Easy Way to Make Your Own Butter At Home

Make ‘Don’t forget the butter’ a thing of the past. Make it yourself at home in 15 minutes or under. Here’s how.

Electric Stand Mixer

If you have a mixer, simply whip your pouring or thick whipping cream until they turn to cream then keep going until they turn to butter. Add sea salt to taste. This typically take 15 minutes. Next strain out the liquid and press out any remaining buttermilk. You can do this with a salad straining bowl or the traditional way with butter muslin cloth. Some kneading and shaping may be required. Use cold running water or ice cold water to wash off excess buttermilk. Lastly, use a butter muslin to dry the butter and butter paddle to shape it (see below).

Kilner Butter Churner

For a more authentic way to churn butter at home, bringing back the good old days, use a traditional butter churner. But if you haven’t the space, Kilner has a Butter Churner made from their trademark soda-lime glass with embossed Kilner logo of course, that makes up to 110 grams of butter in as little as 10 minutes. It has a vintage look and comes with a handle to steady the jar and hand crank that moves the paddle. The churner comes with easy to follow instructions.

Alternatively, check out the shake a butter jar from Chef’n Butter Maker


Butter Muslin

Next, you will need muslin cloth, preferably unbleached and made from 100% cotton. Pack the butter into a round ball, warp it up with the muslin cloth and tie a knot around a rolling pin or ladle then suspend it in a mixing bowl.

Butter Paddles

You can then use the butter paddles to shape and finish off the home made butter. Use traditional wooden paddles with deep grooves to kned and ‘slap’ the butter into shape and to remove excess buttermilk.

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Butter Recipes

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