Summer Essentials: Best Ice Popsicle Moulds for Home-made Icies

As Summer descends well and truly upon us, there is nothing like an icy cold popsicle to make the heat more bearable.

While it is relatively cheap and easy to pick up a pack of ice pops at the local supermarket, there’s nothing quite as refreshing or as potentially healthy as a DIY ice pop.

Whether stuffed with fruit, or fruit juice, or with fizzy lemonade variations, the possibilities for ice pops are endless and to think all that you need to get you going is a set of ice pop moulds.

In this article, we explore the different variations and options for these heavenly ice treats.

Considerations When Buying an Ice Pop Mould

Before buying an ice pop mould, you might want to consider,

a) Ease of Handling

Not so much an issue for the ‘making’ of the ice pop but for the final results, so designs and shapes are better suited for little hands, in particular the NUK Annabel Karmel ones are just right for toddler and young children.

Slightly older children will be fascinated by the Zoku range which make eating ice pops almost and adventure on it’s own – check out the Fish Pops and the Space Pops.

b) Drip Saver

Most but not all ice pop moulds come with a drip saver, this is particularly helpful addition when the ice pop melts faster than it can be consumed.

c) Freezer Space

A major consideration for any ice pop mould set is the availability of freezer space. The tube style leak-proof moulds take up significantly less space than the other standard, stand-up style ones.

Top 5 Best Ice Pop Moulds

Now for a look at five of the Best Ice Pop Moulds currently out there.

Golden Spoon® 8 Pack Silicone Ice Pop Mould Set – Set of 8

Flexible & durable for mess-free freezing & Easy to clean-up, this is easily the most popular ice pop mould design in the market and we can see why. As long as your children or big children can manage drinking from a cup without spilling they will hopefully be mess-free eating from this push pop container.

Made from BPA-free silicone, this 8-pack leak-proof ice pop mould set allows the pops to be frozen individually thereby filling up less freezer space. Care needs to be taken not to overfill, in consideration of the fact that the liquid expands as it freezes.

Also available from:

Annabel Karmel by NUK Ice Lolly Moulds – Set of 4

These Ice Lolly Moulds are the perfect size for little hands.

The drip tray allows a ‘catch-all’ for the liquid that drips as the ice melts.

Not just for summer, these moulds when filled with frozen fruit or veg are the perfect relief for the pains of teething.

Kitchen Craft Ice Lolly Moulds – Set of 6

These fantastic umbrella-shaped ice lolly moulds offer the true appeal of summer fun. Bright, cute and colourful, who wouldn’t want an umbrella-shaped lolly? Complete with a ‘drip-catcher’ these umbrellas are too good to miss.

Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker – Set of 10

Make 10 lollies at a time. Reminiscent of the traditional ice pop with a wooden stick, this set of 10 lolly makers, allow you to freeze up to 10 ice lollies and insert your own wooden lolly stick. The slight down-side of not having a drip tray is the only draw-back, but otherwise these ice pop moulds would be perfect for older children.

Make sure you remember to get extra Wooden Popsicle Sticks.

Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Moulds – Set of 4

With the base looking like the wafer cone, the Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Moulds make 4 ice cream shaped ice pops.

The trick is to fill the top upside down and push the base in. For this, you are allowed to fill it up to the brim as there will be room in the ‘cone’ for the ice to expand.

The top or cover is also shaped to create the twist effect. Once filled, put it on the holder and pop it in the freezer. The cone handle is also designed to catch any drips.


For more interesting and creative fun ice lollies, check out our post on Zoku Ice Lolly Moulds.