Stay Protected From the Sun – Best Garden Shades

Love your garden but hate getting burned? Protect yourself from harmful UV rays!

The long-anticipated summer season is here, and you are fully prepared for it. You have brought new swimwear for the innumerable beach trips, your favorite flip-flops are back in the shoe-rack, and your garden is impeccably clean with freshly-cut grass and blossoming flowers. Everything is picture-perfect….

Well, all is fine and dandy until the sun blasts you with a boiling hot horror. After having a lovely breakfast in my backyard one morning, I came in to find my face and hands patchy red and painful. I guess my sunblock was no use against the burning sun-rays. The plants also wilted under the glaring sun.

Have mercy on your plants and yourself and avoid a summer garden disaster. Put on shades to protect the greens and yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiations. Here are the best garden shades to consider:

Waterproof Sun Shade Sails

Water Resistant Sun Shade
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Waterproof sun shade sails are the perfect solution to protect your garden, outdoor entertainment area, patio, backyard, swimming pool and plants. You are having a BBQ party and suddenly it starts pouring… You run here and there to protect your scrumptious meat fillet from drenching in rainfall. That’s where your waterproof sun shade sail will come to the rescue. Besides protecting the garden from UV rays, it is also quite helpful during rainy season. They are most commonly designed from PVC fabric and are available in a variety of shapes like triangle, square and rectangle. While you can buy the standard off-white color, you do have an option to grab some cute rainbow colors as well. Shelter your garden in beautiful shades of violet, blue, green, or red!

Sun Shade Sail Triangle
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Sun Shade Sail Rectangle
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Garden Igloo 360 Dome

Giant Garden Igloo Green House
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If you are looking to cover a certain area in your lawn, the Garden Igloo 360 Dome is a superb option. Beautiful to look at, ideal for all sorts of weather, constructed from eco-friendly material and resistant to rust, the enclosed garden shade is easily set up within a couple of hours. It allows you to spend some quality time outdoors without heating you up in summers or freezing you to death in winters. Besides being a garden shelter, it can function as a greenhouse, a special play-area for kids, pavilion and even as a Jacuzzi! The only downside is it its price.

Garden Igloo
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Extendable Patio Awning

Retractable Awning
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Retractable Awning for Garden
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Do you have a large terrace, a compact deck, or a cozy patio where you and your loved ones enjoy spending some quality time? If the sun is bothering you too much, you must consider installing an extendable awning in your outdoor space. The retractable awning is made from synthetic fabric and protects your decks and patios from sun, snow, and rainfall. They are available in different widths, sizes, and fabrics. You can opt for a plain one or go for some funky stripes. It is all up to you. Awnings are highly convenient, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Side Awning

Similar to the conventional patio awning, side awning allows you to make a shaded partition in your outdoor space. You can use it to create a screen for a cool cocktail bar with loungers by the pool or to set up a private and elegant outdoor area with furnishings. They have multi-functional purposes – they block UV rays and wind and they can function as a large umbrella over your garden table. Awnings are easy to install and clean, affordable, and durable. They are manufactured from aluminum alloy frame and polyester fabric which make it waterproof, breathable, and resistant to rust.

Retractable Side Awning
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Retractable side awning
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Parasols (Patio Umbrella)

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Warm rays of sun are stimulating and the breeze darting off your face leaves you fresh and energized, but at times, they can be a little daunting. When you want to read a book without the wind ruffling the pages, when you want to have some tea and cookies outdoors but not under the heat of scorching sun and especially when you want to enjoy the first rainfall of the season without getting soaked. Parasols are a great option for household gardens and terraces. Along with shade, they bring elegance in your garden. There are two types of parasols – center-pole and cantilever.

Center-pole has a pole attached to the middle of the umbrella. They are suitable for small spaces and goes well with a circular set of table and chairs. Typically garden tables have provision for this with a hole in the middle big enough to insert the pole of the umbrella through. Cantilever parasols, also known as side-arm umbrellas, have offset umbrellas attached to a single freestanding pole on only one end. The side-arm umbrellas are much more flexible and provide better shade but require a bit more space. Certain models can be tilted to provide even more shade. Both umbrellas are available as circular or rectangular.


Permanent Garden Canopy
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From a simple fabric shelter to far more exquisite designs, canopies are available in various forms. They are retractable, flexible, and easy to install, and once the sunny days are gone and the frost takes over, you can readily remove it and keep it in the storage. If you are interested in a canopy for your garden, go for a freestanding one with a water drainage hole to prevent damage from buildup of water. The frames are made from aluminium and steel which make the canopy resistant to rust and corrosion. The fabric must be of excellent quality to protect you against UV rays and rain. Even though it is little pricey, a canopy offers a sturdy and tasteful addition to your outdoor space.

Gazebo Tent Marquee

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Gazebo tent marquees come quite handy during outdoor events. Pop one up and throw a small party under the sunlit skies without burning up. Due to their compact size, they are ideal for intimate dinners and tea parties with close friends. Socialize while enjoying the warmth of sun without getting parched. The gazebos are sturdy with metal rods to stand on and the fabric is waterproof. The gazebo tent marquees are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, and you can buy one that complements your lawn. Make sure it is spacious and airy enough when you invite in people as they tend to make you feel claustrophobic.

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Instant Artificial Hedging

Artificial Hedging
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Do you want a privacy screen in your garden to shield off ugly trash cans, onlookers, and sun rays? Before you decide to grow a natural box heading, we have an awesome alternative for you. Try instant artificial hedging. The faux hedges are easily available in all local gardening stores, and they are durable, flexible and look all-natural. The best part is you won’t have worry about the plant dying off due to pesky bugs or heat. You will also never have to worry about trimming them and tidying afterwards, they are totally maintenance free. When you are out to purchase the faux hedging, make sure you buy the one manufactured from UV resistant plastics, not only do they offer you shade from the sun but they last longer too.

Creative Ways to Use Artificial Hedge
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Perfect Dark Green Artificial Hedge
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Artificial Lawn

When you plan a shaded garden, it is likely that your grass will suffer. Moreover, the places where the temperature rises to alarming degrees, the hot weather can leave the turfs dry and dead. It can be a hard task to take care of grass among other chores. Let’s put an end to the fights on who has to water the greens. In such situations, installing artificial turfs of grass is an ideal solution. They are easy to maintain, economical and look rather lustrous. Place the turfs in your lawn and say goodbye to the tedious battles of managing the plants. The best part is you never have to weed or water them under the heat and harmful rays of the sun

Artificial Lawn
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Water Feature

Water Feature
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Do you have a small corner in your terrace or a bare wall in your garden? The best way to bring the ‘coolness’ factor in your garden is by adding a water feature. The sound and sight of bubbling water instantly makes you feel calm. It can be small pond with some flora and fauna, a wall-mounted fountain, a waterfall, a tabletop water vessel, or a rain shower feature. Installing a water feature makes your outdoor space appear attractive and serene. Plus, if you live on a busy street, the sound of water will muffle the noise.

We found some interesting cascading water fountains and water features that you can add to your garden. Before you order any of these, be sure to check the size. Some of them may look big on photo.

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Whether it is a small deck or a large backyard, the outdoor space is a part of your home. The sultry weather shouldn’t scare you away. Place proper shades where needed, spend time outdoors, throw garden parties and enjoy the sunny summer season to the fullest!