10 Exciting Ways to Add An Indoor Water Garden to Your Home

Indoor water gardens are a gorgeous way to add some luscious greens to your home. It’s an innovative, experimental, and highly unique way to decorate your home, and if you’re wondering if its hard – it’s actually not! It’s really easy!

Not All Plants Need Soil, Some Thrive Simply In Water

All you have to do is find the right aquatic plants. There are three types that include full submerged plants, semi-submerged plants where only the roots are drenched in the water, and then there are the free-floating plants where the foliage only lives on the surface of the water.

Unlike the traditionally known water plants such as water lilies and lotuses, it may come as a surprise to learn that a significant number of plants that we would normally consider earth-bound, actually do thrive in water too. Of course, it is important to ensure that the water is changed regularly and that sufficient nutrients are added to help the plants thrive.

10 Simple Ways to Add An Indoor Water Garden to Your Home

Below, we’ll look at the some of the ways you can add these great indoor water gardens to your home. The list also introduces you to some of the plants that are suitable for growing this way so you get an idea of what is possible. Done right, you will really appreciate the bit of nature that these brings to any home:

1. In test tubes and beakers

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Growing your semi-submerged planters in a chemistry set is an amazing way to make a statement. Just get yourself a set of test tubes and a beaker, arrange them in holders, and place them on a table near your window sill.  Fill them up with water and put your planter stems in them. The leafy foliage that peeks out of the top will look absolutely fresh. The roots suspended in water will look even more enchanting. The whole set-up will feel very unique and may even become a conversation starting focal point in your rooms. You can find wall mounted ones too, with similar wood frame and cylindrical glass tubes for use as free standing planter or mounted on the wall.

Mkono Wall Hanging Glass Planter
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2. Floating algae balls (moss balls)

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Floating algae balls

Marimo Moss balls are an amazing plant species to start off with your indoor water garden. They’re actually rare algae that can be found in places like Scotland, Japan, and Mexico. They float like a compact ball of moss inside their water habitat. Their dark green bodies would look very attractive in classy water-filled containers. You can offset the color with small pebble stones at the base. It’ll give off a gorgeous, stagnant-aquarium vibe. There are variants of the moss balls and you can find them easily in your local aquarium shop, some sinks and stays at the bottom of the container or aquarium.


3. The bowl effect


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Bowl Indoor Water Garden

For this one, you need a mixture of aquatic and bog plants. The bowl itself has to be large and sturdily made to accommodate all things inside. Make sure that your pot is made of durable ceramic and doesn’t have any drainage holes. If you’re using semi-submerged plant varieties, then make sure to weight them down with pea pebbles. This will help you add height, contrast, and visual dynamic while making a beautiful garden arrangement.

4. With lush flowers

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Anthuriums in Vase

There’s a huge variety of aquatic plants out there and you don’t have to limit yourself to the simple, leafy varieties. In fact, you should go for lush flowering ones that’ll brighten up your spaces even more. Only the roots of such plants are suspended in the water and they actually thrive above it. Just place them in tall containers that can contain their stems, and you’d be good to go. If you want a more holistic look, then arrange these in clusters or feature your single container on coaster-like wooden or ceramic mats for a statement-worthy impact.


5. For the love of Tulips

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Tulips in Vase

Colorful tulips are some of the easiest flowers to grow in jars. Essentially, a tulip plant has a bulb-like base, so it actually thrives in water. All you have to do is get some small sized stems and arrange them in a glass container with water. The roots should be submerged while the stems don’t need to be. The tall, stately aesthetic of these tulips would look pretty amazing if you get a jar that is tall enough to complement it. If you don’t want to grow several tulips in a single container, then go for tall test tube-inspired vases and plant one flower in each!


6. Blooming Hyacinths


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Hyacinths are another bulb flowering plant that can be a great choice for indoor water gardens. Its lush periwinkle flowers look great in a glass jar and are pretty easy to grow. For such plants, you can either get a normal vase or a forcing vase. A normal tall glass vase should be loaded up with pebbles at the base, so that the roots have something solid to anchor the bulb on. With a forcing vase, the bulb gets stuck in the neck of the bottle while the roots float freely in the water underneath!

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7. Propagating your herbs

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Propagating your herbs image source: gardeningchannel

If you are a fan of growing your own cooking essentials, then you’ll love the fact that there are many herbs that can not just grow, but absolutely thrive in water. Oregano and chives are great examples. So is mint, sage, rosemary and thyme. These can also be grown in water. All you need is a glass jar half full with water and your favorite herbs. Just submerge their stems in the water and wait until they take root and start growing. Such jars can be used to freshen up your boring old kitchen. These herb jar gardens would make an excellent focal point on your countertops or windowsills.


8. Peace Lilies

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Peace Lilies

The Peace Lily plant is one of the most gorgeous ones that you can choose for your indoor garden. It’s big, beautiful, and would look stunning in a big glass fish bowl. You must, however, choose a fully grown specimen of this plant for propagation. You can also cut out smaller sections of it, if you don’t want a full-sized one. The main thing is to clean out all the soil from the roots before you put it in the water!

9. The money plant (Golden Pothos) in glass container

pothos money plant
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A money plant is an ever-loved evergreen that’s a great choice for an indoor water garden. The creeping stems of this plant could make a gorgeous statement. You can also use arrange them stylishly to create lush, indoor jungle effect. The best part is that this plant is really easy to propagate – just make sure at least 3 nodes are submerged in water. You can even just start off with a single cutting and it’ll grow. If you want to achieve a minimalist look with this plant, the simply take a stem and put it in a clear jar or glass bottle. It’ll look stunning once it starts to grow.


10. Begonias for the color

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If you want a clear, bright pop of color in your home, then you can plant beautiful begonias in your indoor water gardens. The wispy flowers of this bush always look positively enchanting. Their lush green leaves always provide a gorgeous contrast against the pink of the flowers. Propagate the whole thing in a large glass container and put it on a freestanding end table or stool neat a sunny window sill. You’ll love the lovely picture that the whole set-up will paint!

BONUS: Another indoor plant that will thrive with little sun light and just in water is the lucky bamboo. In the right environment, they need very little attention and care and will survive.

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So, these are some beautiful indoor water garden ideas and some planters that can grow really well in them. They’ll certainly help you make a statement while practicing your green thumb! Just remember that every plant requires the bare minimum of care, so even if they can grow well in water, they’ll require you to put in the effort, love, and care!