Best Post-Gym Smoothie Makers

There’s nothing quite like a completely natural, bursting with goodness fruit and vegetable smoothie to get energy levels back up after a rigorous gym-workout. The range of smoothie makers now available make choosing between them quite a minefield.

How to Choose the Right Smoothie Maker

However, in the case of post-gym smoothie makers, we have narrowed down the choices in order to meet these three important must-have criteria.

A) Quick and efficient

A post-gym smoothie maker needs to be quick and efficient, whether you’re on the way back to the office post-gym, or simply heading off to your next appointment, a post-gym smoothie maker needs to be able to process anything thrown at it, quickly and efficiently, minimising the time needed to set it up and trouble shoot.

B) Processes large pieces of fruit or whole fruit, frozen

A major part of this efficiency requirement, comes from the ability to process large or even whole pieces of fruit. This reduces the need to cut fruit up in to smaller pieces, thereby saving both time and washing up. The ability to process fruit while frozen is an added bonus, as frozen fruit yields gorgeously cold smoothies, not to mention the convenience of buying and storing pre-packed frozen fruit in your freezer.

C) Easy to use and clean

Perhaps most important of all for a post-gym smoothie maker is the ability to be used and cleaned easily, whether it is as simply pop-on and blend followed by a rinse out, or a quick swirl around with soapy water, the time savings from being able to use and clean out a smoothie maker quickly is high on the list of post-gym requirements.

Best Post-workout Drink Machines

Here we look at some of the best blenders and juicers for your post-gym smoothie, shake or any other drinks.

  1. Magic Bullet NutriBullet High-Speed Blender/Mixer System
  2. MagicBullet Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer
  3. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender
  4. Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450)
  5. Nutri Ninja Blender Auto-IQ Complete Extraction System 1000W Professional BL486
  6. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System (BL491)
  7. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL482)

Now for a closer look:

1. Magic Bullet NutriBullet High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes
  • High-torque power base and 600-watt motor
  • Power, patented blade design with cyclonic action
  • Includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes

2. MagicBullet Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer


  • Extracts nutrition from within food, breaking down whole fruits & vegetables
  • Powerful 900-watt motor
  • Quick and simple to use and clean
  • Extract and drink from the same cup
  • Life Changing Recipes book included

3. Magic Bullet NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

The NutriBullet Rx can create delicious soups, smoothies and juices in minutes. It has pre-programmed settings for soups with heating cycle and smoothies or juice. Also, it comes with single serve containers to family size servings for just the right portion.

  • Save

  • Power Rating: 1700 watt motor
  • Hands-free SMART technology
  • Single servings and family-sized servings
  • Heating cycle for soups & sauces

4. Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450)

  • 900 Watts Professional Power
  • Ninja Pro Extractor Blades crush through ice, seeds, skins and stems for a smooth, even consistency
  • Frozen Blending, crush through ice and frozen fruit for cold, healthy drinks and smoothies
  • 18 oz. and 24 oz. to go cups, sip and seal lids, 30 recipe and wellness guide

5. Nutri Ninja Blender Auto-IQ Complete Extraction System 1000W Professional BL486

  • 1000 Watts of Professional Performance Power
  • Total Crushing Technology crushes ice, whole fruits & vegetables in seconds!
  • Frozen Blending for creamy fruit smoothies; Break down whole fruits, veggies, ice, and seeds into silky smooth nutrient juices.
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe
  • Includes: 1000 Watt Power Base, (2) Regular 24-oz. Tritan Cups, (1) Professional Stainless Steel 24-oz. cup (keeps drink cold for up to 4 hours), XL Capacity 48-oz Nutri Ninja, Recipe Book

6. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System (BL491)

  • Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System now includes Smooth Boost Technology, allowing you to truly customize your drink-making experience.
  • Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction combined with Pro Extractor Blades breaks down whole fruits and veggies for refreshing, full-bodied nutrient juices.
  • High-Performance Blending combined with the blender’s high-performance blades powers through frozen ingredients and ice for cool smoothies and shakes.
  • 40 oz. Blend & Prep Bowl for added versatility and functionality
  • Double-walled stainless steel cup keeps your favorite frozen smoothies colder for up to 4 hours.

7. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL482)

  • Auto iQ Technology optimizes Ninja Pro Extractor Blades and Power to deliver powerful nutrient & vitamin extraction*!
  • Powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction* provides great tasting, nutritious beverages
  • 1000 Watt motor has the power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables & ice in second