3 Types of Spiralizers Examined – Which spiralizer should I get?

The idea to make long noodles out of vegetables seems somewhat bizarre. It is however a practise that has been occurring in East Asia for quite a while, with examples from the long strips of mooli, served as a platter cleaner after sushi, or the traditional South East Asian Yee Sang – made of strips of a variety of noodle-type vegetables.

With the huge rise in the following of the paleo and the vegetarian diets, the development of different types of spiralizing equipment has enabled spiralizing to be come more easily and readily carried out in the home kitchen.

While it’s initial appeal was to the healthy eater, many mums have also found it an extremely handy way to convince their children that noodle-shaped vegetables are not really vegetables.

So listed below here are some different types of spiralizers available, depending on how often you’d like to spiralize vegetables. I, personally opted for the simple, hand-held julienne peeler, and can attest to it being extremely handy and extremely sharp. Having said that, I use it at best twice a year.

If you do plan on eating vege-noodles more often, it may be well worth investing in one of the larger, counter-top sized spiralizers.

5 Best Counter-top Spiralizers

The counter-top spiralizer allows a larger volume of vegetables and pasta dough to be spiralizers more quickly and relatively easily compared to the hand-held versions (listed lower down).

Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer

Lurch Spirali 10203 Vegetable Spiralizer Green/Cream

Spiralite Vegetable Spiralizer by Spiralz

Westmark Spiromat Vegetable Spiralizer

The four spiralizers above are very similar – suctioned to the counter top, this style of spiralizer grips the food vertically and allows you to produce long spirals with a rotating crank action.

It has 3 different types of blade inserts, to allow the creation of spirals of varying thickness. It requires a separate bowl to ‘catch’ the spiralized vegetables.

Cuisique PREMIUM Spiralizer

Also a counter top based spiralizer, this device comes complete with an integrated reassign container. It has 4 interchangable blades, slicer, fine and coarse julienne and grate/shredder.

It also functions as a mandolin and juicer.

Best Hand-held Spiralizers

The hand-held spiralizers work in a similar way to pencil sharperners in which a vegetable is twisted around in the conical shaped holder. It typically comes with only a single type of blade creating long thin spirals of vegetables. The handheld spiralizer is drawer size allowing it to be stored away easily when not in use.

Spiraltastic Vegetable Spiralizer Kit

Also sold as Gefu Spiral Cutter Spirelli, Jumbl Hand Spiral Cutter. A white version is also available, see Veggienoodle Spiralizer below

Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Cutter


Veggienoodle Spiralizer

Best Julienne Peelers

These are the original, bog-standard thin julienne device. Designed on the standard Y-shaped peeler, it is the cheapest and the most easy to store option of all the spiralizers. The Julienne Peeler is extremely efficient making easy work of thinly julienne-ing carrots and courgettes, however the length of the ‘noodles’ are somewhat limited to the length of the vegetable – unlike the other options in which spirals are created a ‘round’ the length of the vegetable.

Still these are a great bargain if thinly julienned vegetables are only something you do occasionally.

OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler

Lakeland Sharp Peel Julienne Y Peeler (Perfect for Coleslaw & Stir Fries)

Premium #1 Peeler- Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler

Skinny Spiralizer Recipes

If you’re a beginner to veg-noodles and would like to find out more, here are some cook books to get you started.

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