Best Table Top Teppanyaki Style Barbecue Grills – Bring the BBQ indoor

Can’t get the Barbecue out because of cold or rainy weather? You can get cosy indoors and use a table top grill instead.

If you need an idea for entertaining in the winter or monsoon months and still want to enjoy your food, cooked on a grill, consider one of these large table top, open grill.

Why A Table Top Open Grill

Perfect for hosting parties, camping, caravanning or family get togethers, there is nothing easier than organizing a party where everyone can chip in and help prepare and cook the food.

All you need are a few bowls of salads, fruits, crisps and chips on the side that you can buy ready-made from the supermarket and any type of meat of fish you would like to serve as your main. There will be a queue of willing volunteers to cook the food for you.

As these are table top style grills that don’t take up much space, you can even make it a sit down meal. While waiting for their food to cook, guests can chat away during the social evening. Bigger grills can cook up to 8 portions at any one time, some with wooden spatulas included.

Finally, a table top grill is perfect for entertaining whatever the weather, quick and easy to setup, clean and store away when finish.

10 Themed Grills You Can Try

To make the evening more interesting and a talking point, you can even try one of the following themes:

  1. Steak Grill – with different cuts (tenderloin, t-bone, sirloin, streak, ribeye, filet mignon, flat iron, strip, flank, sierra, denver, coulotte, shoulder, chuck eye etc.)
  2. Hot Dog and Burger Weekend – with different burger meat (chicken, beef, veal, lamb), topping and sauces
  3. Mexican Grill
  4. Korean BBQ
  5. Japanese Teppanyaki
  6. Ribs & Pork Chop Grill
  7. Lamb Grill – different cuts (neck, loin, shoulder, chump, leg, cutlet and breast)
  8. Seafood Grill – fish, prawn, cuttle fish, crab, oysters etc
  9. Breakfast Grill – English or American breakfast grill
  10. Pancake party – make your own pancakes and add your own toppings

The one thing we did not include in the list above is vegetable. The grill or griddles in our list are also suitable for cooking vegetables either on its own, on a kebab or in a stir fry.

Some Pointers When Using a Table Grill

  • These grills are very efficient and not overly powerful or high energy consuming with variable temperature control
  • Great for indoor use and can be used outdoor although as this is an electrical appliance, avoid getting it wet from rain or splash
  • When cooking meat, no cooking oil is needed, when you are cooking meat on the grill, the fat melts and this is usually sufficient to cook the meat in its own juice, adding more fats may cause splatter
  • Remember to start the heat from low to medium to high, cook in stages
  • Avoid going straight to high as this may warp the surface if there is not enough food on the grill. On the same point, remember to turn down the grill when you finish.
  • Easy to clean non-stick surface with stuck on food that just wash off with warm water and light washing liquid
  • Use included spatula or cooking utensils meant for non-stick surfaces to avoid scrapping off the non-stick layer.
  • Most grills or griddles are flat but some come with a combination of grooved and flat surfaces. These grooved griddle allows the food to retain grill marks liken to cooking food on a charbroiler.
  • Most table top grills and griddles are open except for some with a combination of closed grill and griddle.

1. Philips HD6324/90 Viva Collection 3-in-1 Table Grill – Duo Plate and Grilling Tray

  • Power: 1500W Output – EFFICIENT
  • Cooking Area: 42 x 24 cm (1008 cm2), 3-in-1 Griddle, Grill, and Grilling Tray (Flip-able Duo Plate Griddle and Grill + Grilling Tray) – VERSATILE
  • Grilling tray for deep pan grilling; cooking sauces, risottos. paella, stroganoffs or stir fry wok dishes – DEEP TRAY
  • Adjustable thermostat for the right power setting
  • Dishwasher safe plate, glass lid and grease tray – GLASS LID

Also available the cheaper HD6322 with Duo Plate ONLY, flip the plate to for flat or grooved griddle and Philips HD6360/20 Avance Collection Table Grill and Taste Infuser, think smoking wood chips and herbs (see below).

2. George Foreman 18603 Ten portion Grill and Griddle – 10 PORTIONS

  • Power: 2180W Output (1.8kW to 2.2kW Consumption)
  • Cooking Area: 4 portion grill 439 cm2 and 6 portion griddle 613cm2, total of 1052 cm2 (grooved grill and flat griddle) – SIDE BY SIDE GRILL & GRIDDLE
  • Dual independent temperature controls on either ends of the grill
  • Non stick grill surface for easy cleaning, Drip tray included.

Smaller 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 portion closed grills also available from George Foreman.

3. VonShef Large 43 x 23 cm Table Grill – 4 PORTIONS

  • Power 2000W Output
  • Cooking Area: 43 x 23 cm (Flat Only) a total of 989 cm2
  • Non stick 3mm thick aluminium plate with Teflon Coating
  • Complete with fat and excess water drip tray

4. VonShef XL 70 x 23 cm Table Grill – 6 PORTIONS

  • Power: 2000W Output
  • Cooking Area: 70 x 23 cm (Flat Only) a total of 1610 cm2
  • Non stick 3mm thick aluminium plate with Teflon Coating
  • Complete with fat and excess water drip tray

5. Andrew James Table Grill 46 x 23 cm – 4 PORTIONS

  • Power: 1800W Output
  • Cooking Area: 46 x 26 cm (Flat Only) a total of 1196 cm2
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Non stick surface, drip tray

Also available Andrew James Large XL 68cm x 23cm Table Grill

6. Andrew James Extra Large XXL 88cm x 23cm Table Grill – 8 PORTIONS

  • Power : 1800W Output
  • Cooking Area: 88 x 23 cm (Flat Only) a total of 2024 cm2
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Non stick surface, drip tray

7. Andrew James Black Luxury Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill and Griddle, Indoor Barbecue Hotplate – 5 PORTIONS

  • Power: 1800W Output
  • Cooking Area: 2.3 grooved griddle, 1/3 flat grill – FLAT & GROOVED
  • Variable temperature control
  • Non stick surface and drip try to drain excess fat, grease and water from draining holes on the grill and griddle

8. VonShef XXL 90 x 23 cm Table Grill – 8 PORTIONS

  • Power: 2000W Output
  • Cooking Area: 90 x 23 cm (Flat Only) a total of 2070 cm2 LARGEST
  • Non stick 3mm thick aluminium plate with Teflon Coating
  • Complete with fat and and excess water drip tray

Also sold under the Vivo brand name.

9. James Martin ZX833 Table Grill with Flat Plate – 5 PORTIONS

  • Power: 1800W Output
  • Cooking Area:  37 cm x 29 cm a total of 1073 cm2with Flat and Grooved griddle – FLAT & GROOVED
  • Variable temperature control
  • Non stick surface and drip try to drain excess fat, grease and water from draining holes on the grill and griddle

10. VonShef Electric Grill Griddle10 PORTIONS

  • Power: 1600W Output
  • Cooking Area: Grill Plate 19.2cm x 19.2cm (368.6 cm2), Griddle Plate 19.4cm x 19.4cm (376.4 cm2) a total of 744.96 cmfor 4 portion grill (grooved) with cover and 6 portion griddle (flat) – SIDE BY SIDE GRILL & GRIDDLE
  • Two separate controls for independent temperature and power settings. The griddle has a temperature control while the grill has a simple on off function.
  • Non stick coated surfaces and drip tray for excess grease