Retro and Vintage Fans – A fresh-old look at cooling

Let’s face it, the standard white table or pedestal fans are not the best looking appliance by any measure. Several years ago, we bought two stainless steel retro design fans with a slider button, exposed swinging mechanism and stainless steel blades. We love the looks and the stay ‘fresh’ angle as appliances go, given its vintage quality.

So here we are, another year, another summer. The heat is now getting to us that we have to bring out the fans again. But should you have a need to buy a new one, read this before deciding.

We know there are plenty of modern fans, air cooler and air conditioners; the boxy type, the white plastic looking type, the tower down to the ultra modern blade-less type these desk or the floor standing pedestal fans lack the ‘character’, style and identity that one associates when it comes to cooling.

Best Vintage and Retro Desk/Table Fans

Here is a look at the best vintage and retro desk or table fans.

Now for a closer look:

Swan Vintage Desk Fan 12-Inch

  • Colour Option(s): Blue, Black, Cream or Red)
  • 4 colour-matched 12-inch blades, adjustable tilt and oscillation function, 3 speed setting, air flow: 38m3/H
    Swan Retro 12-inch Fan
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Goodqol ® Strong Cooling Fan Premium Desk Fan 10-inch

  • Colour Option(s): Chrome Silver
  • With 4 aluminium blades, adjustable osillating movement, 3 speed settings
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Fantasia Retro Desk Fan 10-inch

  • Modern-day power on the inside, classic vintage design on the outside. This range of retro, adjustable, twin-speed retro style desk fans are quiet in operation whilst providing a cool breeze in two speeds.
  • Colour Option(s): Brushed Nickel, Cream, Matt Black, Pale Blue, Bright Red or Gloss White
  • Adjustable tilting head, 2 speeds
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Quality Prem-I-Air High Velocity Circulator Fan with Chrome finish 18-inch – BIGGEST

  • Industrial heavy duty high velocity fan
  • 3 push button fan speed settings, adjustable tilt head and fully assembled. Also available in black (see below).
    Prem-I-Air 18 Chrome
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Also sold as Pro Elec Chrome Floor Standing Air Circulator Fan 18-inch

Honeywell HT-216E Oscillating Table Fan Chrome 12-inch

  • Chrome and Silver finish
  • 4 blades in chrome finish, 3 speed oscillating fan with adjustable tilt.
    Honeywell Chrome Table Fan
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Andrew James Retro Chrome Finish Portable Desk Fan 12-inch

  • Colour Option(s): Chrome
  • 4 metal blades, 3 speeds, tilt and oscillate, sturdy topple resistant base
    Andrew James 12-inch Fan
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Best Vintage and Retro Pedestal Fans

Here is our list of the best vintage or retro pedestal fans.

Now for a closer look:

Prem-I-Air Chrome Pedestal Fan 16-inch – REMOTE CONTROL

  • Remote control, oscillating and tilt, 3 speed settings and 3 different modes of operation. Rhythm mode will cycle the fan speed between low, medium and high. Sleep mode will decrease the fan speed incrementally every 30 minutes until it reaches its super quiet low speed. Rhythm Sleep mode will run in Rhythm mode until the timer switches the unit off.

Swan Retro Stand Fan 16-inch

  • 3 speed setting, oscillation function and adjustable tilt, air flow 60m3/H.
  • Available in four colours: black, cream, red, pale blue.

Bionaire BASF1516-IUK 2-in-1 Desk/Stand Fan 12-inch

  • This unique 2 in 1 fan allows you to use the product as either a Stand Fan (Pedestal) or a desk fan buy using the inter-changble height adjustment pole, offering the ultimate versatility for you. Finished in an gunmetal chrome the fan looks stylish in any environment.

Andrew James Heavy Duty Chrome Finish Stand Fan 16-inch

  • Sturdy construction for high performance and durability
  • 3 speed settings, tilt, and optional oscillation
  • Height adjustable from 90cm to 122cm

Bionaire Dual Blade Chrome Pedestal Fan 16-inch – REMOTE CONTROL

  • 2 blades for a increased air flow by 20%, remote control
  • Adjustable height (90 to 122 cm), 3 speed, oscillation and tilt adjustment.

Honeywell HS-1040RE Chrome Pedestal Fan 16-inch – REMOTE CONTROL

  • 3 speed settings, remote control, oscillation and tilt, adjustable height