Best Big Kitchen Bins and Trash Cans – Large, elegent, stylish & built to last

The big names for large kitchen bins and trash cans are Brabantia, simplehuman and Wesco. Others are Hailo, Curver and Rubbermaid. This is easily the biggest list of large waste bin and trash can online.

Considerations When Choosing a Waste Bin for the Kitchen or Home

Type of Lid

While touch lids are quite common, these are lids that lifts automatically with a simple push to eject action. The lid will need to be manually closed when done but requires little effort as it is usually balanced. Touch lids are sometimes known as spring-top lids.

Another common type of lid is the pedal lid that works mechanically by stepping on a pedal in front of the bin. A good pedal bin includes soft close mechanism to slowly and silently shuts the lid when you lift the foot from the pedal. However, some pedal bins have its mechanical arm exposed taking up a bit more space at the back and will not stand flat against the wall.

The other common type of lid is the flap type, which requires a little push to open, it then swings back to shut when done. These are sometimes known as swing lids as the spring returns to to the shut position.

Finally, a more advanced lid are self open based on sensors close to the lid. It will then shut automatically when it senses that there is nothing around the lid making it totally touch free.


Big bins and trash cans start from 20 Litres, larger ones goes from 30 to 40 Litres. For the big household, there is the extra large bins starting from 41 to 60 Litres. Super large commercial bins are also available. These capacities are sometimes divided equally or according to ratio to make up different compartments for sorting the recyclable from general waste. The bins typically have a total of 30 Litres onwards.


Is there enough room to accommodate the bin? Does it need to be up against a wall or cabinet unit, or can it stand on its own in the corner. These are some of the questions we need to answer when considering a large bin. It also goes without saying that measuring the available space for the trash can is a probably the best place to start.


Typically, the bins in our line-up are round and are great as standalone bins. To make better use of space, there are rectangular bins that are available in narrow or wide profile to fit in the space. Then there is the semi-round flat back bins that is again space efficient and can stand right up againt the wall.


Is there a need to sort household rubbish for the different collection? Multi compartment bins make sorting easier and clutter free. There is no need to separate and put out recyclables on the shelf or counter top, simply put it in the designated compartment. Some compartments are colour coded to make it easier to identify which goes where. Use this to separate plastics, glass jars and bottles, card boards and papers from the general waste.

To make choosing your large waste bin easier, we have grouped the trash cans according to capacity (20-40L and 41-60L) and mark then out by shape and type of lid. For those looking for a recycler, we have also marked next to the relevant bins, suitable for recycling.

Large Bin 20 – 40L


Note that the name MotionControl refers to the light pedal operation and silent close lid features. This does not refer to motion sensors or self open lids. For automatic touch free lid, see simplehuman sensor range.



Extra Large Bin 41 – 60L




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Be sure to check the dimensions of the bin against available space.