5 of The Best Essential Oil Storage Boxes

The variety and depth in which essential oils feature, is in part what contributes to their very fascinating uses and applications.

From lavender for a calming effect to citronella and lemon grass to ward off mosquitoes to pine and sandal wood for that Christmassy feel, the vast range of available essential oils ensure that there is one to suit almost every occasion and desired effect.

Storing the vials in which these oils come do not generally take up much space as they are fairly small, however, to have a large variety of options when choosing essential oils, it becomes necessary to have a number of them to hand, whether to use on their own or mixed.

Each one of these essential oil wooden storage boxes ensure that the vials are stored upright and safely in an organised and accessible manner. It is even possible to colour-code or organise the vials according to preference, or use and application.

1. Essential Oil Wooden Box – Storage Case With Handle. Holds 68 Bottles & Roller Balls

Natural plant based wax finish with upgraded hinges to keep the lid open in the upright position, great as display and ensuring that the lid does not accidentally close when removing or replacing the bottles.

Made from pine and finished with a non-toxic wax finish, this box has space to store 68 bottles and includes space for rollers. Complete with a handle, metal clasps and hinges designed to ensure that the lid does not tip the box backwards, this box also has a beautiful etched design on the cover and sponged bases to hold the bottles in place. With it’s layout and handle this box makes it easy to transport your range of essential oils if you need to.

2. Wooden Essential Oil Box – Holds 58 Bottles – 52 (5-15 ml Bottles) 6 (10ml Roller)

Large natural pine wood storage organiser, great for storage, display, travel or as presentation

With space for 58 bottles and 6 rollers, this box made of pine plywood also comes with 150 multi-coloured stickers for the essential oil bottle caps, to help you organise and identify your oils. The compartments are also made with pine plywood with a sponge base to hold the bottles in place.

3. Essential for Life – 24 Slot Wooden Essential Oil Box

Great Carry Case Organizer & Holder for storage, display, travel or as presentation protecting 5, 10 , 15ml bottles in an elegant decorative box.

Intricately decorated for essential oil bottles from 5 to 15ml, this unfinished pine box is practical and appealing for any collection of oils. The same box comes in 3 different sizes, that hold 24, 48 or 70 bottles.

4. Essential Oils Wooden Storage Case Holds Up to 74 Bottles

Large capacity box for up to 74 bottles.

If you are looking for a very plain simple, wooden pine box to store your oils, then this is it. With no further decorations on the cover and made of unfinished pine, this box, meets all of the basic requirements for essential oil storage – solid hinges, and a good strong clasp. Also included are multi-coloured stickers to enable easy identification and labelling of your essential oil bottles.

5. Essential Oils Wooden Storage Case Holds Up to 59 Bottles over 3 Tiers

Large Capacity 3 Tier Box for up to 59 bottles

The only essential oil storage box that is multi-tiered, this all natural wooden case ensures that you have sufficient storage for up to 59 bottles in a mix of standard dropper and roller bottles. The stacked design makes the footprint of this box, smaller than one that would hold the equivalent number of bottles. As it is unfinished, you will have the opportunity to decide on the colour of varnish or simply leave it au naturel. Also provided with the box are multi-coloured bottle top stickers to help colour code and identify your essential oil bottles.