Top Automatic Electric Milk Frothers for Your Coffee

A dedicated milk frother to go with your super automatic bean to cup or espresso machine may just be the answer for those who want serious froth in their beverage.

Forget the battery operated handheld whisk they call the milk frother. Here is how to do it properly with the right level of heat, milk temperature and plenty of bubbles with an automatic electric milk frother. While the heating element keeps the milk at the right temperature, the built-in whisk goes to work building up nice fluffy thick and creamy froth at a push of a button.

An automatic electric milk frother makes a perfect companion for your espresso machine. 

Automatic Electric Frother vs Jug and Steam Frother

Most Automatic frothers have the whisk only function for frothy cold milk if this is preferred. These electric milk frothers have a clear, see through lid that allows you to check on progress. A heat only option is also available to warm up milk for lattes or flat whites.

Others have the option of additional attachments (whisking or heating). When choosing the right electric frother, check the frothing capacity and heating temperature controls. The frothing capacity is usually half of the maximum volume the unit can take. Premium automatic milk frothers allow you to control the temperature.

When it comes to the Jug and Steam method of frothing, this is usually done with an Espresso machine with steam wands. You typically see this in the cafe, hot pressurised steam is shot  straight into a jug containing cold milk to produce froth.

This introduces water into the milk and you can only make warm froth and not cold. An automatic milk frother on the other hand, warms the milk in the jug and creates froth through the use of a whisk. It will also make cold froth with the heating element switched off which is not possible with the jug and steam method.

While both methods require cleaning, the Jug and Steam method requires a bit more effort; monitoring the temperature of the milk and froth and making sure the end of steam wand is set in the middle of the milk.

The standard 250ml capacity milk frother and heating will serve most people but if you have a large family, consider the 500ml option.

1. Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother – TEMPERATURE SETTINGS

BONUSChefs Star Premier Automatic Milk Frother

A Closer Look

1. Breville BMF600XL Milk Café Milk Frother 

The Milk Café uses induction heating and spinning to make small bubbles. Simply choose the appropriate frothing disc — latte for a creamy result, the cappuccino disc for more froth — fill with enough milk for one or up to three cups, select your temperature, and start.

This is the only milk frother that comes with temperature setting from 120°F to 140°F to 160 °F. Heat can also be turned off if cold froth is preferred. The Milk Café will froth and turn itself off when the desired temperature is achieved. The removable milk and froth jug with spout makes it deliver the right amount of froth and milk into your beverage. It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • Uses induction heating for gentle, even heat distribution
  • Settings: Cold Stir, Warm, Optimum Milk Temperature ~ 120°F to 140°F to 160 °F.
  • Up to 3 cups of frothed milk
  • Stainless steel removable milk jug with inner measurement markings and pouring spout
  • Start/Stop Push-Dial to start operation with LED Indicator
  • Includes Latte Frothing Disc, Cappuccino Frothing Disc, Measuring cap for measuring and adding ingredients once mixing has started (hot chocolate, cocoa powder, chai tea, syrup, flakes)

2. Epica Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Heater Carafe

Both Epica and Vienne automatic electric milk frothers almost identical. The giveaway is the cluster of buttons. They do however have different handles and the Epica is more popular than the Vienne with customers.


  • Makes hot or cold milk froth for cappuccino or iced drinks, heats milk for latte and other hot drinks
  • Stainless steel with vacuum insulation helps maintain temperature
  • Carafe detaches from base for easy pouring
  • Capacity: frothing 4.25 oz./125 ml., heating 8.5 oz./250 ml.

NOTE: IF the product frothed properly when new but in later use is not frothing properly, then please make sure to clean around the spinning shaft with enclosed brush so there is no dry milk slowing down the machine . If the product is not heating properly, make sure you are pressing hot frothing button (number 4 in the user manual ) If you press number 5 it will only froth without heating . Make sure to only fill until the lower max line (there are 2 max lines ). The higher max line is only for heating without frothing . If you use the higher max line and froth it may overflow .

3. Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

A must have for Nespresso owners if a milk carafe is not included in your purchase. Although the sleek design and classic heat proof handle goes well with any coffee machines for that matter. Single button operation and blue indicator light is a nice touch.


  • Maximum capacity: 130 ml (for milk froth preparation), 250 ml (for hot milk preparation)
  • Hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos, hot milk for lattes
  • Maximum and minimum level indicators
  • Hot milk froth in 70 sec
  • Detachable base


Dualit stands out from the other milk frothers featured here as it is bigger and not finished in sleek black steel instead of stainless steel aluminium. The frother offers professional finishing touches for your hot beverage as well as chilled milkshake. The cordless unit sits on a base when frothing or warming and can be taken to straight to the table to deliver fresh froth when ready. Dualit employs a sealed drive to spin the removable whisk, so there is no need to fit the whisking attachment, just drop the whisk unit in and watch it turn and froth the milk in the non-stick coated jug. The secret is a little plastic magnetic rotator on the whisk unit facing the bottom of the jug area that is driven by hidden motor in the bottom of the jug.


  • Easily make hot froth or cold froth as well as heat up your milk – in under 2 minutes (around 70 secs) with a simple touch of a button
  • Power: 460 watt efficient, quiet and reliable performance
  • Large convenient capacities: 6.8 ounces (approx. 193ml) of hot or cold froth, and 10.8 ounces (approx. 307ml) of heated milk
  • Convenient cordless jug and smart agronomic design featuring sealed drive, non-stick coating and drip free spout
  • Easy one button operation with auto shut-off and LED indicator light

5. Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer 500ml – BIGGEST CAPACITY

Secura, Chefs Star, VonShef and NutriChet automatic electric milk frothers may have different handles, but they are based on the same design with a cylindrical pitcher in stainless steel that sits on detachable base, a single on/off switch and two light indicators for heat and whisk. The question of which is better comes down to the customer experience and service.


  • Makes hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos, heats hot milk for lattes.
  • Maximum capacity: 250 ml (for milk froth preparation), 500 ml (for hot milk preparation)
  • Maximum level indicator for milk frother and maximum level indicator for milk warmer, and minimum milk level indicator
  • Stainless-steel exterior with double walled vacuum insulation; detachable base; FREE cleaning brush.

Method of operation using the single power button is as follows, to make hot drinks, please press the ON/OFF button once and release immediately, both heater and frother will turn on. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the frother will turn on, but heater won’t turn one. This makes cold drinks. Smaller 250ml version is also available.

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer 250ml

BONUS: Chef’s Star Premier Automatic Milk Frother 125ml/250ml

Chefs Star Premier
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  • Effortlessly create luscious, creamy froth & heat milk at the push of a button
  • Made of high quality stainless steel housing and conveniently detachable base
  • Easy to use & clean: 125 ml frothing capacity and 250 ml milk heating capacity


Except for Breville, Dualit and Nespresso, you can see the similarities between other milk forthers below and those featured in our list above (Epica and Chef’s Star).

These are worth watching out for especially if are you after a bargain. They are likely to be priced competitively and would suit those on a budget.

VonShef Premium Electric Milk Frother (Stainless Steel or Red)

VonShef Premium
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  • Make hot or cold milk froth as well as heat up milk in stainless steel housing on a detachable 360 degrees swivel base
  • Capacity: Milk frothing 115ml, Heating Milk 240ml
  • One button operation with temperature of up to 65℃ or 155F and automatically powers off after frothing
  • Includes 2 attachments, a wire accessory for frothing and a plastic attachment for heating
  • LED indicators for heating and whisking

Vienne Automatic Milk Frother and Heater


  • 3 settings: heating, heating & frothing, and frothing.
  • Stainless steel body with sleek, comfortable handle is as stylish as it is functional.
  • Pitcher detaches from base for easy pouring.
  • Capacity: frothing 4 oz/118 ml; heating and frothing 8 oz/236 ml

NutriChef PKMFR10 Electric Milk Frother and Warmer, Stainless Steel


  • Make hot or cold milk froth as well as heat up milk in stainless steel housing
  • Capacity: Milk frothing 125ml, Heating Milk 250ml
  • One button operation with temperature of up to 155 degrees and automatically powers off after frothing
  • LED indicators for heating and whisking

MIRA Automatic One Touch Electric Milk Frother, Warmer, Foam Maker

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  • Froth and foam up hot or cold milk in just seconds with the MIRA One Touch Automatic Professional Milk Frother.
  • Heat up to 100ml of hot or cold milk in under two minutes for sophisticated coffeehouse-style beverages.
  • Non-stick interior makes for easy clean up. Interchangeable whisks for whipping and stirring.
  • Maximum cup capacity: 250ml, maximum heating capacity: 100ml, maximum frothing capacity: 60ml.
  • Intelligent heat control and an automatic shut off feature prevent milk from overheating and burning,