Crock-Pot with WeMo – The smart WiFi-enabled slow cooker

We did a review on the top 5 best slow cookers and 5 reliable budget slow cookers but with advancements in smart homes and consumer automation comes the WeMo Crock-Pot.

Marrying the already proven WeMo automation technology with a Crock-Pot slow cooker is a. Other appliances already using the WeMo technology includes coffeemaker, humidifier, heater, air purifier and a whole list of smart switches, lighting and webcam by Belkin. You can find a list of WeMo enabled products at the end of this article.

What is WeMo?

For those new to WeMo from Belkin, it is a series of retro-fit and IP enabled products, switches and appliances that allows you to control the home electronics from anywhere and wirelessly. As long as you have mobile data access or WiFi access at your remote location and a suitable device (smartphone and tablet) to run the WeMo app. (iOS, Android or Fire), you can add and control your WeMo or any standard appliances easily.

It is the answer to those seeking a smart home setup and home automation for their existing house. We know how costly smart homes can get especially if you had to rip out existing wiring and switches to make them ‘smart’. With WeMo, it takes advantage of your dumb switches and sockets as well as your home broadband connection to link up with the WeMo app. Third party appliance manufacturers are also teaming up with Belkin to produce WeMo enabled products such as the Crock-Pot featured here.

As and when you add more and more WeMo enabled appliance, lights, switches and cameras, think of the WeMo app as your control center. If you like the look of those swish smart homes where you control everything from a tablet, consider keeping your coffee top or living room tablet as the dedicated controller and impress your guest by dimming the lights or turning the coffeemaker on. With WeMo, it need not just be an off-site remote.

WeMo Crock-Pot 6-Quart Smart Slow Cooker

So here is the smart slow cooker that you wish you had if you were stuck in traffic, held up at work or had a change of plan. Not only can you control the cooking time, you can also set the temperature and turn off the slow cooker remotely all from the convenient and free WeMo App.

Just like the Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable Slow Cooker 6-Quart (listed in one of our Top 5 Best Slow Cooker) you can manually program the slow cooker directly on the appliance but with this model, you have the luxury of programming it from the app as well.

You can control the cooking functions, adjusting the temperature, cooking time and monitor the remaining cooking time all through the screen on your mobile device. If you think you need to increase or decrease the cooking time after you have left the unit, you can also do so remotely.

If you have a change of plans and know that you will be late, you can shift the controls to keep your food warm for you. Or, if you have decided to eat out instead, simply remote in and turn off the slow cooker.

WiFi-Enabled Slow Cooker Functionalities

  • Control and modify all cooking functions including;
  • adjust cooking time – add or reduce cooking time
  • adjust temperature – up or down (high, low or warm)
  • shift to keep warm function
  • turn off the power to the slow cooker

Now, we must not forget the appliance itself, as a slow cooker, it has the following features:

  • easy to set-up, connect it to your local network and add it to the free WeMo app installed on your mobile device
  • easy single button manual operation to set the temperature settings
  • 3 level cooking function – low, high and warm
  • 6-Quart capacity, oval shaped stoneware that fits roasts, entire chicken and large cuts of meat. Great for big family or for hosting a party.
  • Cord storage built in
  • dishwasher-safe stoneware and glass lid
  • cool-touch handles

The Slow Cooker Hack

If you already have a slow cooker, and still want the luxury of having your food cooked in just the right amount of time according to your recipe, not over or under cooked, and not one for splashing out on another appliance, use a digital or conventional switch timer or one of the WeMo WiFi enabled switches instead.

You may not be able to control the power settings (High, Medium, Low or Keep Warm) but you can certainly control the cooking time. And, if you use a smart switch, you can also control this remotely, switching it off or on via an app on your smartphone or tablet over the Internet.

WeMo-Enabled Appliances

As promised, for those embarking on a Smart Home journey, here is a list of WeMo enabled products you can add slowly to your growing WeMo empire.

All the above appliances, lights and switches can be monitored, programmed and tracked from WeMo apps available for iOS and Android.

We leave you with a quick video on how to set up your Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo technology.