Best Olive Wood Chopping Boards and Serving Boards

I, probably like many others, am guilty of hanging on to my chopping board far longer than I should, and apart from the vague excuse of not finding something that will suit as a replacement, I don’t really have much else by way of an excuse.

And then I saw these olive wood chopping boards. Although I’m usually one for neat, clean lines and modern look and finishes, I somehow found these olive wood chopping boards really appealing. Perhaps it’s the fact that they seem so natural and earthy, perhaps it’s a combination of the colour and grain. These chopping boards, don’t just look good, they are hard wearing too – so perfect for daily use.

Whether used as the occasional cheese board, or the all-necessary chopping board, these olive wood boards ensure an added dimension of beauty in the kitchen.

Obviously, as these cutting boards are made from natural material, no two boards are going to be the same. Please use the measurements as guidance only. The shape especially those with rustic look will appear different as these are cross sections of different olive trees.

Best Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Arranged according to size, here are the Top 10 Best Olive Wood Cutting Boards. The three main manufacturers and suppliers are The Rustic Dish, Brown & Company and Naturally Med.

Naturally Med – Olive Wood Cutting Board / Cheese Board18 inch (45cm)

Naturally Med – Olive Wood Chopping Board with Handle15 inch (38cm)

Le Souk Olivique Olive Wood Rectangular Board – 12 x 6 inch

Naturally Med – Olive Wood Chopping Board12 inch (30 cm)

Olive Wood Chopping Board/Cheese Board Size15 inch (40cm)

Berard 54177 French Olive-Wood Handcrafted Round Cutting Board – 9 inch Diameter (23cm)

Le Souk Olivique Olive Wood Rectangular Board 10 x 5 inch

Berard 54070 French Olive-Wood Handcrafted Cutting Board with Handle – 8 inch (20cm)

Over Sized Olive Wood Serving Boards

Large Rustic Olive Wood Chopping, Cutting, Carving, Presentation, Serving Board – Length 22 to 25 inch (56 t0 63.5cm)

Large Rustic Olive Wood Chopping / Serving / Presentation Board with Jus Groove – Length 18 to 20 inch (45 to 50cm)