15 of The Cutest Mugs To Brighten Up Your Tea/Coffee

Celebrating the art of coffee (and tea) does not end with finding the perfect bean/leaf, discovering the perfect brew, or finding the perfect machine for your home brewing needs. Coffee-making is fun and exciting, but nothing beats finally sitting down to enjoy your brew, especially if you have a collection of adorable mugs to pour into.

These 15 cute mugs are not just great for your morning coffee or your afternoon tea, they’re also perfect for the ‘gram any time of day.

1. Good Time Cat Mug

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Good Time Cat Mug on Amazon

There’s nothing like a tiny kitty to put you in a great mood even when you’re on your fourth cup of coffee, stressing to hit work or school deadlines. This ceramic cup and its wooden lid is also perfect for slow drinkers, as it keeps coffee/tea/milk warm for hours. Even the accompanying stainless spoon is durable and well-made, not to mention completely dishwasher safe for hassle-free washing. Printed on the ceramic is a nice little quote reminding you that you’re having a great time — just the mantra you’ll need for those long work nights.

2. Ceramic Donut Mug

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Ceramic Donut Mug on Amazon

For fans of donuts and The Simpsons, here’s a mug that will make you go, “Mmmm…donuts.” This one-of-a-king donut mug may be the perfect companion for your coffee, especially if you’re trying to veer away from the sinful sugars of actual donuts. If you’re worried that the hole in the middle of this donut mug means you’d be getting less than your normal dose for every pour, you’d be relieved to know that this playful mug still holds 14 oz of your favorite drink. Aside from the pink glazed version, you may also get the chocolate brown variant.

3. 3D Color Changing Cat Mug

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3D Color Changing Cat Mug on Amazon

Color-changing mugs are a big hit not just for kids, but even for kids at heart. You can watch in awe as your hot drink reveals the entire galaxy contained in the adorable black cat painted in this mug. The handle also takes the shape of a furry black cat tail for that perfect 3D finish. As if all that isn’t enough of a visual treat, this mug also comes with a fun coaster that says, “I like your cattitude!” Talk about being a complete package.

4. 3D Color Changing Mermaid Mug

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3D Color Changing Mermaid Mug on Amazon

If you think you have way too much cat mugs to add another one, you might want to check out this 3D color-changing mermaid mug for a change. Instead of the furry black cat tail, you’d be getting a teal mermaid tail for the handle. The magic lies in seeing the adorable mermaid change the color of her hair, clothes, and pet fish when you pour in your piping hot coffee/tea. Note, though, that color-changing mugs are not microwave-safe. Heating these up in the microwave might completely ruin its color-changing abilities.

5. Fashion Rhinestones Mug

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Fashion Rhinestones Mug on Amazon

If you want something fancy for your afternoon tea sessions, this rhinestone mug is perfect for you. These mugs look like something that came out of a Pandora box, and something that would not look out of place even in the Queen’s own tea room. It’s a bit smaller than most of the mugs on this list though, as it only carries 10 oz of coffee/tea. However, its small size makes it perfect for travelling, just in case you want to take the fancy with you anywhere. These mugs come in blue and pink, and each set includes color-coordinated coasters and teaspoons.

6. Girl in Wedding Dress Mug

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Girl in Wedding Dress Mug on Amazon

For creative types, this mug and its evocative illustrations can provide inspiration when you feel like you can’t get your creative juices flowing. It’s an extra large mug, too, so it’s perfect for lattes, macchiatos, and other intricate mixed drinks that require more space than your usual brew yield. This 14-oz beauty also comes with a lid and a long-stemmed teaspoon.

7. Shiba Inu Double Wall Mug

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Shiba Inu Double Wall Mug on Amazon

This adorable mug puts a cute spin on the usual double wall glass by designing the inner cup after the goofy and majestic Shiba Inu that can surely uplift your mood any time of day. The Shiba Inu cup will keep your beverage hot/cold while the outer wall will remain at room temperature, to prevent burnt fingers or ones that are damp due to condensation. This one will make an amazing gift for dog lovers! Note, though, that each cup can only hold about 7 oz., so it may be better for Americanos and leaf teas rather than lattes or fusion drinks.

8. Glass Flower Tea Mug

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Glass Flower Tea Mug on Amazon

Who says cute can’t be classy? This glass mug features flowers and butterfly designs which were handmade from enamel for an incredibly beautiful and stylish design. The delicate craftsmanship that goes into the making of these mugs is truly impressive, and you can rest assured not one other soul in the world will have the same exact copy of your special mug. This tea/coffee mug is even prettier in person than in photos — one lift and you’d appreciate how it’s durably made to last.

9. Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

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Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug on Amazon

This is by far the most adorable and detail-heavy rendition of Chip from Beauty and the Beast. It even has an actual ‘chip’ in the form of an indented triangle on the drinking side. The gold foil print makes it look highly legitimate and undeniably fancy. If you’ve always wondered how it feels like to have your own Chip, well…be my guest. And, if you want a Mrs Potts and Chip Tea Set that actually works, there are quite a few out there too.

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Mrs Potts and Chip Tea Set

10. Dainty Camper Van Mug

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Dainty Camper Van Mug on Amazon

This camper van mug brings one word to mind: whimsical. From its VW bus design, its painted collection of spring followers, all the way to the small inscription of the phrase ‘follow your heart,’ this might just be the perfect gift for the free-spirited and adventurous people in your life — including yourself. Each piece is handcrafted, so you can be assured that the colors will not easily fade away even if you frequently heat the mug in the microwave or run it through the dishwasher.

11. Central Perk Mug

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Central Perk Mug on Amazon

F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans, this mug will be there for you when the rain starts to pour. After all, what better way is there to keep the cold out if not indulging yourself to a large serving of latte art coffee or a bowl of pumpkin soup? You can use this Central Perk mug for either, thanks to its oversized design that allows it to hold 24 oz of coffee or soup. You can even use this one as an ice cream or cereal bowl because of its wide mouth opening. Oh, and by the way, this one’s properly licensed for F.R.I.E.N.D.S by Warner Bros.

12. Marshmallow Coffee Mugs

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Marshmallow Coffee Mugs on Amazon

It will be pretty hard not to start your day with a smile if you have one of these marshmallow coffee mugs. They’re truly cute, but note their very small size that’s only perfect for an espresso shot or two. It’s also highly recommended for kids and their hot cocoa needs during those winter days when it gets a bit too chilly even indoors. It comes in a set of four, so there’s definitely one for every single member of the family.

13. Large ‘Mommy Needs More Coffee’ Mug

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Large ‘Mommy Needs More Coffee’ Mug on Amazon

If you do decide to get your kids a set of the marshmallow coffee mugs shown above, this large ‘Mommy Needs More Coffee’ Mug could be the perfect add-on for yourself. This one fits 2.5 regular cups of coffee, for days when you really need the extra dose to power through. The lighthearted message serves as a subtle warning to everyone in the household to not mess with you just yet, since you haven’t had nearly enough coffee as you’d like.

This is also one novel gift idea for the other mommies in your life.

14. Colorful Owl Mugs

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Colorful Owl Mugs on Amazon

Here’s another set recommendation for animal lovers. These colorful owl mugs are handcrafted with lively colors that will surely brighten up your coffee nook at home. Each one can carry 12 oz of your favorite drink at a time, so you’ll be sure to get your fill of coffee/tea for the day. It comes in a set of six, making it perfect for bigger families. Still, if you need just one, these mugs will also make perfect gifts for any occasion.

15. Harry Potter Figure Mug

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Harry Potter Figure Mug on Amazon

Finally, here’s a mug for Potterheads who are keen on enjoying a sip or two of Butterbeer…or just regular coffee. Harry is depicted in a cute, chibi style for this mug, with his flowy Gryffindor scarf acting as the mug’s handle. It’s a magical gift that can probably brighten even the Dark Lord’s mood. You can also opt for the Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley variants.

There you have it — 15 mugs to make your tea/coffee break a lot more interesting and 100% IG-worthy. Happy drinking!