the speaker comes with Near Field Communication (NFC) so connecting to the speaker is as simple as touching it with NFC-enabled device. Finally, a mic input lets you be party MC and Wireless Party Chain allows you to connect up to 10 compatible wireless speakers. The latter not only synchronises the music but light display too.

  • Output Power: 180W from 2 woofers and 3 tweeters
  • Battery: 16 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, USB Playback, Speaker phone function, Microphone input, Wireless Party Chain and Wired Party Chain support

5. LG PK7 XBOOM Go Water-Resistant Bluetooth Party Speaker 22 Hours – BEST FOR PORTABILITY

Make no mistake, the LG PK7 XBOOM may be small, but it packs a punch in the audio department. With a rectangular cuboid shape, the speaker has handles in the right places making it easy to pick up and put down. Available in black or white, the speaker comes with enhanced bass, powerful sound and LED beat lighting. On a full charge, it will last up to 22 hours, enough to take your party late into the night. What’s more, the speaker is IPX5 rated so it is dust, water and weather resistant.

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Other notable features include connect up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, speaker phone with auto mute function on the music when you press a button on the speaker to take the call. Finally, once you have your smartphone connected, the speaker will also pipe your voice commands through, just hit the voice button. This means, you can carry on and request your favourite playlist, ask for the next track or ask for anything you want from your chosen voice assistant be it on Android of iOS.

  • Dual tweeters and Dual Action Bass ports Meridian Audio technology with enhanced bass
  • Water resistant IPX5 rated, LED beat lights, Action Grip
  • Battery: 10,400mAh battery, 22 hours playback
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth aptX HD audio, speakerphone

6. Sony GTKXB60 High Power Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 14 hours

A smaller variety of the GTK-XB90, the GTK-XB60 from Sony is just as impressive, albeit smaller. The difference is size also means slightly shorter battery life of up to 14 hours without light but there is always the option of being powered directly from a wall supply. The Music center app lets you control the sound and light effects to keep things lively. Use the Fiestable app to add more fun with DJ effects, samplers and control the lights.

Sony GTKXB60
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Sony GTKXB60

Like its bigger sibling, it benefits from Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. In the same vein, it also comes with a microphone input so you can be the MC of your party or sing. Other features include Sony’s signature Extra Bass, easy to carry handles, wireless party chain for both sound and lights, USB playback, speaker add on function and speakerphone. For wireless party chain, choose one speaker as host and connect up to 10 compatible speakers wirelessly.

  • Sound Output: 120W RMS from 2 x 5cm tweeters and 2 x 13cm woofers with line light and strobe flash
  • Sony Music Centre and Fiestable app for DJ effects, samplers and lighthing. Party Chain
  • Battery: 14 hours with lights off (3 hours at full blast, 4.5 hours with Stamina mode)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, mic input with mic level control, USB playback, RCA analog input
  • Dimensions and Weight: 10.4”W x 21.7”H x 10.7”D (264 x 552 x 272mm) 8kg

7. Sony GTK-PG10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 13 hours – BEST FOR BUDDING DEEJAYS

This wireless speaker can power up your party both outdoor and indoor. It may not be as portable as say the LG PK7 XBOOM or the JBL Boombox but it is a travel speaker nonetheless. It has all the features you would want from a party speaker including the ability to add vocal remix. To do that you must get the optional PG10’s microphone.

Sony GTK-PG10
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Sony GTK-PG10

In addition to that, as a true party speaker, it features 4 cup holders for your drinks and a small table top space. Simply flip open the top cover to reveal the cup holders and extra work top. The top cover also houses the tweeters so unfolding either sides spread the tweeters apart. Side handles make it easy to transport. Performance wise, the speaker pumps out big and powerful sound with amazing clarity. The onboard battery lets you push up to 13 hours of playtime when the volume is set to 25. Still, you will get up to 5 hours of playtime at full volume.

GTK-PG10 shown with optional tripod
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GTK-PG10 shown with optional tripod

Other features include Bluetooth streaming, USB playback (MP3. WMA, AAC and WAV), FM radio tuner and Sony Music Center app support. Once you have the Sony Music Center installed, you can also get Fiestable app which goes beyond controlling the music and audio settings. Fiestable lets you control the speaker via voice command over the smartphone, adjust lighting and set karaoke mode.

  • Tweeter 1.57″ x2 (cone type) Woofer 7.08” x 1 with splash proof top panel with cup holders
  • Battery: 13 hours (volume level 25) and 5 hours (full volume)
  • iOS and Android smartphone apps to control the sound, lighting and karaoke mode
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB playback, FM radio tuner, microphone jack, analogue audio input
  • Dimensions and Weight: H37.6 x W33 x D30, 6.7kg

8. JBL Partybox 100 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker 12 hours

Last but not least, the JBL PartyBox 100. This is the entry level Bluetooth speaker from the family of JBL PartyBox. We looked at PartyBox 300 above. Other party speakers from JBL include the towering PartyBox 1000, the medium sized PartyBox 200 and this entry level PartyBox 100. This makes the PartyBox 100 the most affordable in the range but no less impressive.

JBL PartyBox 100
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JBL PartyBox 100

The reasonably priced, powerful portable speaker still offers tonnes of connectivity. Besides Bluetooth, it has USB playback and charging, 3.5mm auxiliary in and out, microphone input and guitar input. The last two options include signal level controls. Together it pumps out 160 watt of JBL signature sound output. To top it off, the integrated RGB LED will light up any party taking it to the next level.

JBL PartyBox 100
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JBL PartyBox 100
  • Power Output: 160 W with Bass Boost from 2x 5.25” woofers and 2x 2.25” tweeters plus light show
  • Battery: 12 hours battery life (2500mAh) 6.5 hours charging time
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm input and output, guitar input with level control, microphone input with level control, USB playback, TWS (True Wireless Stereo) with another compatible party speaker
  • Dimensions and Weight: 14.0 x 13.9 x 26.1 in (5.6 x 35.2 x 66.4 cm), 11.3 kg

BONUS: Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Party Speaker 18 hours

There are many things to like about the Soundcore Trance Bluetooth party speaker from Anker. It can produce a huge 101dB sound with room shaking bass and it comes with LED lights. It does this with a big 5.25-inch front facing subwoofer sandwiched by two 2-inch tweeters for a maximum of 80Watts output. To keep the party going, there is enough juice on a full charge for up to 18 hours play time. Use the Soundcore app to control the settings, party LED lights, party games and switching between indoor and outdoor modes.

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Soundcore Trance on Amazon

Beyond the excellent sound quality and bass, the rectangular brick-like speaker with rounded corners and edges is waterproof with IPX7 rating. It will survive complete submersion in water. To ensure that the speaker will survive post submersion, the ports including USB charging and 3.5mm input are protected with a watertight cover. Finally, a built-in flexible handle lets you transport the speaker and a soft touch control panel on the top of the unit lets you control the tracks, volume and pairing easily.

  • Power Output: 80W
  • Battery Life: 18 hours playtime
  • Water Resistance: IPX7
  • App and Wireless Stereo Pairing Available
  • Dimensions and Weight: 7 x 7 x 13.3 in, 7.72 lb