Top Offset Barrel BBQ Pits – Smoking hot grills for enthusiasts

An offset smoker takes indirect cooking literally so what better way to smoke than to use an offset smoker. In this article we explore some of the best offset smoker you can buy.

The beauty of an offset smoker is that you do not need to disturb the main smoking chamber if you need to top up on fuel, check the fire or add more smoking chip. All this is contained in the firebox which is separate but attached. The idea is that the hot air from the firebox will circulate into the cooking chamber and cook the meat indirectly.

Between the firebox and the main cooking chamber, there are vent holes that you can control. This meant you can control the air flow between the two sections and together with the thermometer on the main cooking chamber, reach the desired temperature with a bit of luck. To keep the temperature down, use the flue cover. Reducing the opening of the flue restrict air flow and slows the temperature down. The other thing to do to slow down the burning is to close the inflow vent near the opposite end of the firebox.

Smoke generated using a firebox from the offset smoker is higher and better resulting in better infusion of flavour where real wood fire is used. This is easily the most popular smoker with enthusiasts.

Top Offset Barrel BBQ Smokers

Offset barrel style barbecues are popular in the states, for the UK market, we found the following to be popular. Use the links below to access the BBQ smokers on Amazon:

  1. Azuma Barrel BBQ Barbecue Smoker Summer Cooking Grill
  2. broil-master Charcoal BBQ Grill Wagon Smoker
  3. El Fuego Charcoal Barbecue Smoker
  4. Landmann Kentucky Smoker BBQ
  5. Landmann 11093 Grand Tennessee Smoker

Let’s take a closer look:

1. Azuma Barrel BBQ Barbecue Smoker Summer Cooking Grill

Suitable for charcoal and wood, the Azuma Barrel it is great for grilling and smoking. It features two separate cooking chambers for direct or indirect cooking and smoking. The side box has an adjustable vent to control the cooking temperature. Use the chimney on the lid with a vent to control
the smoke and temperature in the main cooking chamber. The main cooking chamber is equipped with a temperature gauge on the lid. The cart has a front shelf and lower rack – perfect for holding sauces, condiments and plates. It uses wooden handles throughout. Dimensions: 125cm x 70cm x 134cm

2. broil-master Charcoal BBQ Grill Wagon Smoker

This Broil Master BBQ smoker is ideal for gentle cooking with charcoal, wood or hard coal briquettes. Inside, it has 2 grill grates (enamelled steel), 2 charcoal grill grates (steel), 1 warming rack (chromed steel). The chimney stack is mounted on the lid to the right while a thermometer is conveniently mounted in the middle of the main combustion chamber. The side combustor or firebox has an adjustable vent affixed to a door. This allows you to empty the side fire box quickly and easily when finish. The cart has a pair or large steel wheels for durablility and supports a convenient front shelve, a large and practical working space. Large cooking area: approx. 23.2 x 15.7 in / 59 x 40 cm

3. El Fuego Charcoal Barbecue Smoker

This charcoal grill has a side mounted chimney stack with adjustable vent for temperature control. This is convenient for those with limited space as often, the lid mounted chimney on the cooking chamber of fire bowl is bound to catch or hit something when you open the lid. The side box or fire box is vented and comes with a side handle. The side handle and lid handles are made from stainless steel metal giving it a classy look. There is a front shelve near the cooking chamber, which is ideal and more useful than a side shelf. The main cooking chamber also has a thermometer on the lid and is supported by four colour coded steel legs for ease of assembly. Grill area: 60 x 26.5 cm / Dimensions: 115 x 116.5 cm 63 and around 22kg in weight.

4. Landmann Kentucky Smoker BBQ

The Kentucky Smoker is a side box (fire box) and bbq grill (fire bowl) configuration that is sometimes sold separately. These are available as Landmann Black Taurus 660 and 31426 Smoker Charcoal BBQ grill. It has powder coated lid on both the firebowl and fire box. Inside, you get a three part enamelled cooking grill and enamelled charcoal grid. There is also a large warming rack measuring 60 x 18 cm. The cart has a stable removable side shelve. The smoking chamber has a thermometer on the lid and ash pot. Cooking area: 66 x 36 cm, suitable up to 10 persons. Product dimensions: 140 x 102 x 53 cm (W/H/D).

5. Landmann 11093 Grand Tennessee Smoker

The Grand Tannessee Smoker is a traditional side box smoker with wooden handles, large rolling wheels and chimney that goes on the side instead of the top of the cover. The separate firebox has adjustable air vents and there is a thermometer on the lid of the main cooking chamber. The smoker is great for direct and indirect cooking.