Best Patio Furniture to Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

From single pieces to 9 pieces or more, we take a look at the best garden furniture sets to grace your patio, pool side, country garden or urban balcony of any size.

Quick to the point, we list the criteria in choosing the best patio furniture for your garden. We then take a look at a quick overview of the different furniture sets grouped to the number of pieces followed by a closer look at the individual sets.

How to Choose the Best Patio Furniture

How to find the perfect garden furniture for your outdoor living space, here are five points to consider when choosing your patio furniture.

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Start by measuring the space for your furniture be it your wooden deck, pool side, patio, garden paving, balcony or available. You want something that will fit the space and not look overly crowded. Make sure you factor in extra room to move around your furniture and not pick one that are too big making the room around it too tight. Square or corner furniture tend to be easier to fit into rectangular or square patio. Round tables and chairs works both for small and open spaces. Plan your furniture pieces on paper, measure and cut foot prints of your furniture to scale and place them on a scaled floor plan to work out an arrangement suitable for you.


If you think of your garden as an extension of your home and treat it just like another room in your house, pick furniture that matches your taste and lifestyle. If you already have a theme or look indoor, bring it to the garden so it feels seamless. Make your outdoor space feels just like home. A mix of hard and soft furnishing as well as decoration pieces and plants complete your outdoor room. Consider shades and colour that goes with the exterior of your house; be it a brick wall, paving, trees or sun room.


When deciding on the type of material, pick one that requires minimal upkeep. Outdoor furniture are typically hardy and are designed to withstand adverse conditions. Whether it’s hardwood, metal and woven material, make it last longer, with simple steps such as keeping it out of sun and rain when not in use. If you pick furniture with soft cushion top, make sure you have sufficient storage in the garage or shed for when you do not need them. Cushion and soft furnishing do not last well under the elements and will look weathered quickly. Consider a weather proof cover suitable for use with your chosen set so you can keep it dry in the raining season or winter months if you do not have storage.


Your outdoor furniture needs to be just as inviting and comfortable as your indoor furniture. If you prefer the support and comfort of a high-back chair then choose bigger and taller furniture for your garden. If low-profile and contemporary look is your thing then choose from a range of outdoor furniture that fits that meet those criteria without sacrificing on comfort. If you intend to spend hours outdoor everyday, you might as well do it with comfort.


There are many different garden furniture for different purposes and design; from chaise lounge to sofa set; from bar and bar stools to tea tables and chairs. There are even patio dining set with seatings and table big enough to host a family reunion or small party. If space is limited, consider a bench, love seat or storage that doubles as seating. Think how you would use your garden and the space and which of these furniture would function best for you.

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Best Patio Furniture for Outdoor Living in the U.S.

We have organised our list according to the number or pieces of furniture in the set to make it easier to find the best furniture set that suits you.

Best 9-piece Patio Garden Furniture

You will need a fairly big patio in the garden to fit 9 pieces of garden furniture. Some sets go as far as including different functional pieces such as dining set, couch, coffee table and chaise lounge which is great to keep everything in the same colour scheme, make and material.

  1. Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Chaise Lounge Set 9-piece Set – COUCH & LOUNGER
  2. Urban Furnishing 9-piece Poly Wood Extendable Outdoor Patio Dining Set – DINING
  3. Luxxella Outdoor Bella 9-piece Sectional Sofa Wicker Couch Set – COUCH

Best 7-piece Patio Garden Furniture

  1. Ohana Collection 7-piece Patio Wicker Furniture – COUCH
  2. Luxxella Patio Bella Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7-piece Sectional Sofa Set – COUCH
  3. Luxxella Patio Mallina Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7-piece Sofa Set – COUCH
  4. Best Choice Products 7-piece Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture Wicker Sofa Set Sectional – COUCH
  5. Baner Garden 7-piece Outdoor Furniture Patio Wicker Garden Dining Set – DINING

BONUS: Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7-piece Round Couch SetCOUCH

Best 5-piece Patio Garden Furniture

While we feature a couple of sofas in this category, you will find that more people favour a small 5 piece dining set instead of a sofa for their garden. Buyers in this category are looking for furniture to fit their small to medium garden so it is a case of a small sofa or a dining set whichever gets more use and it looks like more people or going for dining set than sofa for efficient use of space.

Now for a closer look at each of these patio furniture sets. Watch out for smaller sets with 1-piece, 3-pieces or 4-piece patio furniture sets in our next post for those with very limited space in their garden or looking to kit up the urban balcony.

Best 9-piece Patio Garden Furniture

Ohana Outdoor Sectional Sofa and Chaise Lounge Set 9-piece Set  – COUCH

The Ohana Collection is basically a 7-piece sectional sofa with a couple of chaise lounge thrown in. This complete patio furniture is great for big patio, deck or by the pool seating. The weather resistant soft furnishing is available in a variety of colours and are removable for easy cleaning. The sectional sofa set is made from modular seats consisting of 2 corner units and 4 straight units. There is a glass top coffee table and two matching chaise lounge in the set. Those looking to keep the look and feel of their outdoor furniture across all functionality spectrum from dining to lounging to seating look no further.

ALSO: bigger sets from the Ohana collection are also available 11 piece, 14 piece16 piece and 20 piece sets to include more sectional sofa, more chaise lounges and dining table and chairs.

Urban Furnishing 9-piece Poly Wood Extendable Outdoor Patio Dining Set – DINING

Available in rustic gray or weathered brown (shown here), the 9-piece dining set has a sleek ultra modern look to it. Those looking for comfort may consider cushions for the chairs. The 9-piece set is made up of 8 chairs with arm rests and 1 extendable table measuring 70.8-inches when closed or 94.5-inches when extended. The material used for the table top, seat and back rest are all-weather poly wood slats. These are attached on powder coated aluminium frame for durability and strength.

Also available in Grey

Luxxella Outdoor Bella 9-piece Sectional Sofa Wicker Couch Set – COUCH

The Chaise Lounge in Luxxella Bella series has a slimmer side profile. The 9-piece set comes with 7-piece sofa set which consists of 4 middle units, 2 corner units and a square tempered glass top coffee table and two lounge chairs. The Luxxella collection features 6-inch thick seat cushions and cushion covers in a variety of colour and material choices. The all weather espresso brown PE resin wicker set has a modular sectional design that allows it to be arranged in endless combinations.

Best 7-piece Patio Garden Furniture

Ohana Collection 7-piece Patio Wicker Furniture – COUCH

This is one of the many combinations from the Ohana Collection. The 7-piece patio wicker set comes with 2 corner units, 2 middle units and 1 square glass top coffee table. The fabric cover is available in various colours and materials. The fade resistant cushion covers are removable with zippers for easy cleaning. The furniture set is modular and allows for flexibility in arrangement and configuration options to suit the space or personal preference.

Luxxella Patio Bella Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7-piece Sectional Sofa Set – COUCH

You get generous sitting for up to 7 people with 4 middle units sometimes known as armless units and two corner units. There is also a square glass top coffee table included. The back cushion is inclined and all cushion covers are removable for ease of cleaning. The all weather espresso brown PE resin wicker couch set is based on a modular design and can be configured to your personal space and liking.

Luxxella Patio Mallina Outdoor Wicker Furniture 7-piece Sofa Set – COUCH

The only difference between the Mallina and the Bella is the two ottomans in place of two chairs on either ends. Together with the corner chairs, you get a couple of lounging sofas on either sides. Great for those who do not have the space of chaise lounge and still want to have an easy chair to put your feet up. To complete the set there are two middle units and a coffee table making it a 7 piece set. The cushions with its removable cushion covers are available in a variety of colours.

Best Choice Products 7-piece Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture Wicker Sofa Set Sectional 4.1s56 – COUCH

This beautiful sofa set differs from the Ohana Collection and Luxxella in that they back cushion is rectangular and flat rather than incline. The 7 piece set is made up of 1 glass top square coffee table, 6 sofa chairs (2 corner units and 4 middle units), 16 cushions and 2 pillows. The weather resistant wicker material is brown in colour while the cushion is beige.

Best Choice Products 7-piece b
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Baner Garden 7-piece Outdoor Furniture Patio Wicker Garden Dining Set – DINING

The Baner Garden Dining Set is available in made from weather resistant resin wicker and powder coated steel frame finished in black or brown colour. Some vendors are offering the set with two cushion covers for each cushion in light grey and white which is a bonus should you need to wash the covers, just swap them over while the other set is in the wash. The set consists of 6 dining chairs and a rectangular glass top table great for a big family or entertaining friends up to 6 people. While it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, we recommend a ‘middle path’ having it under a gazebo or pergola, keeping it away from the harsh weather while still being outside and available for all seasons.

Baner Garden 7 Pieces
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BONUS: Ohana Outdoor Patio Wicker Furniture 7-piece Round Couch SetCOUCH

The only round couch set in our list, the Ohana Outdoor Patio 7-piece round couch set includes 2 love seats, 4 ottoman sets and one round glass top coffee table. The all weather PE resin wicker round couch set comes with fade resistant cushion cover and Spuncrylic beige cushions.

Best 5-piece Patio Garden Furniture

Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-piece Patio Dining Set – DINING

A no non-sense weather proof wrought iron dining set, the Clayton Court consists of 4 dining chairs and a round dining table. The seat cushions are available in green or red. There are also matching chaise lounge and conversation sets should you be looking to extend your garden deck or patio to accommodate more furniture.

Mainstays Bellingham Outdoor 5-piece Patio Furniture Dining Set – DINING

Finished in durable powder coating, the Mainstays Bellingham steel dining set has a clean and minimalist design. The cushions are made from polyester fabric and filling and the chairs are stack-able for easy storage. The back rest of the chairs are made from sturdy steel mesh and the same mesh design is extended to the square dining table. There is also a hole in the middle of the table for a parasol umbrella.

Gramercy Home 5-piece Patio Dining Table Set – DINING

Very similar to the Mainstays Bellingham set except for the table. The Gramercy Home Dining Set has a tempered glass top dining table, four seats complete with polyester filled cushions. Each metal piece is finished in durable, powder coated pain to help keep it looking new even after much use.

IDS Complete 5-piece Rattan Wicker Cube Dining Set – DINING

A convertible and compact dining set, IDS Complete offers a square glass top dining table with legs designed to tuck all four chairs neatly under it to form a rectangular box. The seats are made from rich black wicker and comes with cream fabric cushion. When not in use these cushions can be stored on the seat under the table handy for keeping it hidden and dry.

Outsunny 5-piece Stylish Outdoor PE Wicker Patio Sofa Furniture Set – COUCH

This modern soft set consists of 3 corner units and 2 middle arm-less units. While it does not come with a coffee table, it offers a choice of arrangements with its modular and sectional design. For soft furnishings, there are 5 seat cushions and 5 back cushions. These cushions are padded and stable with up to 5-inch thick. The covers are removable for easy washing. Perfect for patio, deck, porch, garden or pool side, the zig-zag seating arrangement in the picture below gives you an idea of how one can arrange the sofa.

BONUSBest Choice Products 5-piece Rattan Wicker Sofa Set – COUCH

Here is a compact 5 piece couch set that offers the best of both seating and lounging with two corner units, one middle unit and one ottoman. It also comes with a glass top coffee table. The same set is available from Best Choice Products with an additional single seater with arm rest making it a total 6 pieces, not featured in our list but just as well if you want to extend this already compact couch set slightly. Apart from the sofa cushions, Best Choice Products have included two small pillows that accentuates the furniture.

ALSO: Best Choice Products 6-piece Outdoor Patio Furniture