Top 5 Best Full HD Smart Large Screen TVs – big screen without breaking the bank

While 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) Flat Panel TV is what every TV manufacturer is pushing right now, the reality is there are hardly any 4K content to make the most of the display. On the other hand, there are plenty of Full HD or 1080p content, streams and live broadcast satellite or terrestrial.

The current Blu-ray standards is 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, there are only a handful of Blu-ray that are 4K. HD Terrestrial and Satellite broadcast just about becoming the standards so UHD may Live TV may take while. Wired has this to say about live 4K broadcast. The only way to get 4K content is to buy them in hard drives or to stream it with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon although an upgrade to the existing plan may be required. Even so, not all TV show or movie titles will be available in Ultra HD, older shows are sometimes only 480p, 720p or 1080p. Until more 4K Blu-ray discs or streaming content plus high speed fiber broadband become common place that one can truly enjoy a 4K experience on a Ultra HD television.

So while waiting for other technologies to catch up and become more affordable (discs broadband connection, streaming and broadcast algorithm, set top boxes) and not to mention actual 4K content, making it more feasible to own a 4K UltraHD Flat Panel TV, there is the cheaper, tried and tested Full HD TV. With Full HD, you could pocket the difference in price and use this to pay for years of subscription to streaming services that offers Full HD content straight off or pick up some of your favourite Blu-ray titles and start your own collection. For big screen TVs 50-inch and bigger, which are both smart and Full HD, check out our list below.

The Best Smart Full HD Big Screen TVs

The evolution of flat screen TV started with LCD and Plasma displays. That evolved to LED displays and LED with 3D, although 3D did not quite take off. Now that LED and sometimes OLED is here to stay, at least for the time being; the focus is on size and pixel density. Market leaders are creating the biggest screen at the highest resolution possible.

Since we are not looking for Ultra HD or beyond Ultra HD resolution and focusing mainly on Full HD, here are five of the best Smart Full HD flat panel televisions in the market right now.

1. LG LF652V Series Smart Full HD TV with WebOS

To experience the Smart TV features and ability on with LG’s webOS the company has prepared an online version. The TV remote doubles as a pointing device to let you browse and scroll the menu and content on the screen. Visit the demo site to learn more about webOS or watch the video below starting from minute 0:41.

Also, smaller LG 42LF652V Smart 42-inch TV with webOS

2. Samsung Series 6 J6300 Full HD Smart Curved LED TV with Freeview HD – CURVED

The Samsung Series 6 J6300 is the only Full HD LED TV with curved screen. The curved screen offers an immersive viewing experience and at large screen size of 55-inch offers to fill more of the peripheral vision of the viewer. This works very well provided of course that the viewer is sat in the middle or near the middle to properly enjoy the enhanced viewing experience. The field of view will appear wider because the curve shortens the distance between the viewer and the corners providing a wrap-around effect.

On top of this, Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer technology sets varying level of contrast to different parts of the image to give the sense of depth and an almost 3D-like view. The only way to truly appreciate a curved screen is to witness it first hand at the show room but remember to sit at eye level and near the center in front of the screen. The Smart TV interface is simplified like the LG WebOS. It also lets you connect from your mobile device to share app screen, content and video. A UHD version is available in the form of JU6400 with four times the details of Full HD and upscaling support for lower resolution content. However, the JU6400 is a Flat and not Curved screen.


  • Screen size: 48 / 55-inch Curved LED
  • Max. Resolution: 1080p Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Screen Curvature: 3000R (3m radius)
  • Picture Quality Index: 800
  • Picture Frequencey 60Hz
  • Sound: Dolby Digital Plus
  • Built-in: Freeview, WiFi
  • Ports: 4 x HDMI, SCART, 3 x USB, MHL


Also available smaller Samsung Series 6 below:

3. Sony Bravia KDL-W807C Series Smart 3D Full HD LED TV

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Also see Sony Bravia KDL-W805C Series and bigger KDL-W857C:

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4. Samsung Series 5 J5500 Flat Full HD Smart LED TV

If you do not fancy a curved display, Samsung has other Flat Full HD offerings in the form of the Series 5, the J5500 and J5510. These are cheaper, flat screen TV with sizes up to 55-inch, big enough to satisfy the need for size and a price tag small enough when compared to its UHD 4K equivalent to convince you to buy it right off.

Also see smaller Samsung Series 5 below:

5. Panasonic Viera TX C320B Series Smart Full HD LED TV

Possibly the cheapest Full HD Smart TV in our line-up, there is even a super size model at 65-inch if 55-inch is still not big enough although that will set you back quite a bit.

Also see Panasonic Viera TX-CS520B Series below: