5 Best Fireplace Tools: Stylish sets to go on the hearth

Nothing says style more than these stylish fireplace tools. Put them on the hearth next to your fireplace to complete your room. They not only look good but are functional too.

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Eldvarm – Fireplace Set

The Focal Point of the Room

If you have a fireplace in your room, or a few around the house, the right fireplace tool will completely transform the way your room looks. Be it the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen or even bathroom, the fireplace is usually the focal point of the room. You would have your furniture, potted plants, and decor arranged around the fireplace.

Let’s seat around the fireplace and talk – sounds common in most household. Invite your guest around and sit near the fireplace. Be fireplace proud when you have these fireplace tools to go with the decor of your room.

However, most people overlook the fireplace tools and treat this as a mere tool to stoke the fire and clean up afterwards. The right set, with the right style and size will enhance your fireplace and become part of the decor. Our advice is, consider a good set of tools with the right look to match your fire place be it a wood burner, coal fired or even gas. A designer set with a wide variety of tools on a stand will go a long way.

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Syntrific Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Fireplace Tools Stage

How to Choose The Right Fireplace Tools

Start with the type of fuel for your fireplace. Is this coal, log or wood, pallets or gas? The latter does not require a fireplace tool set but some would have to complement the fireplace and for esthetics. Pick the right tools for the job. Other things to consider include:

  1. Size of the tools, mainly the length: The bigger your fireplace, the longer your tools need to be so you can be at a safe distance from the fire. Scale your set accordingly. Small sets are suitable for compact mid-century modern fireplaces and small and narrow coal fireplaces. Big fireplace tools are appropriate to match big log or wood open hearth fire, big wood burning stoves and big wall mounted fireplaces. Also, if you have a big mantel piece and hearth, you might consider a big set to take up its rightful place next to the fireplace.
  2. Modern or Vintage: All tools are functional, but to get the right style to match your fireplace and taste is just as important. Are you looking for a simple set with clean lines and minimalist design or are you looking for a retro and vintage look with ornate designs? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a set.
  3. Companion Accessories: Sometimes carrying the same design throughout counts more than just the fireplace tools alone. Does your chosen set come with coal scuttle, log basket or wood rack in the same design, colour and style? If so, and you are thinking of getting them, then consider them as a set in keeping with the overall look.
  4. Stand and Tool Holder: The design of the stand or tools holder is just as important as the tools itself. There are many clever designs from inverted L to T and square or round holders. The latter is a carousel styped tool hanger that allows you to rotate it to reach for the tool you need. See below for some examples.
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Inverted L-Shaped Holder
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Inverted T-shaped Holder
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Square Shaped Holder

What’s out there

So, now that you are convinced, what are the different fireplace tools available out there? The tools include steel poker, shovel or dust pan, brush and tong or clamp. We are talking three or four and sometimes five different tools in matching design that sit well together in a holder. The holder or stand itself is tall and comes in a variety of shapes. As for style, choose from retro and vintage to mid-century modern to minimalist modern to suit your taste and home.

Top 5 Best Fireplace Tools for Your Home

Let’s take a look at some of the best fireplace tools for your home.

1. Best Choice 5-Piece Wrought Iron Firewood Rack and Toolset

Starting off our list is this huge fireside set with log storage rack. This is a set suitable for log and wood fire, no question about that with the indoor log storage rack. The tools include poker with hook, brush with long handle, shovel with long handle and tong.

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Syntrific or Best Choice Fireplace Log Rack with 4 Fireplace Tools

The same wood rack and tool set is also available from Syntrific.

2. Pleasant Hearth Arched 4 Piece Fireplace Toolset

This is actually a set with three fireplace tools. Together with the classic arched stand with a round base, it makes a four piece fireplace toolset. The three piece tools are poker, shovel and brush. Finished in powder coated black paint, it is both durable and stylish.

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Pleasant Hearth Arched 4 Piece Fireplace Toolset

3. Muskoka Signature Series 5 Piece Hearth Center

Similar to the fire log rack and tools before, this Muskoka Signature Series Harth Center comes with 4 fireplace tools and a log rack with tool holder integrated. The tool hooks are on one side of the log rack with a metal mesh screen. The sides have uneven heights with the tool holder side being higher and topped with an arched detail. Finally, the four tools are the shovel, corn broom, poker and tongs, all styled with intricate roped detail on the handle.

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Muskoka Signature Series 5 Piece Matte

4. INNO STAGE 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools Set

Made from wrought Iron, the fireplace tool set comes with four tools and a tall stand. For tools, you get a fireplace power, brush, shovel and fireplace grabber or tong. The decorative stand has a sturdy rectangular base and is made from heavy duty metal. There are two additional hooks in the middle of the stand for extra accessories or fire proof gloves.

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INNO STAGE 5 Pieces Fireplace Tools

5. Amagabeli 5 Pieces Scroll Fireplace Tools Set

Last but not least is this ornate and decorative fireplace tool set from Amagabeli. This five piece scroll fireplace tools is made from cast iron. The tools are brush broom, antique shovel, tong and fire pit power and grabber. We have to say that while the unit is ornate and retro looking, the stand and its decorated hooks are sturdy and functional. As it is finished in black, it is easy to pair with other fire place accessories such as black fire log holders or wood racks, fireplace ash bucket, coat scuttle, fireplace bellows, fireplace grates and more.

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5 Pieces Scroll Fireplace Tools

BONUS: Amagabeli 5 Pieces FirePlace Tools Set with Brass (Bronze), Black or Gold handles

Measuring 31-inches tall, this five piece set has four tools. They are the tong with scissors like mechanism, shovel, poker and brush. The stand is sturdy and has a heavy duty base. Each of the fire tool has a firm decorative handle with an orb at the top. This same design is carried on to the stand. This is also part of the tool that sets the colour of the set be it brass, black or gold. See scenarios where one matches the different coloured handles with the different fireplaces.