Best Designer Office, Kitchen & Bathroom Bins – add a touch of style to any home

The humble trashcan or as the British call it, the bin is an often overlooked component in the quest for beautiful, well-maintained designer look. Typically within a kitchen design, time and energy is focused on kitchen cabinets, doors and worktop surfaces and very little thought is given to waste disposal.

Slightly different in the US where garbage disposal is sometimes built in to the kitchen system, in the UK bins are often still ‘stand-alone’ and it’s placement and design are often relegated to the last minute snap decision of ‘just stick it in the corner’.

Here in this post, we look at the various options for a range of bin options, ranging from designer looks to recycle bins to built-in, under-counter versions. The categories are as follows:

  • Designer Bins
  • Standard Kitchen Bins
  • Recycling Bins
  • Built-in Bins

Shapes and Types

Depending on the designer the shape of these bins are different, but we can easily classify them based on its footprints; ROUND, SEMI-ROUND (with flat back), SQUARE, RECTANGULAR etc.

As for the lids, some bins are LIDLESS, while other with LID are either TOUCH based or PEDAL driven. For touch, these are usually based on an ejector action or simply push to open the flap or swing lid and the lid will shut when you release it.

The pedal type is the more common one where the lid is pedal driven. While those with motion sensors are TOUCH FREE, where the lid will open when it senses your approach.

Designer Bins / Wastebaskets (small)

Alessi Birillo Bathroom Waste Bin – ROUND, TOUCH

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the bathroom waste bin is part of the “Birillo” range. The main characteristics and aim of the Birillo design is to balance between the minimal shape and the materials used. Based on the same principle, the entire range of products for bathroom from toothbrush holder to toilet paper container is created. It gives the rooms a minimal and essential design with its rectangular shape and rounded edges. The objects are simple but never dull.

  • Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm x 22cm.

Available in Black or White

Essey Paper Bin – ROUND, LIDLESS

Designed by John Brauer, the Essey Paper Bin is made from Matt Polyethylene and measures at 33cm high and 33cm diameter. Based on the idea of a crumpled paper, the uneven surface plays with light providing the creased look won the coveted and prestigious Red Dot Design Award.  To complete the crumpled look, check out other items available from Essey. Others in the range: Essey Cosmetic Tissue Box, Essey Pen Holder, Essey Mini Waste Bin.

  • Dimensions: 33cm (Diameter) x 33cm (H)

Available in Red, White, Black or Graphite and in different sizes.

Bennett “Swivel-A-Lid” Trash Can – ROUND, TOUCH

As its name suggest, Bennett is a swing lid bin. The perfectly balanced lid opens easily with a slight push and gently swings back in place. Made from strong stainless steel, the bin is solidly built, simple and elegant. Perfect for home or office, under the desk or side table.

  • Dimensions: 20cm (Diameter) x 26cm (H)

Available in Brass, Brown or Black.

Spirella Etna Waste Bin – OVAL, TOUCH

Spirella Etna waste basket features an organic sculptured silky surface mimicking a stoneware finish. Other items available from Spirella, soap dish, hand wash pump, tooth brush holder and cup. The swing lid opens easily at a touch and swings back to close after use.

  • Dimensions: 29.5cm (H) x 25cm (W)

Available in Black, White or Light Brown

Brelso Leatherette Trash Can – ROUND, LIDLESS

This oval shaped, lidless office waste basket is made from slid metal topped with a chrome rim and finished in a leather look body. The small office wastebasket fits perfectly under a desk or at the corner of the living room, ideal for modern homes. For the size, it won’t hold much rubbish and being lid less meant it will need to be emptied quite often and may not be suitable for organic waste.

Available in Black, Beige, Brown and Burgundy

simplehuman Semi-Round Pedal Bin 6L (White or Stainless Steel) – SEMI-ROUND, PEDAL

Strong and durable steel accent pedal engineered to last over 150,000 steps without fault, the simplehuman Semi-round Pedal Bin is just the right size to fit office, bathroom or bedroom. The fingerprint-proof lid reduces smudges while keeping the stainless steel surface shiny.

  • Dimensions (D) 22.6cm (W) 23.6cm (H) 34.5cm

Also available: simplehuman Round Pedal Bin 6L (White Plastic) – BUDGET

Wesco Kickmaster / Single Master Waste Pedal Bin 9LROUND, PEDAL

Space saving and ideal for single households, offices, kid’s room or bathroom, the Wesco Kickmaster and Single Master with 9Litre capacity is made from solid high quality powder-coated steel with stainless steel flaps. The two stainless steel flaps on top are opened by sturdy pedal mechanism for hands free operation. As with all Wesco pedal bins, it comes with a removable plastic inner liner for emptying and ease of cleaning. An anti-skid ring keeps the bin firmly in place while protecting the floor during operation.

  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 cm

Available in Black, Almond or Stainless Steel

Brabantia Retro Bin 12L Orla Kiely DesignROUND, PEDAL

Light pedal operation with silent lid closure, the Brabantia Retro Bin with distinctive Orla Kiely design is definitely comes with a removable plastic inner bucker (liner) and a unique hing design that stays open if desired. The unit also has a fold away carry handle built-in and plastic rim on the base to protect the floor.

  • Dimensions: 25cm (W) x 33.7cm (D) x 45cm (H)

Available in Charcoal Linear Stem motif (above) or Cream Linear Stem motif (below).

Wesco Single Boy 13L Pedal BinRECTANGLE, PEDAL

Made from high quality powder coated sheet-steel, the Wesco Single Boy 13L comes with a removable plastic inner liner measuring 205mm (D) x 250mm (W) x 300mm (H). A pedal operated bin, it has a sturdy plastic rim near the lid and a ring on the base of the bin in place and to protect the floor.

  • Dimensions: Height 415 mm; depth 265 mm; width 295 mm

Available in Lime Green, Pink, Yellow, White, Black, Almond, Purple, Orange

Standard Large Kitchen Bins

The big bins are dominated by brands such as Brabantia, simplehuman and Wesco. We arranged the different bins by size and capacity.

Wesco Pushboy Junior Bin 22L ROUND, TOUCH

The smaller of the Pushboy series, the Pushboy Junior has a 22 Litre capacity while the Pushboy is more than double that capacity at 50 Litre. It comes with a swing lid that springs back to shut position the rubbish is in the bin, locking the odour in. Instead of a plastic inner liner, the Pushboy Junior comes with a removable galvanised metal liner. A sturdy plastic ring acts to stablise the base and protect the floor.

  • Dimensions: 350mm (Diameter) x 630 mm (Height)


Available in White, Red, Silver, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Almond, Orange, Pink, Purple and Black.

Wesco Pushboy Junior Series
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A bigger Wesco Pushboy 50 Litre with the same design as the Pushboy Junior is also available.

Brabantia Touch Bin Pauline 30L ROUND, TOUCH

This special edition Brabantia Touch Bin comes with easy and light operation soft touch lid with unique soft touch closure. The removable inner bucket is made from plastic and the stainless steel lid unit adds a touch of style and elegance to the bin.

Brabantia Touch Bin Pauline is available in Black design on White or Coloured design on White while the Brabantia Touch range is available in different sizes (20L, 25L, 30L, 40L, 45L and 60L) and colours.


Note: Pedal version is also available from Brabantia in the form of the Brabantia Retro range, featured next.

Brabantia Retro Pedal Bin 30LROUND, PEDAL

The Brabantia Retro Pedal Bin has a rounded top lid operated by the foot pedal action to open the lid without touching it. The unique hinge allows the lid to stay open of desired and the lid closes silently when done. Both Pauline and Orla Keily design range seen above are available in this Retro profile. Our favourite is the Brabantia Retro Bin in Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof finish.

Available in Platinum, Matt Black, Brilliant Steel, Passion Red, Pauline Black, Pauline Colour, Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof, Orla Kiely Cream Linear Stem and Orla Kiely Charcoal Linear Stem.

Wesco Spaceboy XL 35L ROCKET, TOUCH

Here is a design you will either love it or hate it, the Spaceboy XL is available in various colours just like the other Wesco bins listed here. It stands out from the rest of the bins here in that it features a retro rocket shape. We love the attention to detail, from the pointy top to its fin like base. Made from high quality powder coated steel with a stainless steel swing lid it comes with a removable galvanized metal liner in a slightly tapered pail like shape. The plastic ring underneath the unit protects the floor and provides a stable base. Definitely one to make a statement and goes well with a retro kitchen.

Available in White, Red, New Silver, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Almond, Orange, Purple, Warm Grey or Black.

simplehuman Rectangular Touch-Bar Bin 40L – Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel – RECTANGULAR, TOUCH

Moving away from a round base and cyclindrical bin profile is the simplehuman’s Rectangular bin which in our book makes better use of space. With its flat back, it will fit right up against the wall and be out of the way too if you are short of space. While Brabantia and Wesco offers rectangular bins here is a touch bin which is a big hit in the market.

Available with Touch-Bar on the long side (Wide Touch Bar) or the narrow side (Slim Touch Bar).

Wesco Kickmaster Classic Line Soft Bin 33L ROUND, PEDAL

Here is the bigger version of the Kickmaster Junior 15 Litre bin, the Wesco Kickmaster Bin is more than double the capacity of the Junior at 33 Litre. It offers a retro look with its rounded top and chrome plated metal pedal powered double lid made from stainless steel that opens sides ways. The lid has an integrated damper that regulates the closing and opening of the lid providing a smooth and silent operation. The base is also made wider and the unit has a 33 Litre removable plastic insert.

Available in bright as well as a new range of darker shades; White, Red, Lime Gree, Almond, Purple, Turquoise, Indigo, Warm Grey, Ruby Red and Black.

simplehuman Butterfly Pedal Bin 30LRECTANGLE, PEDAL

Another split lid that but this time from simplehuman and instead of sliding to the side, it opens up like a box, known as the Butterfly lid. The all steel pedal and lid opening mechanism is designed to last over 150,000 steps, that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years. It also closes slowly and silently with the patented lid shox technology. Another advantage of this pedal bin is that its hinge is hidden so no floating steel bar or rod at the back allowing the can to be placed right up against the wall.  Finished in Fingerprint-proof stainless steel.

Also available simplehuman Butterfly Pedal Bin 45L

Brabantia FlatBack+ Pedal Bin 30L or 40L – SEMI-ROUND, PEDAL

Available in two sizes, 30 or 40 Litre and in six different colours, the new Brabantia Flatback+ is a mix of space spacing and aesthetic curves rolled into one. Where round standalone bins or super space saving rectangular bins just will not work for your space, enters the semi-round, Brabantia Flatback+ Pedal Bin. As it is flat-back, the pedal mechanism is hidden, the lid open and close action is silent thanks to MotionControl technology and the unit comes with a soft belt carry grip. It is also thoughtful in that the lid does not hit the wall when opened allowing for the unit to be placed right up against the wall, next to the counter or any flat surface. We love the uber cool Mineral Blue version.

Available in new Passion Red, White, Mineral Pink, Mineral Mint and Mineral Blue as well as the popular Matt Steel Fingerprint Proof silver.

Curver Metal Effect One Touch Bin 40L SEMI-ROUND, TOUCH, BUDGET

Another semi-circle entry, this time from Curver is a great standalone or to stand up against a wall with its flat back. This is a budget alternative but no less impressive one touch bin with a generous 40L capacity.

  • Dimensions: 34.9 (w) x 28.2 (l) x 68cm (h)

Available in Metal Effect Silver, Red, Almond and White.


The bigger version of the Pushboy Junior at 22L seen above, this is the Wesco Pushboy bin with a whooping 50 Litre capacity. With its iconic round top retro look, swing lid and solid construction as well as a wide range of colour options, the Wesco Pushboy is your choice for a large household.

Available in White, Red, New Silver, Lemon Yellow, Lime Gree, Almond, Orange, Purple, Turquoise, Warm Grey, Ruby Red, Black and Blue.

We will be looking at recycling bins and built-in bins in our other articles. In case you can’t wait, here are some quick lists.

Recycling Bins

These are either single unit with up to three compartments or individual units combined as one with interlocking hinges or stackable design allowing for sorting of the different wastes.

The single unit design comes with either two or three built-in compartments or drawers, with a single or multiple individual lids.

3 Compartments

Pack Of Threes – BUDGET

Standard – MID-RANGE

High End – PREMIUM

2 Compartments

Built-in Bins

Entry Level – BUDGET

Standard – MID RANGE

Large Capacity – PREMIUM