Top 5 Best Electric Grills – affordable indoor health grills

I have always been tempted by one of these, some how the shape of these electric grill although small, reminds me of the full size gas/charcoal fired grill. The only difference is, with one of these you can use them indoor and store it away easily when finish.

And for those of you who are still working out in your head, trying to justify getting one of these to add to your kitchen, here are some pretty good reasons to have them.

Why Electric Contact Grills

There are many good reasons for getting an electric grill:

  • healthier as the grill reduces the fat in the meat during cooking
  • food cook faster as heat is applied from both top and bottom grill cooking both sides of the food simultaneously
  • drip tray to capture all the unwanted fat and grease
  • do not require cooking oil, as fat from the meat will cook and seal in the juices
  • will not splatted as the cover is kept shut during cooking
  • convenient with non stick surface
  • some grills let you operate it as an open grill with handles on the top cover that doubles as a stand when opened flat
  • most grills are designed to stand vertically for space saving and ease of storage

Top 5 Best Electric Grills

A quick look at our line-up:

  1. George Foreman Grills (Compact, Family and Entertaining Range) 4 Portion | 5 Portion | 10 Portion | 10 Portion with Griddle – TO FIT ANY BUDGET
  2. Tefal OptiGrill with Automatic Thickness & Temperature Sensor – SMART & VERSATILE GRILL
  3. Cuisinart Griddle and Grill – REVERSIBLE & REMOVABLE PLATES
  4. Harry Bikers World Electric Grill – CURVED PLATES
  5. Severin Automatic Grill and Griddle – TWO SETS OF REMOVABLE PLATES

Now for the details.

1. George Foreman Grills

When it comes to electric grills, there is one name that you will never miss, the George Foreman range of grills. Available in all shapes and sizes, you can get from a compact 2/3 portion grill, small family 4/5 portion grill to a huge 7/10 portion entertaining grill.

Anything from 4 portion is enough to cook for a small family. So, we picked a handful of the more common and highly recommended grills from George Foreman’s Compact, Family and Entertaining range and list them here for your comparison. There is a grill from George Foreman to fit any family or budget.

George Foreman 18471 Family Grill – 4 Portion – SMALL

  • Drip tray included
  • Floating hinge for extra thick food
  • Non-stick grill plates, sloped design to drain extra fat and grease
  • Ready to cook indicator light, stands vertically for easy storage

Also available:

The smaller super affordable George Foreman 18840 Compact Grill2 Portionand luxury model George Foreman 14181 Family Grill & Melt in Silver with Chrome Handle4 Portion

George Foreman 18870 Family Grill – 5 Portion – FLAT OR ANGLED COOKING

  • Drip tray included
  • Floating hinge for extra thick food
  • Non-stick grill plates, sloped design to drain extra fat and grease
  • Adjustable rear foot for flat or angled cooking to allow grease and flat to flow
  • Power and temperature indicator light, stands vertically for easy storage.

George Foreman 18603 Grill and Griddle – 10 Portion – GRILL & GRIDDLE

  • Drip tray included
  • Floating hinge for the grill section to cook extra thick food
  • Grill section cooks 4 portion while the griddle can cook up to 6 portions
  • Dual Temperature Controls (independent controls for grills and griddle)
  • Non-stick grill and griddle plates

Also available:

The George Foreman 18910 Entertaining Grill10 Portion and George Foreman 14532 Entertaining Grill10 Portion

2. Tefal OptiGrill – 4 Portion – SMART GRILL

  • More expensive but smarter with automatic thickness and temperature measurement using sensor cooking that adapts the temperature and cooking cycle according to the thickness and number of pieces in the grill.
  • Floating hinge for extra thick meat
  • Multi-coloured LED cooking level indicator for your perfect grill from rare (yellow) to medium (orange) to well done (red).
  • 6 programmes: burger, chicken, bacon, sausages, red meat, fish plus a defrost and manual mode.
  • Removable and dishwasher safe plates and drip tray

3. Cuisinart Griddle and Grill – 5/8 Portion – REVERSIBLE & REMOVABLE PLATES

  • We first recommended the Cuisinart Griddle and Grill in our Panini Presses and Deep Filled Sandwich Grills. It stands out from the rest with its reversible grill and griddle plates; use the flat one for pancakes and French toast or the grooved (ribbed) plates for searing steaks and kebabs.
  • Variable temperature controls including sear function.
  • In commercial grade stainless steel housing with brushed finish, there is plenty going for this griddle and grill.
  • Floating hinge for extra thick meat, can be opened flat as an open grill or open griddle. Cooks up to 8 portion in open mode.
  • Integrated fat collection tray for discreet fat disposal
  • Removable and dishwasher safe plates and drip tray

Cuisinart Griddle And Grill GR4CU
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4. Harry Bikers World Electric Grill – 5 Portion – DOUBLE CURVED GRILL

  • The Harry Bikers would have you believe that this double curved grill will allow the fat to drain twice as fast compared to any regular grill. With its no nonsense look, metallic body and chrome handle, you know it means business.
  • Floating hinge for extra thick food. It also comes with an affordable price tag.
  • Variable temperature control – 3 adjustable heat settings
  • Non stick plates for easy cleaning
  • Power and temperature indicator light
  • Integrated drip tray

Harry Bikers Electric Home Grill
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Also sold as Gordon Ramsay Health Infusion Grill

5. Severin Automatic Grill – 5 Portion – TWO SETS & REMOVABLE PLATES

  • In brushed stainless steel finish, the grill is perfect for meat, poultry, snacks as well as paninis with variable height floating hinge for super thick food even whole burgers.
  • Includes 2 sets of removable plates; grooved grill plates and flat griddle plates
  • Grill opens 180 degrees to become an open table top grill turning the press into a large barbecue.
  • Variable temperature control
  • Integrated drip tray
  • Removable non stick plates