Best Multi-Purpose Fire Pits UK: Table, barbecue, ice box and fire bowl all rolled in one

We covered some really exciting fire pits stateside in our previous article but what about those in the UK. We explore five multi-purpose fire pits, a great centrepiece for the garden that can be used no matter the weather.

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What are Multi-Purpose Fire Pits

Fire pits aren’t just about the flames to provide the ambience in the evening or to keep warm outdoor in colder months. Now, you can use these multi-purpose fire pits all year round. These fire pits are great as centrepieces for any garden, patio or backyard. In fact, they are great for any outdoor space no matter the size, be it a huge garden or a compact courtyard.

Fire Pit First

With one of these, you can stay out for longer or entertain late into the evening around the fire, enjoying your drinks and catching up with friends. It will light up the atmosphere for a closed family gathering but just be extra careful when there are children and toddlers around. You will appreciate its stylish design from modern minimalism to rustic traditional feel.

As a fire pit, it is ideal for cool evenings, and provides warmth and light to a cozy ambiance. Whether it be a social gathering, romantic occasion, dinner party or just a sit down

Coffee Table

So what are multi-purpose fire pits. These are simply fire bowls with built-in table top to hold drinks and even food. Some offers a solid flat cover, an insert to turn the fire bowl totally into a coffee table made for the outdoor. The cover completely conceals the fire bowl. If you haven’t seen it as a fire pit, you would not have guessed.

A Cook Your Own Barbecue

A big advantage of a multi-purpose fire pit is the inclusion of a cooking grate that you can put over the fire bowl or box. This turns it instantly into a barbecue. If you haven’t tried cook-it-yourself sit down barbecue this is your chance. There is nothing like seated grilling especially when surrounded by friends and family.

More On The Fire Pit

Finally, there is the fire pit itself, a stylish log or charcoal burner that comes with a log or charcoal grate at the bottom of the fire bowl or fire box. The sides wall of the fire pit will have some stamped metal cut-out designs that double as vents. Most fire pits will be accompanied by a poker to move the logs or charcoal for more fire.

Safety Features & Tips

If a spark screen is included, the poker also work as a screen lifting tool. Take extra precaution when opening the screen especially when it is hot. Make sure everyone stays clear from it. For added safety, always use the spark screen if the fire pit is placed near flammable material such as wooden floor, sofa or light fabric.

Also, do not touch the metal surfaces especially when the fire bowl or fire box is lit. The other thing to watch out for are the handles. Some fire pits come with handles. Never move a lit fire bowl. Only move it when the fire is off and it has sufficient time to cool down. If you have to move it while it is still warm, use fireproof and heat insulated gloves.

Top 5 Best Multi-Purpose Fire Pits

1. VonHaus 3-in-1 Fire Pit Table with BBQ Grill

This versatile 3-in-1 Fire Pit Table is one of a kind. Contemporary in design and finished in black and dark grey, the fire pit table is both stylish and functional. It is both elegant and practical, a must have for those with sophisticated taste and loves modern furniture and outdoor living.

VonHaus 3-in-1 Fire Pit Table with BBQ Grill
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VonHaus 3-in-1 Fire Pit Table with BBQ Grill

As a fire pit, simply remove the cover lid and cooking grate and start your fire. Place the cooking grate on the hangers on the side of the table. As a BBQ grill, place the removable grill on the top of the fire pit after you have added your burning charcoal or wood fuel. There is a convenient drip tray and resting rack to.

Finally, as a table, make sure you put out the fire completely and that the fire pit has been allowed to cool down. Then place both the lids back over the pit to instantly convert it into a stylish coffee table. There is a convenient fire log storage to one side where you can stack logs, keeping it dry and ready for the next fire.

  • Steel fire poker included.
  • Dimensions: L100 x W69 x H39cm. Weight: 17.5kg

2. FOBUY Fire Pit with BBQ Grill – Square Table Top

This square fire pit is a great addition as a garden patio heater, a barbecue or an ice bucket for drinks or simply as a table. The square fire pit measures 32-inch wide with wide surround that acts as table top for drinks and plates. A metal mesh lid and poker is included to stop fire sparks and to stoke the fire. The frame is constructed from coated steel and the fire basin is heat resistant. It comes with parts but assembling it is quick and easy. A waterproof cover is also included to protect the fire pit from the elements when not in use.

FOBUY Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Shelf Outdoor Metal Brazier Square Table
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  • Dimensions:81 x 81 x 45 cm

3. Bestfire Staltillo BBQ Fire Pit – Round Table Top

This handsome fire pit with grill kit has a round table top with mosaic design. Remove the table top and use it as a log or wood fire pit with the metal mesh lid. For a summer BBQ party, use the grill kit and have your guests cook their own food. The attractive mosaic tile top is durable and will work with any garden deco. The fire pit is raised with robust and ornate steel legs for that added flair. The bowl can also be used as an ice bucket for drinks. Being able to totally convert the fire pit into an action coffee table is a real bonus. It means that there is more work surface when not used as a grill or fire pit. A waterproof rain cover is also included.

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4. femor 3 in 1 Fire Pit with BBQ Grill – Square Fire Pit

The femor 3-in-1 is very much like the Fobuy with its square fire pit design. The frame is made from heat proof material and is durable and rust proof. A BBQ grill, safety mesh, power and waterproof cover are included to complete the fire pit. Like the Fobuy, it benefits from spacious surround that doubles as table top for food and drinks. A word of caution, should you use it as an ice bucket, line the bowl with a plastic sheet to stop water from dripping and creating a puddle around the pit.

The 3-in-1 fire pit refers to it being a fire pit, BBQ and Ice bucket.

femor Large 3 in 1 Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Shelf
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  • Material: Lacquered Iron + Stainless Steel Grill
  • Dimensions: 31.9 x 31.9 x 13.5-inch (with net cover), 31.9 x 31.9 x 17.3-inch (without net cover)
  • Bowl dimensions: 22.4 x 22.4 x 4.5-inch
  • Grill grate: 20.1 x 20.1-inch
  • Fire grate: 12.6 x 8.5-inch
  • Spark Protection Cover: 20.5 x 20.5 x 3.9-inch

5. RayGar 3 in 1 Round Fire Pit – Round Fire Pit

We like the RayGar 3 in 1 for the round fire bowl with copper finish. Although, with use especially as a fire pit, or with use, they may not be as attractive. But, we still love the bronze look. As a fire pit, you can use it with charcoal, fire wood or logs. As a BBQ, simply place the grill grate over the bowl. As an ice bucket, clean out the bowl and top it up with ice. A metal mesh lid is included for safety especially when used as a fire pit to stop sparks from flying out. Finally, a protective cover, poker and tongs completes the fire pit. Remember to read the maintenance and care section in the instruction manual.

  • Size: L81 x W81 x H45 cm – weight: 10 kg

RayGar 3 in 1 Round Fire BBQ Ice Pit Patio Heater
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6. Centurion Supports Fireology BELUGA Fire Pit – Round Table

The Centurion Supports Beluga is very similar to the Bestfire Staltillo BBQ Fire Pit above. Both convert to a real round coffee table complete with marble tile design. The differences are in the way the intricate tiles are laid out and the stand. The 360 degree multi-functional table has 4 functions; as a fire pit, a coffee table, a barbecue or an ice bucket. Here is a practical and convenient round fire pit that can be converted into a coffee table or barbecue or ice bucket to suit any occasion. Like other fire pits on offer, a safety mesh lid is included. So is the poker, barbecue grill and waterproof protective cover.

Centurion Supports Fireology BELUGA Opulent Garden Table
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  • Dimensions: Diameter 80cm x H42cm

7. COSTWAY Large Fire Pit – Round Fire Pit

The Costway Large Fire Pit also has a bronze bowl and dark finish. But the similarity with Raygar ends there. The large round fire pit has a solid metal frame with criss cross lines and stamped out panels. We love it for its stylish good looks. With the table, you get a removable fire bowl and spacious surround for drinks and food supported by 4 solid legs made from premium metal and finished with rust-resistant paint. Spark guard, poker tool and protective cover are included.

COSTWAY Large Fire Pit
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This is our new wonderful square metal fire pit which is great for adding light and warmth to your backyard, poolside or patio. It features elegant matte steel, making it a perfect background for any backyard. It comes with safety mesh screen lid, log grill & poker.

  • Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 45 cm (L x W x H) — (32″), Net weight: 10 kg

8. Wido Copper Firepit – Round Fire Pit

The Wido Copper Firepit is pretty much identical to the Costway Large Fire Pit above. It features a round antiquated look but works as a multi-functional fire pit, barbecue and ice bucket just like other fire pits here. For the barbecue, a chrome cooking grate is included as standard. The frame is made from durable steel with black finish. The fire bowl has a copper brushed powder coating for good resistance to high temperature. As with all fire pits in our line-up, the Wido also comes with mesh guard, power and grilling grate.

Fuel bowl comes in copper colour which adds a touch of elegance to this fire pit. A separate powder coated inner plate for fuel keeps the ash at the bottom and protects the surface. It also makes the fire bowl easy to clean.

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  • Overall dimensions: H35cm x DIA80cm
  • Fire Bowl: Depth 12cm x Diameter 55cm
  • Edge of the fire pit width: 12.5cm
  • Poker tool length: 42cm