Top 5 Sleek and Modern Key Cabinets or Key Boxes

I’m a great believer in the philosophy that if you have to buy something that you use everyday, you must buy something that you both like and is the best that you can afford. Thus was the case when I looked for a Key cabinet / Key box to store our keys.

For the longest time, we had been chucking our keys in to a little basket perched on the top of the piano. And while it was convenient, it was unsightly and every time the basket moved off it’s coaster, it added a few more scratches to the piano surface, so, a wall mounted key box was really the best solution.

While I had seen loads of typical, country-style key cabinets, I knew that they were definitely not the sort of thing I wanted. For the longest time, I was in this limbo. When Sam asked me, what it was that I did want, all I could do, was tell him what I didn’t want.

Until finally one day, I had had enough. I decided that I would get the key box of my dreams, meaning that I would just know when it was THE one (just like how people say falling in love is – if it’s possible to fall in love with Key boxes!).

So there I sat on Amazon, browsing through: Key Cabinets and Key Boxes. And although it took a while, I did finally get to the Modern, Sleek Looking Key boxes of my dreams!

Here they are if you happen to be looking for one too.

Decorative Design Key Box with Stainless Steel Cover and Solid Wooden Case

Zeller ‘Schlüssel’ (Key) 13846 Key Cabinet

Zeller Key Cabinet
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Blomus Stainless Steel/ Glass Velio Key Box and Glass Magnet Board – OUR FAVOURITE


PT Key Box with Typographic, Metal White/Black Finish with Chrome Lettering

Zack 50581 Geo Key Cabinet

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Zeller 13890 Key Cabinet Glass and Stainless Steel 

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Zeller 13876 Key Cabinet Bamboo

Or if you prefer the French-Chic and Country Feel, here are some pretty options:

Key Rack Box with Drawer Decoupage

Pretty French Grey Key Cabinet


Natural Wooden Key Box Holder with Hanging Hearts and Chalkboard

Premium Bamboo Wooden Wall Mounted Key Cupboard

Shabby Chic Natural Wood Wall Mounted Key Box

Mosaic Glass Key Cabinet