The Best Make Your Own Kits for Cheese and Butter

There is little that can compare to the feeling of achievement and success when it comes to making your own – whether it’s the first time you successfully bake a cake or complete a cross-stitch project. The current availability of ‘make your own’ kits enable a variety of objects that would typically be bought off the supermarket shelf to be made with ease and convenience at home.

It is after all, healthier when you know what goes into your food.

So, here we look at Make You Own Cheese Kits, both soft and hard as well as Make Your Own Butter Kit. You will be surprised how easy it is to make these everyday fares yourselves.

Make Your Own Cheese Kits

These Make Your Own Cheese Kits come with everything necessary (apart from chilled milk) to make your own cheese, ranging from soft cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta to the harder versions like Cheddar,  Caerphilly and Leicester. For a lot of people, these kits, although pricey have offered good value as they are reusable multiple times and often become the beginning of a really good hobby.

Soft Cheese Kit

Mad Millie Make Your Own Italian Cheese Kit – Ricotta, Mascarpone & Mozzarella

The Big Cheese Making Kit – Ultimate: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Halloumi, Goat’s Cheese, Scottish Crowdie, Queso Blanco, Labneh and Paneer


Hard Cheese Kit

Mad Millie Make Your Own Hard Cheese Kit – Just Add Milk

ALSO: Mad Millie Make Your Own Cheese TOP UP Ingredients Kit: contains Shelf stable mesophilic culture, citric acid, cheese salt, cheese cloth

BONUS: Microwave Cheese Maker

Lekue Cheese Maker is an easy microwave cheese maker using readily available home ingredients such as milk and something acidic such as lemon, vinegar or yogurt. The recipe book explains it all with options to make a variety of cheese straight from the microwave oven.

Make Your Own Butter Kit

Although easier and probably cheaper to buy off the supermarket shelf, there is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from making your own butter. Truth be told, a kit is actually unnecessary. A jar large enough to hold a decent about of double cream and some arm strength vigorously shaking the jar, would suffice. However, the size, shape and design of this jar enables a decent amount of butter to be made relatively quickly and easily via a hand crank. Perfect for the kitchen enthusiast who would love to experiment with making flavoured and herb butters.

Kilner Butter Churner – Manual Butter Churn for Home Made Butter

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Chef’n Butter Maker – Just Add Cream

Chefn Butter Maker
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