Best Burger Presses for Homemade Burgers

While we’ve been BBQ fans for a long long time, it’s only fairly recently that we got in to the swing of burger making – and boy, are we enjoying it.

The main thing though for us, was getting the right kind of burger press, and while we have in the past made homemade burgers, shaping them in the palm of our hands lack the consistency, both of thickness and of shape, that a burger press provides.

So we finally got our burger press, but not before looking long and hard at so many of the different options available out there. Here’s a rundown of the ones we think are worthy of a second look, or perhaps even a purchase.

Top 5 Best Burger Presses & More


Industrial Action- Extra Large Burgers

Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press – 3/4 lb, STUFFED, SLIDER


  • Make regular burger patties up to 3/4 l, stuffed burgers patties or slider patties
  • Stuffed burger ideas: Mac and Cheese Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Chicken Cordon Bleu Buger, Chili Burger, Pizza Burger, Reuben Burger or Baffalo Chicken with Bleu Cheese
  • Slider adapter or insert included to make miniature sized burger patties perfect for snacks
  • Dishwasher safe, non-stick coating.

Bellemain Adjustable Burger Press with Auto Expeller – ADJUSTABLE, EJECTOR, METALLIC

  • Makes burger patties from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ thick
  • Patty diameter 4 1/2 inch
  • Spring-loaded pusher for easy patty removal
  • Non-stick coating for quick, complete patty release
  • Heavy-duty aluminum housing

Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press with Patty Ejector (or Double Press) – ADJUSTABLE, EJECTOR, METALLIC

  • Adjustable patty thickness from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch
  • Patty diameter is 4 1/2 inch
  • Spring plunger button compacts the patty tightly then pops back for quick patty removal.
  • Non-stick coating for quick and easy clean-up
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction

Weber 6483 Original Burger Press (or 6485 Slider Press) – 1/4 to 1/2 lb

  • Create perfect, flat patties every time
  • Designed for 1/4 or 1/2-pound burger patties
  • Makes a dimple in patty
  • Detachable handle for easy cleaning
  • Nylon grip handle

Burger Master Innovative 8-in-1 Burger Press and Freezer Container – 1/4 lb, FREEZER

  • Press and stuff 8 quarter pound burger patties at a time (each container holds approx. 2 pounds).
  • Easily pop out a couple frozen burger patties directly onto the barbecue.
  • The Burger Master keeps them separate and they don’t stick.
  • Individually seals each burger patty to prevent freezer burn.
  • Can also be used for soups, stews, chili, spaghetti meat sauces or any soft foods that you want to portion out.


Ama-ZODE Hamburger Maker – STUFFED

  • Make delicious, mouth watering burgers stuffed with you favorite filling, cheese, mushrooms, garlic, onions whatever you want.
  • It’s easy as: 1- shape it, 2- stuff it, 3- seal it!
  • Creates a deep cup to hold your filling, and seals the sides for a perfect leak proof burger and locking flavor in.
  • Easily pops out the burger when ready. Dishwasher safe. Includes recipe guide.

Weston Non-Stick Burger Press and Burger Maker eXpress with Burger Ejector and Emboss – ADJUSTABLE, METALLIC


  • Non Stick High Quality and Robust Design – With Express Burger Ejector
  • Really Easy to use – Perfect Results every time
  • Adjustable Burger Size & Thickness
  • Embosses Real Tree Cow Horns onto Burger – Perfect BBQ Presentation

Zyliss Burger Press with Adjustable Thickness – 1/4 to 1/2 lb

  • The Zyliss Burger Press makes burgers which are 11.5 cm (4.5 inches) in diameter at either 1/4 pound, or 1/2 pound thickness
  • Press compresses burger meat and seals edges to ensure no breaking during cooking
  • Adjustable thickness for 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb burger patties
  • Griddle texture for classic burger finish
  • Dishwasher safe, simple assembly for easy use and clean up, recipes included

Industrial Action- Extra Large Burgers

KWS Hamburger Patty Press Maker3/4″ thick; 5″ diameter

Univex Hamburger Mold 6″ diameter

Homemade Burger Tips

Some recipes below to get you started, but there’s nothing like experimenting. Try out different spices – cumin and coriander are usually good starting points. Herbs are do-able although they do tend to ‘burn’ more easily on the BBQ.

Experiment with different types of meat – mince beef is usually the go-to, but mince lamb and mince chicken or turkey are good options too. Of course, for the vegetarian, mushroom, mince quorn, chickpeas or lentils widen the options.

Egg is usually used as a binder, but alternatives have also included a good slug of tomato ketchup and if you use a good ratio of lean to fat in the mince – about 80 lean – 20 fat, the binding does seem to come on it’s own.

The ‘makes it easier’ add-ons include the wax discs or patty paper for separating the burgers as you make them and there’s also the optional stuffed burger press – that allows you to fill the burgers with cheese, mushrooms or garlic, see the list above for stuffed burger presses.

Of course alternatively, just make two regular burgers thinner and mash the edges together once filled with your choice filling.

Top 8 Best Burger Recipes Online

If you already have a burger press, here are some inspiring recipes to try out.

Homemade Beef Burger Recipes

BBC Good Food’s Homemade burger and sweet potato wedges

Jamie Oliver’s Cracking Burger

Grill Stock Homemade Burgers

Homemade Lamb Burger Recipes

BBC Good food rosemary and garlic lamb burgers

Jamie Oliver’s Moroccan Lamb burger recipe

Anne Burrell’s Lamb Burgers Recipe on Food Network

Collections of Homemade Veggie Burger Recipes’s collection of Top 5 Veggie burger recipes

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