Dualit Architect Toaster – personalized to fit your lifestyle

Available in 2 or 4-slot, the Dualit Architect Toaster is customisable with different colour panels to suit your mood.

The base unit for the 2-slot toaster comes in two variant, grey or canvas white and two detachable chrome panels made from stainless steel.

The 4-slot toaster on the other hand comes in four different colours; gray, canvas white, black with chrome finished stainless steel panels and black with brushed stainless steel panels.

Optional panels are available in 11 colours. Gloss Black, Canvas White, White, Lime Green, Apple Candy Red, Azure Blue, Chili Pink, Citrus Yellow, Metallic Silver, Metallic Charcoal and Cobble Grey.

Each panel attaches with four screws, one in each corner. Screws are provided for easy fitting and are rated very highly by customers.

You can see how the toaster will fit around your kitchen deco or other appliances. Simply pick the right base colour when purchasing your toaster then select the optional panels to go with it.


  • patented Perfect Toast Technology with commercial grade elements
  • intuitive and reliable functionality
  • interchangeable panels with a wide selection of optional panels in different colours and design
  • Peek & Pop function that lets you check on the bread without stopping it toasting
  • extra wide slots for think cut bread and supports sandwich cage accessory
  • bagel and bun warming facility
  • defrost function

CML Rating: 4.0 Stars

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