Best Manual Fresh Pasta Maker – premium manual Italian pasta cutters

When it comes to a pasta dish, using freshly made pasta be it lasagne, spaghetti or tagliatelle is the only way to get that authentic pasta texture and taste and if you prefer the traditional way of preparing pasta, then one of these manual pasta cutters is what you need.

Best Manual Fresh Pasta Cutters

Two of the biggest names in manual pasta makers, Marcoto and Imperia dominate list.

Marcato Atlas Light Alloy 150 Pasta Maker, Silver

Otello Marcato started the production of household pasta machines in 1938. Since then, Marcato pride itself in offering reliable and high quality pasta cutters. The Atlas 150 is made in Italy using the finest materials and excellent workmanship. The pasta maker makes four types of pasta including a flat roller for Lasagna, cutter for Fettuccine. The special Spaghetti cutter produces 2mm round Spaghetti pasta and a flat and wider 1.5mm Tagliolini. The Atlas 150 takes all attachments from Mercato including a motor driver. Apart from the silver stainless steel unit, there is also the red, black or green also featured below. Notable features are:

  • smooth turning action
  • easy pull out and twist selector to change pasta thickness
  • 10 thickness settings for more precision thickness option
  • patented anodised aluminium rollers stops pasta from sticking
  • takes optional attachments from Marcato.


Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine

Made from heavy duty chrome-plated steel, the Imperia includes duo-cutter to make three variety of pasta, lasagne, fettuccini and tagliatelle pasta. The dial lets you set thickness of the pasta. For this, you get 6 settings. Authentic double cutter pasta machine from Imperia. The machine also features a detachable handle for easy storage, tabletop screw clamp fitting for added stability and control when in use. The Imperia Italian can also be purchased as set with other useful tools to go with the pasta machine such as spaghetti attachment, ten hole ravioli mould tray and wooden rolling pin.



You can find other more affordable fresh pasta cutters below.

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