Inflatable Loungers – 8 best portable air couches that you can take anywhere

Think air bed, but big enough for one sometimes two, for use outdoor and and easier and faster to inflate. A wave of inflatable loungers have hit the web. If you love the outdoor, beach or park, this is a must.

These waterproof and durable bags inflate easily with big opening to catch air. Simply wave it around with the opening or mouth held wide open to scoop in air and fold the opening to seal it in.

Can be used both indoor or outdoor, it can also doubles as a float for use in the swimming pool. When used in windy conditions, simply apply the pegs to the anchor loops to secure it.

The air couch is perfect for the beach, camping, at the park, music festivals, in the garden and at home.

Made from Nylon fabric, it is both lightweight and durable as well as easy to clean and when you are done, simply let the air out, flatten, fold and fit it in its own slip case.

Typical five steps setup process for the air lounger:

  1. Open the mouth of air bag as large as possible.
  2. Move forward quickly in a straight line to inflate the bag with air.
  3. Once filled with air, close the opening as soon as possible by rolling the end 3-5 times over until tight.
  4. Grab the clips and bend panels together to allow the clips to meet and lock, securing buckle and keeping the air in.
  5. Simply repeat step 1 – 4 if you feel that the air lounger is too soft or is losing air from prolonged use.

Top 8 Best Inflatable Loungers

We check out eight of the best inflatable loungers for use outdoor. These easy and quick to setup loungers are waterproof, portable and you can take with you wherever you go.

New metal® Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

These outdoor air loungers are made from nylon with PVC interior. It can withstand 300-400lb of load or 2-3 people sitting on top of it. It weighs only 1.3kg when folded up and is easy to carry with a slip case. Dimensions: 102.4 points x 27.6 inches (folded), 78.7 points x 27.6 inches (inflated). Weight: 1.3 Kg.

Sportlian #1 Lightweight Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

Compression air bag that is portable and easy to setup you can take it to the park, the lake, on camping trips, on hiking excursions, to the beach or just for the poolside or your back yard. This air lounger is made out of top grade nylon, making it waterproof and leak free. It also features a total of 3 pockets that allow you to store your books, magazines or gadgets.

Joylink Outdoor Collection Nylon Fabric Inflatable Lounger

Built for portability and convenience, the Joylink inflatable lounger is designed for relaxing just about anywhere, whether you are camping or at home. Watch TV, read a book, or just relax with family or friends and then setting up the air mattress when you are ready to go to sleep or sitting. The inflatable lounger is constructed with high quality nylon cloth with PVC to seat or sleeping up to two people. There is a big pocket on the side for tablet, smartphone or other belongs. It includes a stake to hold the inflated sofa bed to stop it from flying away.

Colour Options: black, green, blue, purple, magenta

DeepChill Large Portable Inflatable Lounger

Just 2 scoops of air will have you chilling-out in the dorm or reading in the back yard. Supports up to 400 lbs. when inflated. The durable and care free lightweight nylon air lounger comes with carrying bag and peg and anchor loops to secure the lounger in place without being blown away. Dimensions: 14″ x 9″ x 3″ (folded). Fully inflated, your Inflatable Lounge is a roomy 102″ x 27″.

Inflatable lounger by Treadway

No more sitting or lying on the cold hard ground, use an inflatable lounger instead. The air longer takes seconds to set up and last for hours. Made from the highest quality rip-stop material, the inner tube is completely water proof and can float on water. The outer shell is resistant to puncture. Treadway includes free replacement inner-tube should the worst happen. They have also kindly included free tent peg, to secure the air lounger to the ground perfect for when using it on a breezy beach or open camp site. Use the free ground stake to secure the air lounger through the tether loop.

Colour Options: black, blue, green, pink

‘Cloudeo’ – Portable and Inflatable Air Lounger

Designed for outdoor the Cloudeo includes original lay out drawstring bag for storage. The setup is painless and can be inflated in 30 seconds or less. Thanks to the reinforced stiching, rip-stop polyester and durable triple lock buckle, the Cloudeo is durable and long lasting. Whe used as a couch, the Cloudeo can seat 2 – 3 people comfortably. Ideal for fishing, the beach, picnic, festivals or camping.

Hikenture Inflatable Lounger

Hikenture claims that you can inflate their air lounger in 30 seconds with its single opening design. Once inflated, the air is kept in the lounger for over 10 hours. If fully filled and properly sealed, it can be enjoyed without worrying about leaks for longer. They also claim that the air lounger will take up to 500 pounds of load, holding up to 3 men of around 170 pounds each. There are three elastic pockets of different sizes on the left side for things like bottles, magazines, phones and tablets. Dimensions: folded size 14 x 8 x 4 inches, inflated size 82.7 x 31.5 x 25.6 inches.

Colour Options: purple, green, red, blue or yellow

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger by Pifito

Hangout lounge chair, air sofa, hammock or couch – the Outdoor Inflatable Lounger by Pifito is made from strong nylon fabric and is portable. Suitable as a sleeping air bed for camping and the beach. If you are looking for an alternative to the bean bag, one that can fold flat and stored away or take with you anywhere you go, then the air lounger is for you.

Black, blue, green or pink

Zenoplige Ultimate Outdoor Inflatable Air Lounger

Nylon fabric compression air bag with tent stakes to pin to the ground, Zenoplige Inflatable Air Lounger is designed to endure rough surfaces including those with sand, small rocks or hard pavement. The material is lightweight and durable as well as dirt and water repellent making it easy to clean. Weight: approx. 1.2kg

Colour Options: black, pink, blue, green, purple, yellow