Top 5 Best Bean Bag Chairs

As the longer winter nights draw in, there’s something inherently comforting and calming about cuddling up – whether it’s with your children, a partner or even a pet. Bean bags, especially the giant sized ones offer an amazingly comfortable, secure, very huggable space for this. Some people have even begun to use bean bags as replacements for the sofas and report of both how durable and comfortable the change has been.

The demand for bean bags has increased over the years. More and more bean bags of different shapes and sizes have hit the market. There are even those who has taken to Kickstarter to fund and market their innovative take on the incredibly simply bean bag. Check out Moon Pod by John Fiorentino.

Cool Beans

For those who can’t wait and just want a bean bag right now, here is a round-up of some of the most comfortable looking bean bags we have ever come across. Most are available in a range of sizes from 2-8 feet and an array of different colours. So if you’re thinking of a nice cuddle-up in from of the TV or the fireplace, take a look at the list below. You can use the links on this page to open the items on Amazon.

Chill Bag

With removable super soft micro suede cover and ultra durable inner liner, Chill Bags are not only big on comfort but long lasting. The removable cover can be washed and instead of Styrofoam pellets, it uses furniture grade memory form blend, strains of shredded form similar to those used in high end sofas.

At 60-inch by 60-inch, the bean bag can fit two small adults, children or one big adult. This Chill Bag is a perfect addition to a basement, family room or dorm. Show below is the 5-feet model.

Chill Bag 6 Feet
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  • Sizes Available: 2’ – 8’
  • Dimension: 34 inches H x 60 inches W x 60 inches D [5 feet model]
  • Colour: 16 colour options
  • Cover: Micro suede – removable and washable
  • Content: Memory foam blend
  • Made in the USA

Comfort Research

Comfort Research XL is a large 6-feet by 4-feet bean bag finished in super soft suede, filled with form. At this size, the bean bag can fit two average size adult, children or one big adult comfortably. Smaller 3-feet, 4-feet or 4.5-feet bean bags are also available. The chart topper, Comfort Research’s biggest bean bag is the Comfort Research XXL at 7-feet by 5-feet perfect for a big room or as a sofa alternative. Shown below is the 7-feet XXL model.

Comfort Research 7 foot XXL
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  • Sizes Available: 3’ – 7’
  • Dimensions: 36 inches x 72 inches x 48 inches [6-feet XL model]
  • Colour: 6 colour options
  • Cover: Soft durable cover, removable and washable
  • Content: Foam – fluffing after use recommended

Cozy Sack

This 6-feet wide large bean bag allows you to sit, recline or lie down comfortably. The Cosy Sack is finished in removable and machine washable upholstery grade micro suede and filled with softest virgin urethane foam. The urethane form will spring back to normal size after every use, simply fluff the bean bag to its original shape.

Finally, the seams are double stitched and the zipper is a No.5 YKK for extra strength. There are various colours to choose from including exotic and fun animal prints. Show below is the 6-feet model.

Cozy Sack 6 Feet Bean Bag Grey
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  • Sizes Available: 2’ – 8’
  • Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 30 inches [6-feet model]
  • Colour: Over 20 colour options
  • Cover: Microfibre cover, removable and washable
  • Content: Foam – fluffing after use recommended
  • Made in the USA

World’s Best Bean Bag Lava Lounger by Take Ten

Dubbed the ultimate in comfort and durability, the World’s Best Bean Bag lives up to its name. The 60-inch or 5-feet circular model is finished in stain resistant and pet hair resistant machine washable fabric cover. Take Ten claims that they put 50 percent more foam fillings in their bean bags compared to other similar sized bean bags. The bag also features rugged handles, a gliding jumbo zipper with flap and double stitched seams with thicker thread for strength and durability.

Worlds Best Bean Bag Chair Shaped As a Sofa
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  • Size: 30-60” (30-inch, 40-inch, 50-inch and 60-inch)
  • Dimensions: 72 x 48 x 36 inches [XL Model]
  • Colour – 7 Multi colour options
  • Cover: Stain-resistant, pet-hair resistant and machine washable
  • Content: Foam filling
  • Made in the USA

Worlds Best Bean Bag Chair Seat
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Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair

The Original Big Joe’s Bean Bag is available in different colours and print. The bean bag can be used flat, on its side, folded or propped up to offer the best support to suit the user. Made with tough, stain and water resistant SmartMax fabric, the bean bag is not just big on fun but comfort too. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth should you need to.

Big Joe Original Bean Bag
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The outer fabric is tough and double-stitched together with dual zippers for added strength and safety. Filled with UltimaX Beans that are 20 percent smaller than traditional bean bag fillers, this gives the bean bag a denser, more supportive seat than most loungers.

Big Joe Original Bean Bag
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When you are done, simply slide it under a bed or behind a soft for easy storage. The Original Big Joe is big, comfy, fun and versatile.

  • Tough, stain resistant, easily cleaned with damp cloth, and waterproof smartmax ballistic fabric
  • Smart Positioning with Upright, Laidback, Super Laidback seating angles.
  • Filled with ultimax beans that conform to you, not the other way around. newer, smaller, and 20-Percent denser ultimax beans
  • Double stitched and double zippers for added strength and safety
  • Dimension – 46 x 58 x 12 in.

Big Joe Original Bean Bag
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Other None Conventional Bean Bags

With innovation comes bean bags that are not just your typical bag with foam beads but bags that shape more like traditional furniture be it sofa, chair, recliner, high back lounger or bed. These foam-filled bag looks like soft furnishing in different shapes and sizes that goes beyond the conventional bean bag.

Bean Bag Bazaar

The Bean Bag Bazaar recliner is made by stitching 6 panels together with two rows of stitches for strength for create a couch like shape for one. Unlike the conventional bean bag, mostly rectangular or cylindrical in shape, the Bean Bag Bazaar recliner has a structured back and neck support. Using the company’s own TX Ballistic waterproof fabric, the bean bag chair is both water and weather resistant making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor especially in the garden. Although, it is recommended that the bag is stored indoor when not in use. The supporting back is approximately 1 meter high and is filled with polyester beads that naturally moves inside the bag to support your body. There is a wide selection of bright and fresh colours to choose from.

Bean Bag Bazaar Water Resistant Recliner Pink
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If you prefer a more classic or retro look, get yourself a Bean Bag Bazaar Recliner finished in faux leather. You can pick from a choice of 6 different SuppleLux faux leather colours, to fit your interior.

MiniOwls (Seat and Organiser)

On a more playful note, the MiniOwls Bean Bag Seat not only set itself apart from the conventional two panel bean bag by introducing a triangular shaped body, it is also an organiser case. You can choose between 100 litre or 200 litre capacity. The idea is that you can then use it to store your own soft furnishing such as cushions, blankets, sleeping bags, quilts, towels, pillows or even soft toys and old clothes. If you prefer a more consistent shape, use bean bag fillings.

Big Joe Chair (Different Series)

Already big on the standard 2 panel bean bags, Big Joe goes beyond your normal bean bags with a huge list of different different seats filled with beans. The most popular among them is the Big Joe Roma, shown in the image below. Big Joe Dorm is another of our favourite with back and arm rest kitted out with device and bottle holders.

Big Joe Roma
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Also Big Joe Roma Chair, Big Joe Lumin Chair, Big Joe Corner Chair and Big Joe Dorm Chair.