Fun Tea Infusers – start your morning with a smile

It’s been a while since I had tea from a tea bag. I graduated to loose leaf tea after noticing how much more natural and aromatic it smelt and tasted. I’m not knocking tea bags, which are amazing for their convenience and ease. I just personally prefer loose leaf tea – especially a particularly potent blend of Earl Grey.

That said, as my little tea pot for one does not come with a built-in strainer, I have taken to using a plastic sieve (not the best option really).

And then I googled and found all these cute amazing options. Now you don’t even need a tea pot for loose leaf tea any more.

Plus, most of these would probably put a smile on your face in the morning – what a great way to start the day.

Stainless Steel

Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress Stainless Steel Novelty Monkey Tea Infuser

  • MonkeyTeaInfuser2
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    Stainless steel infuser and drip tray for making leaf tea
  • Monkey’s arms rest on the trim of the cup holding the infuser in place
  • Monkey’s tummy holds the loose leaf tea
  • 8cm (H)
  • Dishwasher safe


Robot Stainless Steel Tea Infuser with Saucer

In much the say way as the monkey, the Robot Tea Infuser with its hanging arms lets you drop the robot in the mug and allow the tea leaves inside the robot to brew in the hot water. The Robot Tea Infuser also comes with a saucer for when you finished brewing and got your tea in the right strength.



Silicone Mr.Tea Infuser Loose Tea Leaf Strainer and Diffuser

Mr. Tea is the perfect companion for your afternoon tea. Just load his silicone pants with loose tea leaves, perch him in your cup, and watch him relax as he does all the work! Mr. Tea is made of pure, food grade, silicon rubber that can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees F to 450 degrees F

  • Material: Soft silicone rubber
  • Size: Approx 8cmx6.5cm/3.15″x2.56″
  • Also available Mrs Tea or Mr and Mrs Tea Double Pack.


Pug in A Mug Silicone Tea Infuser

Cute Pug dog shape made from silicone. Fill with loose tea, hang over the side of your mug & leave to infuse, 9cm’s tall.

Cute Monkey with Heat Reactive Face

  • BPA free silicone using the same material used for baby feeding bottles.
  • Tea ready timer with heat reactive colour indicator on the face letting you know when your tea is at optimal temperature.

Pipe Tea Infuser

Whimsical tea infusers offer up a perfect, slow, relaxing cup of tea. The Pipe Tea Infuser sits right along the rim of your cup for a perfect brew and fits any standard size cup.It is molded from food safe BPA free soft silicone rubber.

Fred Manatea Tea Infuser

Silicone in the shpae of the mammal, Manatee perches securely on the rim of the tea cup or mug to hold loose tea leaves for the best brew. The tine holes around the body lets the flavor out. No tea tray included with this infuser.

Fred Teatanic Tea Infuser

This Titanic shaped tea infuser with tiny holes in the hull is made from food safe silicone material. It is buoyant enough and does not submerge completely, unlike the ‘unsinkable’ so you can remove it easily when your tea is at the right strength. You do not however, get a drip tray to save the leave for another cup.

Silicone and Stainless Steel

Friendly Swede Silicon Tea Infuser

Features stainless steel body, silicone top and drip tray, just pop the top off and fill with your favourite tea – perfect for tea leafs, NOT suitable for ground tea. Made from food-safe silicone and grade 304 stainless steel: high-quality material makes these tea balls safe to use, durable and resistant to rust.

Zicome Loose Tea Infuser

Also sold in sets of 2s the Zicome Loose Tea Infuser, is very similar to the Teasome Lotus Tea Leaf Infuser featured below. The stainless steel container and strainer keeps you tea blend while the silicone handle lets you dip and remove the tea infuser easily. A silicone drip tray is also included. Available in blue or green.

Zicome Loose Tea Infuser
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Teasome Lotus Tea Leaf Infuser

Lotus leaf shaped tea leaf infuser with stainless steel tea leaf container and holder. The silicone handle and body is BPA free, while the metal part is food grade stainless steel.

Fred Deep Tea Diver

Here is our favorite, the Deep Sea or in this case the Deep Tea Diver silicon tea infuser for your favourite cup of tea. While the tea leaf holder keeps your tea submerge in hot water during brewing, the handy stainless steel counter weight in the shape of a gas tank lets you pick up the infuser easily.


Fred Brew Whale Tea Infuser

Another mammal, this time the Blue Whale, the Bre Whale Tea infuser keeps your tea leave submerged in your mug or cup and when you get the desired strength, remove it easily using the water spout shaped handle.

The Tea Infuser Gallery

A look at all the funky and wacky tea infusers featured above.