Where and When to Buy a KitchenAid Artisan

Having been a lurker (over the course of several years!) on many websites selling the Kitchen Aid Artisan, including faithfully watching Amazon for price changes I have worked out that there really is an optimum time to buy the KitchenAid Artisan.

Where and When to Nab a Deal

In the US typical as it may sound, the Black Friday sales are a really good time to buy, although to be fair, it is important to ‘keep up’ so to speak with price changes. So my recommendation would be to start looking a couple of weeks before the Black Friday deals come through.

In the UK, although the Black Friday deals have started filtering through, Thanksgiving isn’t quite celebrated on the scale (or even at all) that it is in the US. So that leaves in reality, the pre-Christmas and post-Christmas sales.

Every year, we have half-jokingly said that we ought to wait until after Christmas to buy the Christmas presents and the same is true for large purchases like a Kitchen Aid.

I always imagined that I would buy my mixer online from a virtual shop that could offer me the best deal, in the end, the choices actually came down to the House of Fraser and Harrods (yes, no kidding) in their post-Christmas sales). In the end, it came from Harrods which offered free delivery and turned out cheaper overall.

Best time to Buy: Generally, Black Friday deals or post-Christmas sales.

Best places to buy: Online (search Cheapest Kitchen Aid Artisan) Some bricks and mortar shops do price matches and will try and match online deals as long as one is in stock, so it’s often worth asking.


It’s so much cheaper from the States, can I ship one over?

Technically yes, Macy’s came up as one of the options as I kept looking for mine.

The thing that put me off though was that, as the voltage is higher here than it is in the US, you’d need a transformer to run your American bought Kitchen Aid, and while that in itself is a fairly straightforward solution (after all that’s what everyone who migrates from the US to the UK does), Kitchen Aid as a company explicitly say that it will not guarantee models that are not the right voltage for the country.

I have heard of several people who have ignored this and shipped an American Kitchen Aid over with no problems whatsoever. And for half the price, it’s a pretty sweet deal, but I, personally am just not brave enough to test this.

Final Thoughts

Know that you know where and when to buy your KitchenAid Artisan, the only thing left to consider is the colour. What colour Kitchen Aid best suits your personality? With 26 different colours to choose from, the Kitchen Aid Colourology website might help http://kitchenaidcolourology.ca/