Best Reusable Stainless Steel, Silicone and Pyrex Glass Straws – the environment friendly alternatives

Despite the very serious and true attempts to reduce the use of plastic in our shopping environments, cutting down the use of plastic bags, we have yet to truly make the same leap towards reducing our plastic imprint with drinking straws. The environmental impact and wastage that occurs because of the collective use of straws is tremendous, yet as they are small individual personalised items, it’s impact is rarely thought of as significant.

The use of plastic straws as they permeate throughout our cafe and drinks culture, is easy to understand yet at the same time, it appears so hard to give up. The convenience of sipping as opposed to ‘slurping’, often becoming a necessity for sensitive teeth. Particularly handy for young children, the use of the straw has undoubtedly become a  graduation process mid-way between a sippy cup to a full open cup.

These days though, the availability of reusable silicon, stainless steel and pyrex glass straws, offer us the alternative, environmentally friendly alternative.

How to Pick Your Reusable Straws

The silicone and stainless steel straws are best for warm or cold liquid drinks, usually with a yeti cup. Made at a fixed 45 degree angle the stainless steel version is more rigid than the silicone one, making it better for use at home while if you’re carrying your drinks around in the car, and specifically for children the medical-grade silicone straw would be the better option.

Generally the silicone and stainless steel versions are slimmer in design than the standard straw which is fine for most liquid drinks, but for frozen smoothies, pyrex straws are the recommended way to go.

Here in this post, we look at some of the best alternatives to plastic drinking straws. Available in sets ranging from 4 to 6 straws, these also come with cleaning brushes to enable you to wash out the straws after use.

Silicone straws – perfect for children and drinks on the go

Probably the cheapest to buy among the straw alternatives here, the reusable silicone straws are available in a variety of colours and either straight or angled and made from food grade silicone. The colour codes straws are great for parties as it not only lights up the mood but lets party goers identify their drinks. As typical inner diameters are bigger than your standard straws, these are great for smoothies, milkshakes and juicy with bits. Just be sure to clean them out properly with cleaning brush provided.


Stainless steel straws – drinks at home or drinks on the go

Available as angled or straight, with some manufacturer bundling both straight and angled straws offering an option. Great for both warm and cold drinks, these stainless steel straws are durable and long lasting. You can carry them anywhere without worrying about it breaking or bending. You can even chuck this straight into the dishwasher for cleaning but we would recommend using the cleaning brush as you might get bits stuck in the straw. Typical outer diameter of 0.24-inch meant they are great for juice, cold drinks or beverages without bits.

Pyrex straws – drinks at home, great for smoothies

Pyrex or glass straws available either straight or angled and come with cleaning brush, these Pyrex straw alternative are both durable and sleek. As it is made of Pyrex, you can sterilize it in boiling or warm water if need be (please check with manufacturer). They are therefore reusable and environmentally friendly helping you reduce waste from using ordinary straws. Ultimately, Pyrex, while very strong is still glass and you should only carry this in a box to keep it from breaking. Bigger diameter Pyrex straws are ideal for smoothies and juice with bits. Being see through meant if there are stains or bits stuck, you can see this straight away and clean it out with brush provided.