Summer Essentials: Fun with Zoku Ice Lollies Moulds – Perfect Ice Lollies for Summer

The first time I came across the Zoku range, was in a kitchen shop which featured the Quick Pop Maker (see details below).

It did not appeal much to me, as we already had an ice cream maker. However, having recently had another look at the range offered by Zoku, it is really quite impressive – from the Classic Pops to variations on shapes and themes.

Zoo have even come up with an Ice Pop Recipe book.

We list them below.

Zoku Tripple Quick Pop Maker – Set of 3

Based on the Ice cream maker idea, where a base is frozen for at least 10 hours and then used as the ‘freezer’, in this case to freeze ice lollies.

It makes 3 at a time and can be used to make up to 9 ice lollies before needing to be frozen again.

Lollies are made in 7-9 minutes on the countertop without electricity. Think outside the box and make your own creations; striped pops, yogurt pops and flavoured core pops to name a few.

Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker

Also available, Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker that makes two Ice Pops at a time and makes up to 6 before needing the freezer.

Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker

Finally, the Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker. This here as its name suggest, makes one Ice Pop at a time and capable of making 3 ice lollies before needing to be freezer. What’s better, it is available in a choice of colour so every member of the family can have their own.

Zoku Sticks – Set of 6 for Quick Pop Maker

Remember to get Extra Zoku Sticks in set of 6 with drip guard compatible with Triple Quick Pop Maker, Duo Quick Pop Maker and Single Quick Pop Maker above.

Zoku Classic Pop Mold – Set of 6

Complete with 1 Classic Pop Mold (holder) with 6 Removable Molds and 6 Sticks with Drip Guards, Zoku Classic is a cleverly designed traditional ice lolly maker. The Pops slide out of the molds easily straight from the freezer with no need to warm the mold first. Reusable pop sticks have unique ridged designs that keeps the ice pop from falling off.

Zoku Round Pop Mold – Set of 4

Zoku Round Pop’s silicone mould has a tab that lets you easily peel away and invert the mould allowing the ice pop to be released with little effort. The pack comes with 1 mould holder, 4 removable round moulds and 4 sticks with drip guards.

Zoku Mini Pop Mold – Set of 9

Zoku Mini Pop Mold is the most efficient pop maker to satisfy the little devils, making up to 9 ice pops in a tray at once. Unlike the Zoku Round Pop, the soft silicone layers are held permanently on the base, all you have to do when the ice pop is frozen is to lift the stick up and the silicone pops and inverts to release the round ice pop. You simply have to rinse and wash the container with light soapy water, ready for the next round of freezing.

Also sold under the labels: Japace and Fenrad.

Zoku Fish Pops – Set of 6

Zoku Fish Pops (shark, whale, octopus, clown fish, puffer fish and scuba diver)

Zoku Space Pops – Set of 5

Zoku Space Pops (5 different Rockets and a Space man)

Zoku Quick Pop Recipe Book

Finally, don’t forget your Zoku Quick Pop Recipe Book for more ideas on making that outside the box ice pop.

Zoku Storage Case

And, when you are preparing for a party, the Zoku Storage Case will definitely come in handy.

Zoku Character Kit

We leave the best for last, the Zoku Character Kit is an add-on for Zoku Quick Pop Makers. It comes with a variety of letters, numbers and symbol cutters to create fun text messages, emoticons and other shapes for the ices. There are altogether 14 stencils, 1 faceplate, 1 stand and 1 pusher tool. With the instruction manual and sample characters, this should get the little ones occupied for hours.